ECONOMIC COLLAPSE: Dollar about to fail?

Forbes Magazine has now begun to say what many other authors have said for a couple of decades now, so you know the fail of the dollar is imminent. Forbes Magazine does a great job of detailing just how this “fail” looks.  I would advise you to prepare immediately if you haven’t already started. What brings value? Food, guns, property, precious metals, and … well, you know the drill.  You can read the article at this link.

Forbes - Apocalypse

COVERT AFFAIRS: CIA, Obama, Nazis, and Israel

ciaHere’s a logic equation for you to solve based upon the following eleven purported facts reported in recent news.

Why eleven facts? Well, it’s a nice way to symbolize those who are behind these events. Let him who has wisdom read and understand what the number “eleven” means to those who plot a global kingdom. Do you know the possible future events that may soon transpire? Be sure to click each hyperlink to read each news source.

  1. Obama is CIA as his father, grandfather, and three Presidential predecessors were
  2. Obama is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood
  3. CIA backs Muslim Brotherhood who are destabilizing region South of Israel
  4. CIA are behind Syrian rebels who are destabilizing region North of Israel
  5. CIA are behind 20,000 S2A Missiles handed to Syrian rebels who empowered ISIS
  6. CIA are behind Ukraine rebels and Russia sends multiple warships West of Israel
  7. CIA are behind Al-Qaeda whose branch ISIS is destabilizing the area East of Israel
  8. Obama attended Catholic school and was fundraiser for eight Catholic parishes
  9. Hitler’s parents and top administrative officers were Roman Catholic as was Hitler
  10. Reinhard Gehlen, Josef Mengele, and hundreds of other Nazis formed the CIA’s core
  11. Jpost cia nazisCIA started by Donovan, a Vatican Knight who recruited the Vatican as chief asset in 1943 and used the Vatican as a headquarters in Italy (although would it not seem more logical that the Vatican Knight, William Donovan who founded the CIA, was the asset of the Vatican and not vice-versa since he was their Knight?)

Based upon the above information, what insights, predictions, or analysis occur to you?


OBAMA: His resume says it all

Phone: (202) 456-1111 | 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC 2050 | Email

Obama's experience included working for a Vatican CIA front

Obama’s experience included working for a Vatican CIA front



  • Barack Obama speaking about sequesterPurged the military and fired generals
  • Embraced the NDAA law which permits the indefinite detention of Americans
  • Led the shredding of the Constitution and Bill of Rights
  • Denied Gulf drilling permits in violation of a court order
  • Exceeded the debt ceiling; borrowed without authorization
  • Gave money to the Palestinian Authority in violation of Congressional statute
  • Increased unemployment and permanent disability cases
  • Released illegal aliens from detention in spite of crimes they committed
  • First President to have an IRS that targets the President’s enemies
  • Benghazi scandal
  • Spying on the Associated Press journalists
  • James Rosen, Rosengate, and President’s Attorney General potentially perjured
  • “Fast and Furious” with illegal arms, an agent’s death, and the A.G. potentially perjured
  • Potential extortion by Sebelius for Obamacare (payments demanded)
  • The agricultural Pigford scandal
  • GSA extravagant waste resulting in the resignation of its administrator
  • Veterans Affairs’ Disneyworld scandal
  • Hatch Act violation by Sebelius
  • Solyndra scandal
  • Former EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson’s alias “Richard Windsor”
  • Waging war without oversight or accountability
  • New Black Panthers scandal
  • Biden bullying of the press
  • AKPD Message and Media scandal
  • Sestak scandal
  • Passing laws independent of Congress
  • Sharyl Atkisson computer hacking scandal
  • Unprecedented American political prisoner
  • Bulldozed and fired Inspector General Walpin
  • Alejandro Mayorkas scandal
  • Imposed the bankrupting ObamaCare upon Americans
  • Continued the Holy Wars in the Middle East
  • Increased the U.S. deficit to a record high


CNN: Anti-Semitic?

CNN gives voice to terrorist's opinion over the facts.

CNN gives voice to terrorist’s opinion over the facts.

I find it dumb-founding that so many Jewish people in America will allow left-wing politicians and media to malign them, while still remaining faithful to them.

I hear some American Jewish people attempting to explain it this way. They believe in diversity, so some Jews love the left-wing and some do not. Some believe in the Israeli state and some do not. Some attempt to delineate between American Jews and Israeli Jews, and find liberal values more favorable. However, diversity set aside, does it seem logical to be faithful to the ideology of a group of people who maligns you?

News flash for the gullible and naive: Haters don’t hate Jews just because of their politics or geographical location. They hate them for their ethnicity. Why is that?

I attempted to upload a pro-Jewish comment and warned them after having it deleted that I would record whether they allowed pro-Jewish comments.

I attempted to upload a pro-Jewish comment and warned them after having it deleted that I would record whether they allowed pro-Jewish comments.

When Jews dismiss Israel in order to be “politically correct” and agree with the left that Israel is not behaving properly, are they not helping to fan the anti-Semitic flames in their land? Are they not also denying Truth? Hasn’t Israel bent over backwards to make their neighboring states and the world happy? Yet, despite Israel doing the right thing, they still continue to get the knife pushed deeper into their back by even their own allies. Why is that?

Has not Israel contributed to the world more than even superpowers as shown very clearly in the video at this link, while their neighbors have terrorized the world? Why do the superpowers coddle the terrorist nations then? A question like unto it is why do people hate Jews just because they are Jews? Is this logical? Why is this?

CNN deleted my remark, while allowing other anti-Jewish rants to remain. I attempted this numerous times.

CNN deleted my pro-Jewish remark, while allowing other anti-Jewish rants to remain. I attempted this numerous times.

How long can American Jews and other Jews from around the world ignore the true problem of anti-Semitic rants. Such hatred doesn’t come from politics or logic or geography, but it comes from an insane hatred for someone due to their race.  But why the Jewish race? They look like Europeans. They look like Africans. They look like the world. What made Hitler massacre Jews in Germany? Was it because some were from Israel? No. Was it because some were conservatives or liberals? No. What caused the Russian pogroms? Was it something Israel did? No.

Judge Richard Goldstone is an example of a Jewish judge, who like Judas Iscariot, betrays his people to keep his comfortable position. He condemned Israel for defending themselves against terror by stating that Israel committed war crimes in 2009 during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

Judge Richard Goldstone is an example of a Jewish judge like Caiaphas of old. He condemned the innocent to keep his comfortable position. When Israel defended themselves against terror, this judge stated that Israel committed war crimes in 2009 during Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.

I could continue, but the obvious answer is “NO” because Israel wasn’t even a state at those times in history, and we know from history that political parties were not the reasoning for such an atrocity such as the Holocaust.

Why then was the Jewish ethnicity singled out by Hitler? Why are so many today throughout the world so opposed to the ethnicity of these Jewish people? Why do so many who talk of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion find these values only acceptable for you, but not for themselves? In other words, if they find crimes against nature or fascist, communist values to be tolerable, diverse, and inclusive, then they expect you to do the same, but if you find that loving all people regardless of their ethnicity to be tolerant, diverse, and inclusive, they suddenly don’t get it. Why do some anti-GOD Jews even make false accusations against Israel or condemn Israel for protecting themselves from terrorists?

Anti-Jewish rants and anti-Israeli rhetoric such as this was allowed to remain on the CNN thread.

Anti-Jewish rants and anti-Israeli rhetoric such as this were allowed to remain on the CNN thread.

Don’t Jews need to stick together at this time in history when so much antisemitic rhetoric is taking place from the left-wing parties and countries? Remember what Jesus Christ and Abraham Lincoln both said about a house divided against itself? Also, this antisemitic rhetoric continues world-wide as seen recently in Ukraine where once again Jews are singled-out not for their Israeli citizenship, but due to their ethnicity. Why then do some Jews attempt to burn Israeli flags in America? Do they really think that will help their image? Do they really think that Israel is the problem?

antisemitismWhy do people hate the Jews so much? Why do people hate Israel so much? Some attempt to create conspiracy theories about the Jews, but they fail to see that the Romans have far more history in conspiracy than any other people on the planet. Look at the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the Gunpowder Plot, the Babington Plot, the Holocaust, and a host of other conspiracies in which Romans have been implicated. Look at the Roman priests raping little boys world-wide, the Vatican’s slave shops, and their CIA’s shenanigans, all of which have been reported on this political site.

CNN Logo_fullSo why are the Jews always singled out when they only appear to be just trying to live their lives like everyone else? Why do they get hated? Why do they get blamed?
A fine example is CNN, who appears to be like an old Roman mafia racket as shown in the article at this link, with their anti-Semitic slant. Why do Jews remain loyal to them and their left-wing rhetoric? For example, a handful of recent CNN headlines say:

obama and jewsWhy won’t they delete the anti-Jewish comments from their online news site like they delete the pro-Jewish comments? Shouldn’t it be the other way around? Shouldn’t comments that show hatred toward a certain race be deleted and not vice-versa? For example, I posted a comment more than once and each time it was deleted. What was my comment? It was a call for solidarity to stand with Jews. However, on the same thread, there were evil comments full of hate for the Jews. Many other examples of CNN’s increasing intolerance of Jews without any pretense can be seen in this article and this article and this article. Do you ever see interviews with people like the lady seen in the video at this link on CNN’s media news programs?

While CNN shows photos of  Palestinian and Syrian women and children covered in blood, they seldom tell you who started the fight and whose fault the bombing really was. Furthermore, they seldom show you photos like this one of an Israeli man helping an injured woman to safety after a Palestinian suicide mission took place in Jerusalem.

While CNN shows photos of Palestinian and Syrian women and children covered in blood, they seldom tell you who started the fight and whose fault the bombing really was. Furthermore, they seldom show you photos like this one of an Israeli man helping an injured woman to safety after a Palestinian suicide mission took place in Jerusalem.

Is this creating an environment in which more mainstream news organizations will follow? Is not the communications of a country one of the most vital aspects of any society and how they think? What will this type of hateful rhetoric do to the minds and opinions of millions world-wide who view such anti-Semitic rhetoric? What about the fact that Obama is sitting on the sidelines and letting Israel struggle alone? Do Jews in America think that he will treat them any different when public opinion turns against them? Do they not see the insanity of hate toward the Jews and how every time a nation becomes hostile toward the GOD of the Bible, the Jews seem to suddenly come into the cross hairs as seen in Russia, Germany, Spain, and throughout the world? Could this be a clue as to where all this hate is emanating? The GOD of the Bible? Does he make the world uncomfortable?


Some Jews think that by ranting against Israel that neo-Nazis, terrorists, and other anti-Semites will just go away. They do not realize that evil and hate are not logical.

If the world is filled with people who hate the GOD of the Bible, then what do you think they would feel about Jewish people when you consider the following facts?

  • Jesus Christ was borne of a Jewish woman
  • Jews were exclusively used to write the Bible as the oracles of GOD.
  • Most Jews celebrate Bible festivals, not the witch Sabbaths of Baal sun worship
  • Jews are identified with the Creator GOD who punishes mankind when it becomes evil
  • Ethnic Jews were elected by GOD to be His exclusive people
  • GOD promised exclusive blessings to the Jews such as in Ezekiel 36 and He has subsequently blessed them with a prosperous land of their own once again as He promised in that chapter which may create jealousy

isra-MMAP-mdFurthermore, Revelation 12 gives us grand insight into the fact that the Dragon or Satan is very angry with the Jews who gave birth to the Messiah – the very same Messiah who crushed the Dragon’s head. I believe that Jews can deny their Jewishness, they can deny the Messiah to whom they gave birth, they can deny the Bible that their oracles gave to us, they can burn the Israeli flag and oppose its existence, and they can stand as far to the left as possible, but it will not change the Dragon’s hatred for them.

Would they not be better off uniting together on the side of GOD who can protect them from the Dragon? Is that not the more strategic step? If their GOD has already done miracles for them like Michael Greenspan reported and fulfilled promises to them in the past few decades, as seen in the article at this link, why will they not take their places alongside of the GOD Who kept His promises to them instead of trying to fit into the Dragon’s camp? Hasn’t all of this been prophesied? Haven’t scores of these prophecies already taken place in 1948, 1967, and 1983 as shown in the previous link? Did not Jesus say “narrow” is the way that leads to life eternal?

The children of Satan are like their father - murderers who hate. In this photo, we see fourteen Christians being burned at the stake for their faith. Many Jews were also killed by the occult and Catholic Romans.

The children of Satan are like their father – murderers who hate. In this photo, we see fourteen Christians being burned at the stake for their faith. Many Jews were also killed by the occult and Catholic Romans.

If the way of Jesus is narrow, then doesn’t that mean that most people on this planet are children of the Devil that old Dragon? Does it not make sense now why so many people hate the Jews? If they are children of the Dragon, and the Dragon hates the “woman” Israel who bore the Messiah and who gave us the Scriptures, then doesn’t this all make sense? Is that why so many even in American Christian circles are beginning to wane in their traditional support for Israel?

Aren’t more and more American Christians becoming more like the Dragon and her Romans, and less interested in GOD? I realize that many ethnic Jews do not have a relationship with the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob through their Messiah Jesus Christ, but it matters little to the Dragon. The Dragon still hates the “woman” Israel and her ethnic children, and so the children of the Dragon despise the Jews also.  They also despise the spiritual children of Abraham who was the father of faith. In other words, were not Jews and true Christians both massacred by the Roman variety of so-called “Christianity”, also known as Catholicism?  Were not Jews and Christians both murdered by that Catholic and occult warlord Adolf Hitler in cold blood? Does not the Dragon despise those who are of the woman’s seed, the ethnic Jews, and those Christians who emanated from the spiritual seed of the Messiah, Jesus Christ?  Doesn’t the entire history of persecution against the Jews and against Bible-believing Christians really come down to a matter of good and evil? Dragon

Therefore, I believe we must face the reality that the world is swiftly becoming evil and that more anti-Semitic efforts may be on the rise, and I believe that if the Jewish people expect to survive, they will need to unite together as one, realizing that haters will not differentiate between whether they’re a Ukrainian Jew, an American Jew, or an Israeli Jew. Just as the Bible-believing Christians stood together, forged a path through the Atlantic Ocean to the New World, and created a refuge for Bible-believing people like themselves which became a great nation and light to the world, even at this hour, we see Israel is quickly becoming one of the best havens for freedom-lovers in the world. Shimon Peres captured this thought in his speech for the Holocaust Memorial Day at Yad Vashem this week. He said:

“Israel is a deterrence against any attempt at another Holocaust. A strong Israel is our response to the horrors of anti-Semitism but it does not excuse the rest of the world from its responsibility to prevent this disease from returning to their own homes.”

Evil is the root of this senseless and irrational hatred, and until the majority of the world becomes children of GOD, you can only expect that things are going to become worse since America has left her Biblical heritage, is becoming increasingly fascist as Romans are now dominating her power structure, and is now laying low during Israeli conflicts (or in some cases taking the side of those who scorn Israel as she continues to fight for survival and freedom). Most media and big business are in the pocket of the Vatican, and the Vatican is run by a pope who is a Jesuit (Jesuits headed the Inquisitions in Europe).

This photo was taken from a website called "Two Friars and a Fool".  While they pretend to be Protestant, their title says it all.  Rome never stops hating while pretending to be "Christianity". These false Roman "Christians" were the ones who killed the true Christians and the Jews. GOD loves the Jews, but He is very angry with wicked people like the girl in this picture.

This photo was taken from a website called “Two Friars and a Fool”. While they pretend to be Christians, their title says it all. Rome never stops hating while pretending to be “Christianity”. These false Roman “Christians” were the ones who killed the true Christians and the Jews. GOD loves the Jews, but He is very angry with wicked people like the girl in this picture who hate others which violates the second greatest commandment that Jesus gave.

The Bush family, the “new Republicans” or RINOs, the Democrats, the mainstream media, and those who are spouting Roman “replacement theology” are not to be trusted. However, it’s not time to fear for Jewish people, but it’s time for them to look to their Messiah and to rend their hearts and not their garments as the prophets of old stated. It’s time they became one unified people under the Biblical GOD, because He has promised to protect them. It’s time that all Americans stand with the Jews by theologically resisting the teachings of ‘replacement theology’ as mentioned in this article, and by replacing those in office who are corrupt and willing to punish Israel.

Why? Because if they will respond in a politically expedient manner by punishing Israel when Israel is the only true light of liberty in the Middle East and the only country not terrorizing others, then you can bet the same leaders will also punish the ethnic Jews in America when Antisemitism rises and it becomes politically expedient for them to be Antisemitic.


Those in Rome who create their hooded and cloaked intelligence organizations, secret societies, and front organizations are lovers of masks, secrecy, smoke, and mirrors. Why? As Jesus said, men love darkness rather than light, because their deeds are evil. Rome pretends to be a friend of Israel and the Jews, but their history says otherwise.

Is it possible that “militant Islam” is arising not as much from their own deep-seated hatred, but because a certain Vatican CIA has been poking its stick into their hive and provoking them toward these things? Did not Ron Paul state that certain terrorist acts this past decade were a blow-back response due to the CIA’s shenanigans in the Middle East for the past half century? Did not Ron Paul conveniently keep getting left out of the media all throughout the last election? Does not the CIA have the ability to rig elections? Did not Bush the elder rule as President after having left his post as the Director of the Vatican’s CIA organization? Did not his son rule as President, because of a certain “hanging chad” incident? And did not this incident push America to use electronic ballets that could be hacked and rigged? Haven’t elections since those days seemed a bit unbelievable? If you have read other articles in this blog, you will know that many of these matters have been addressed.

When Bush the Younger first became President and the United States began to side with Europe against the Jews, I went to the local Jewish community center to stand in solidarity with the Jewish people. For the sake of your posterity, I encourage you to do the same. Liberty, at the global level, is at stake.

“And I will bless them that bless you and curse them that curse you: and in you shall all families of the earth be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3


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