CHRISTMAS SONGS: That aren’t Christmas songs

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Jingle_BellsDid you know that Jingle Bells is not actually a Christmas song, but a Thanksgiving song as explained in the encyclopedia article at this link?

Did you know that Sleigh Ride was never written for Christmas as this encyclopedia article states? Did you know that the term “birthday party” was later changed by some musicians to “Christmas party” to make it sound more Christmas, but even today people still sing “birthday party” and consider the song to be a winter seasonal selection for any event as explained about the composer’s intent in this article? The lyrics were written by a Jewish man named Mitchell Parish (Michael Hyman Pashelinsky) who is buried today in the Jewish Beth David cemetery.

over the riverOver the River and Through the Woods is another song stolen by Christmas observers, but it was actually a Thanksgiving song as well as can…

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PROPAGANDA: Can you be fooled?

propagandaWhen a certain group of occult Romans, who use religion as a convenient tool in their box, have ownership of almost every mainstream media company in the world, does this change the cold, naked truth of the evil deeds that they do such as the events of Benghazi or 911 or the signing of the Patriot Act which stripped away Americans’ rights?

What if their media can hide the facts from the public eye, deny the facts and label them “conspiratorial”, or offer emotionally-charged moments that make their Roman occult leaders seem more humane? What if their mainstream media were to show you fascists wiping a tear from their eye or compassionately connecting with others? What if their media were to have the children of their fascist leaders share warm, fuzzy family moments? Would that fool you?

Hitler-family1If you were a German during the Nazi era, and their propaganda machine on all the mainstream media outlets showed you an emotionally-charged speech of Hitler promising to fight against poverty or shared an endearing documentary painting Hitler to be a noble, family-loving man of great love and compassion toward all people of diverse backgrounds, would that change the fact that he was actually the very polar opposite of all these things?

In the video at this link, will you be convinced as this emotionally-charged biographical sketch serves as a method to make you view a fascist as a loving family man. This fascist does not sport a small mustache or shout “Heil” or goose-step or give you a Nazi salute, but this fascist does belong to a death society just like Hitler did (Skull and Bones) as did his father.

js10bush_wideweb__470x337,2This fascist is also loyal to Rome. This fascists’ family allegedly funded the Nazis’ efforts in Germany. This fascist also signed the Patriot Act which stripped Americans of their Constitutional rights in direct violation of the Bill of Rights. You may also need to ask yourself the question “Did this man’s father have breakfast with bin Laden’s brother on the morning of 911?”.  If so, why? Would it make a difference if you knew this fascist’s father was the former director of the CIA? If not, would it change your mind if you learned that in our nation’s capital in the National Security Archives of one of the capital’s universities, you can read about how Nazis formed the core of the CIA?

Georges and Clinton at Pope funeralWould it matter if the CIA has conducted some of the most gruesome human experiments, massacred innocents in massive killing campaigns, rigged elections around the world, and ran some of the most heinous illegal operations in world history as shown in the article at this link?  Would it matter if the CIA was formed by Bill Donovan, a recipient of the Papal Lateran Cross, and a Vatican Knight of Malta and Vatican Knight of St. Sylvester with a core group of Nazi intelligence officers and scientists? Would it also make a difference if you were told that Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and other fascists, rascists, and Jew-haters were all said to be CIA assets?

vatican46_01Also, would it not be an interesting fact that Yasser Arafat used neo-Nazis to murder eleven Olympians during the Munich massacre in September 1972? Do the number “eleven” and the name “September” bring other events to mind? Is it also true that “eleven” is the number associated with the Roman occult’s black magick and their time-tables for doing things as shown in their own occult books at this link and this link and this link and this link and this link?

How do you get “soccer moms” to love and admire a war-mongering, Patriot-Act-signing despot who belongs to the notorious death society Skull and Bones and whose father, as ex-CIA Director, has blood dripping from his hands?

Could you show his daughter bragging on the love and caring nature of both Roman leaders? Could you paint them as great “family men”?

vatican46_22If Bush’s daughter was truly conservative, why would she paint Hillary Clinton as a great role model in the aftermath of Benghazi?  If you were trying to cover the CIA’s role in such matters, would it make sense?

If your father and grandfather had both entered into other countries in the name of stopping nuclear war when the facts proved there were no nuclear weapons even present, would it not make sense to paint them as gentle creatures whose hearts hurt anytime a soldier dies?  If you know their family’s businesses were connected to their business partners, Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden as Sherman Skolnick pointed out and that their family businesses profited from the war, how would this change your perspective? Is this what Bush’s daughter meant in that interview when she stated that her father and grandfather always put family first before the nation? Was she talking about her families’ enormous financial assets?

Nazi propaganda poster

Nazi propaganda poster

Did you know that every 80 minutes a veteran takes their own life? Does that sound like soldiers fighting for your freedom or for their families at home? Or does it sound like soldiers doing acts of violence that bother their conscience?

Finally, notice the relationship between Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush as “father and son” in this interview.  If they were truly at odds on their worldviews, would this make sense?  As loving and compassionate as you, my reader, might be, would it be normal for you to coddle and pamper your ideological nemesis and treat them as your own son?

It all makes sense when you realize their connection through the Nazi-infested CIA which was originally founded by a Vatican man.  It would make sense that there was such affection if one of the men were an asset of the CIA and the other one was his handler. Is it really a dreamy picture of two politicians from polar opposite worlds uniting in blissful love or is it something far more evil and sinister?

vatican46_27The interview is conducted by Ronan Farrow whose mother was educated by Roman Catholics and practically raised by nuns. Also, Ronan Farrow worked as Special Adviser to Hillary Clinton at one time.  Is Ronan Farrow featuring the Bush daughter on his show because as a Hillary asset, he loves to give the spotlight to conservatives? Or is it a Roman bond that allows the Bush’s daughter to be featured in such a warm, positive light?

In dark corridors, the ties of Rome and its left-wing socialist-communist agenda driven by fascists are the glue that holds together many people from many polar opposite worldviews so that the Romans may bring their Caesar to power worldwide. Few understand this concept.

Hitler celebrates the Catholic holiday of Christmas with his troops.

Hitler celebrates the Catholic holiday of Christmas with his troops.

Has history become a controlled narrative by those in power? Or has history just been censored by “political correctness” which seeks to remove the religious and Roman influences upon our history?  What if both of these are true? Who benefits from such control and so-called “political correctness” in history textbooks?  Who is benefiting presently from the mass media reports that are generated every day?  Why has Rome historically held a socialistic-communist view of the world? Why have they historically been led by fascists? And why do they pretend to take the side of fascists against Communists if they are both?

Could it be the same reason that the Jesuit oath vows to take both sides in a conflict so that in the end, Rome will win regardless of who “wins” each war and conflict?  Was not propaganda an art perfected by the Nazi propaganda machines during the Holocaust under one of their ablest leaders – Adolph Hitler?

Don’t believe most of what you hear in the media.

The Roman media of Hitler's propaganda machine lied to their people and told them that they had won the battle of D-Day when in reality the United States and their allies had.  Not much has changed, except the Romans are now in control of the USA.

The Roman media of Hitler’s propaganda machine lied to their people and told them that they had won the battle of D-Day when in reality the United States and their allies had. Not much has changed, except the Romans are now in control of the USA.

Find old American history books and read them, because it was for the first few hundred years of American history that Romans lost control of the world when a handful of brave colonists chose to forge a path in a wilderness for their families rather than being controlled, vilified, and massacred by the hand of Rome in the Old World.

As you read the old history books, notice the patterns that occur over and over again. Notice who perpetrated the evil upon others again and again. Notice how modern textbooks and movies have rewritten history to make these perpetrators the heroes and their enemies the villains.  What would make your wife willing to leave the civilized world and its conveniences? Wouldn’t you have to be quite desperate to leave all you’ve ever known to find freedom beyond the controlling iron grasp of such clever, deceptive, and cruel despots?

800px-Thanksgiving-BrownscombeRemember those first brave colonists at Plymouth as you celebrate Thanksgiving this year. They changed the world.  May we not lose the treasured heritage of freedom that they gave us.  May we especially not give our freedoms away without protest to the very men from which they fled.  They may control the narrative and they may change and censor histories’ accounts in modern chronicles, but one day the Truth will be known to all when the Messiah returns to bring Liberty and Justice for all.

ONE-DAY SUPER DIET: Miracle foods

DiseasesImagine eating the following “super diet” in just one day that included some of the world’s healthiest foods that fight inflammation and an entire battery of the world’s most vicious diseases.

These foods are known to boost collagen, brain power, and memory, while fighting cancer, lymphoma, wrinkles, aging, endometriosis, neurological illnesses, inflammation, migraines, flu, blinding diseases, rosacea, arthritis, psoriasis, AIDs, obesity, multiple sclerosis, cerebral malaria, coronary heart disease, chronic wounds, liver disease, viruses, ulcers, high blood pressure, fungus, bacteria, e-Coli, bleeding, obesity, diabetes, bad cholesterol, rheumatism, toxins, oxidants, peripheral arterial disease, stroke, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss:

1) BREAKFAST – Oatmeal with cinnamon and honey with a fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice or two eggs sprinkled with cheese with a glass of organic milk.

Salad2) LUNCH – Salad made with Canaigre, Spinach, Diced Milk Thistle, Green Peppers, Cucumbers, Artichokes, Watercress, Red Grapes, Tomatoes, Red Onions, Beef Meatballs soaked in organic, home-made spaghetti sauce, Shredded Gouda Cheese, with a glass of water.

3) SUPPER – Stir Fry with lentils, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, garlic, celery, carrots, green peppers, mushrooms, and kale. Ground Beef cooked and added throughout. Sprinkle it with parsley, ginger, turmeric, and soy, and serve with a glass of tea made with black and green tea leaves, ginger root, licorice root, Sassafras root, squeezed fresh lemon juice, and cinnamon for sweetening. **

4) EVENING SNACK – smoothie made of blueberries, ice, water, and Stevia.

To give yourself a healthy boost in life, eat the above foods and herbs along with about 30 minutes of daily exercise and a supplement of Immunocal, N-acetyl-cysteine, Alpha lipoic acid, Folate, Vitamin B-Complex, Selenium, Vitamins C and E (all of these supplements boost Glutathione levels which are essential for good health).

** The broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and the herbs for the stir fry are to be added as late as possible to the meal to steam them instead of overcooking them.

ROMAN MESSIAH: Covert terror?

How easy is it to tell the difference between the face of an Arab and the face of an Italian man of Rome both physically and metaphorically?

How easy is it to tell the difference between the face of an Arabic terrorist and the face of an Italian mobster of Rome both physically and metaphorically?

Are Muslims a threat to the world? Who was really behind 911? Who is involved with other terrorist groups? Is it Muslims or are others covertly steering them?

What does the Bible say about the Arabic Muslims and their forefather?

“And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction. And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”  – Genesis 16:11-12

school-terrorist-763763Is there any indication that they will ever conquer the world? None that I read in the Bible, and especially when their best and brightest are asked to commit suicide. I really don’t see this happening from a logical analysis of the facts. Why? While the Arabic Muslims do seem gruesome, barbaric (or as Scripture says “a wild man”), and motivated to conquer the world, they do not seem to have the technology, logistics, strategy, or means to conquer the world even if they were given the opportunity.

Would the world really fall at the feet of a Muslim Messiah with a stack of dynamite wrapped around his chest and worship him?

Who is capable of running this “New World Order”? Who are these incredibly intellectual and strategic conquerors that everyone can sense as they look at current events?


Pope John Paul II with the Trilateral Commission

Who is controlling the United Nations behind the scenes? Who formed the Tri-Lateral Commission, NASA, and NATO? Who is creating these intelligence agencies that have become shadow governments inside of the major world nations? Who is behind the Bilderberg meetings, the G8, G12, and other organizational creations, the Council on Foreign Relations, the billion dollar military industrial complexes, the sci-fi styled futuristic military and espionage breakthroughs at DARPA, and who created the ARPANET or internet?

Pope Paul VI sits onstage at the United Nations

Pope Paul VI sits onstage at the United Nations

Who is really behind a lot of the changing laws in America, the new fascism, and the economic drama that is staged for the world to see? Who is really this complex in their thinking? Is it the Muslim world? Or is it a group far more sinister who sees the Muslims as useful tools? Is it someone who wants to use them for their own purposes by stirring them up like a thousand bee hives, while destroying them and their other enemies in the process? Who would do this to a billion Muslim people?

Breivik-crusadersWell, I have two more questions. Who has done this to the Muslim people in the past during the Crusades? Who exerted the same power as the New World Order back in the Old World Order?

Who is really behind Hamas, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the terrorists of 911 and other such events? Just Muslims or do they have handlers and do their handlers have handlers who make the real decisions?

Munich-Olympic-massacre-victims-1972Modern terrorism dates back to the 1972 Munich Olympics massacre which involved 11 Olympians who were Jews and therefore Rome’s historical enemies. These Jews were attacked by Yasser Arafat’s terrorist organization, the Fatah, which was supposedly sponsored by Muslims, another one of Rome’s historical enemies. However, if you believe the article at this link which tells of the Fatah’s German Neo-Nazi connections, and the article at this link that tells of Yasser Arafat’s connections with the CIA which was formed by a Vatican Knight Bill Donovan using a core of Nazi intelligence officers, scientists, and other Nazi extracts through the Vatican ratlines and Operation Paperclip according to the video at this link and the article at this link, you may begin to see some rather disturbing connections.

towersAlso, that terrorist attack in Munich also took place in September, just as the September 11th attack on the Two Towers of the World Trade Center. Is it possible that the leadership of Nazi Germany has just found a new home?

Don’t you find it interesting that a member of the Old World Order, J.R. R. Tolkien, wrote a tale of a ring cycle like unto that of Wagner’s ring cycle opera which has connections to the occult and Hitler.  Also, the second book in Tolkien’s trilogy is called “The Two Towers”.  Is it possible that occult Rome’s entire agenda is found in Tolkien’s writing in metaphorical form?  If so, don’t you find it fascinating that the book that followed “The Two Towers” was his final book in that trilogy (which was in fact part of a five-book series if one includes The Silmarillion and The Hobbit)? What was the title of that final book? Was it not the “Return of the King”? Is the occult Roman Messiah’s appearance shortly after the “Two Towers”?

boaz-and-jachin1Many more symbolic connections could be made between the two towers use in ancient and medieval history for fortifications as found in Caesar’s quests, Hiram’s city of Tyre (an important part of the Knights’ Freemasonry), the Commandery headquarters of the Knights, and even in what metaphorical or symbolic nature might be surmised from ancient Tarot cards, King Arthur’s knight Sir Artegall, their resemblance to the number of occult magic, the pillars in the Freemason’s lodge, and their purpose in Albert Pike’s classic occult work of Freemasonry “Morals and Dogma“.  Instead, we will conclude that enough doubts were raised regarding the official tale of September 11th, 2001, so we will refrain at this time from speaking further on those matters.  Was the occult implying through symbolism that GOD’s hand of protection has been removed from the United States of America?

Che Guevara and the Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro

Che Guevara and the Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro

Another terrorist event, Black September 1970, was heavily influenced by Che Guevara, the Marxist side-kick of Jesuit Fidel Castro. Does it matter if those declaring a war on terrorism are the influence, instigators, and top-level handlers of these terrorists that they hate so much? Is that possible? Is that not also an old Roman war strategy to play two enemies against each other, while infiltrating both sides to instigate the wars, to agitate the situation and to ensure they are on the “winner”‘s side in the end? Who truly is the winner in the end of many of these conflicts?

fddRon Paul, while running for President, stated that the CIA had “stirred the hornet’s nest” in the Muslim world for many, many years as you will see in the video at this link. Rick Santorum, who was a Vatican Knight of Columbus as a Senator and who was knighted as an even more powerful Vatican Knight of Malta just prior to his run for the Presidency, is shown in this video ridiculing Ron Paul for stating the facts about the CIA and the blow-back effects of the CIA’s shenanigans.

thIn this video, Ron Paul presents the historical facts of how the CIA provoked the Muslim world by killing their families and stirring hatred toward the Jews, toward America and toward the entire world. In a sense, the CIA was responsible for radicalizing the Muslim world and igniting the fires of hate in the Middle East.

BushLadenKeep in mind that Osama bin Laden and George W. Bush were tied together by the CIA and by their own families’ joint investment companies, and George H.W. Bush and Saddam Hussein were tied together by the CIA and by their own families’ joint investment companies.

Did Bush Sr. have breakfast with bin Laden's brother on the morning of 911?

Did Bush Sr. have breakfast with bin Laden’s brother on the morning of 911?

Sherman Skolnick, who worked as a journalist to remove high-ranking political figures from office due to their corruption, did a great job of exposing much of this “cloak and dagger” information in his book “The Overthrow of the American Republic“.  Who would benefit from stirring up the Middle East? Who has continued to gain more and more of a foothold in the Middle East?

222Do you know the real story of the CIA’s beginnings as shown in the documentary video at this link? Have you read of its core of Nazi intelligence officers and scientists as shown on this official government university’s website link? Or its founding by a powerful Vatican Knight of Malta and Knight of St. Sylvester, Bill Donovan, whose actions reportedly provoked the Bolshevik Revolution? Was this Bolshevik Revolution and the “Cold War Communists” a convenient excuse for the Vatican Knight Donovan’s CIA to absorb so many of the Nazi’s brightest and most powerful leaders – Nazis who had signed a Concordat with the Vatican and fulfilled many very important and valuable goals of Rome in return?

Have you read of the CIA’s fellow secret police, the FBI, which was founded by the grandnephew of Napoleon Bonaparte and Vatican Knight of Malta Charles Joseph Bonaparte? Did you know of the Roman Knights who head Homeland Security and who are behind other new government agencies that have been created at a breakneck speed over the past century?

confession boothEver heard of a confessional booth where young girls are asked to share their dirty secrets with priests? Well, what do you think of intelligence networks like the Vatican’s CIA who wants you to post your most intimate thoughts on their Arpanet / Internet, so they can view them?

When you realize what the Romans are doing with their intelligence networks, their secret government clubs, their secret societies, and their many other spy groups and secret meetings, it makes you wonder why Martha Stewart went to prison for “insider trading”.  Today, they censor free speech by going after journalists who expose them and adding their news sites to the “Suspicious” category for internet content filter lists which are then used by internet provider companies around the nation.

Why does ISIS have Texas-made Toyota trucks modified for U.S. Special forces?

Why does ISIS have Texas-made Toyota trucks modified for U.S. Special forces?

Why does Russia’s writer for their online Pravda media group seem puzzled at all the attention that ISIS is being given? They describe ISIS as a few thousand soldiers who are “a rag-tag bunch with small arms riding around in Japanese pick-up trucks”. Others have found that they were actually Texas-made pickup trucks. The Pravda writers states that ISIS “wouldn’t stand a chance against even a single division of a modern army” in the article at this link. Why does Ron Paul take a similar stance in stating that the United States should not even be involved with the ISIS conflict as seen in the video at this link? Award-winning, enormously talented journalist Ben Swann agrees with Ron Paul as seen in the video at this link. Why all the exaggeration by Rome’s gigantic media conglomerates about this little “rag-tag bunch” called ISIS conquering Rome and the world as seen in articles like the one at this link? Did Obama need another reason to get involved in a war in the Middle East? Or is it a more subtle reason?

fdsasdfIs the Old World Order, also known as the New World Order, interested in regaining their kingdom again? They had setbacks from Muslims after the Crusades that kept them from succeeding. Then they had setbacks from the Protestants that kept them from succeeding. So what if they could turn the two against each other? Or what if they could absorb the one and destroy the other?

Could they covertly create a problem that would allow them to unleash payback on these two nemeses of theirs as did the Roman Emperor Diocletian? Could they also create the solution and thereby not only provide the solution, but also become the celebrated heroes bin the process?

ISIS Leader connected to Muslim brotherhood

ISIS Leader connected to Muslim brotherhood

The article COVERT AFFAIRS: CIA, Obama, Nazis, and Israel at this link about Obama, the Vatican, Israel, the Nazis, and the CIA, the notorious intelligence agency created by the Vatican Knight William Donovan as a shadow government within the United States explained how certain predictions and analysis could be extracted from what is taking place in the Middle East with events ranging from the ISIS takeover of Iraq, the Ukrainian conflict, al-Qaeda, the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and the Syrian civil war.

asdfasdfThose who understand how the world really works might find the clues they need in that article to understand the information contained in this article. Do you know what is happening at this very hour? Do you know what is soon to happen?

Furthermore, if you have read the article 911: This changed everything? at this link, you will see how easy societies can be fooled into accepting solutions from the very people who secretly created the problems in the first place. Would anyone truly covertly create terror just so they could bring the solution as a sort of savior? What is they wanted to be the Savior of the world? Wouldn’t they need to create an awful lot of terror, so that the effect of messianic worship would be even more magnanimous when they brought the solution?

hegeldialecticThis cycle is called the “Problem, Reaction, Solution” change methodology for reshaping societies.  It is filled with Hegelian dialectic philosophy which proposes that societies can be molded by first creating a thesis, and then by manufacturing a conflicting anti-thesis in order to produce what was their goal all along – the synthesis.

For example, Nero burned Rome and then blamed the Christians. This was the “Problem” or “Thesis” that Nero created.

neroThen, Nero waited for the people to turn against the Christians. This was the “Reaction” stage or the “Anti-thesis”. Finally, once the public was blindly calling for the blood of Christians, Nero provided their blood in the arenas of Rome for the people’s entertainment. This was the “Solution” or “Synthesis” stage of the Hegelian dialectic. All along, Nero wanted to kill the Christians, but he was just looking for a way to do it and still be hailed a hero by everyone.

Staging “incidents” that are fraudulent in order to engineer society is a common technique that the Roman Vatican’s CIA in the United States has repeatedly used. Once you realize the CIA is actually Nazis and Vatican Knights, it all becomes clear. We have seen Rome work. We have seen the Nazis work. Now we can see better into how the CIA works. These manipulative techniques are called “false flag operations” in which oftentimes the perpetrator plays the victim and then brings forward the solution in order to gain control of the people in a society. Some examples of such operations from history include:

  • blinders

    Why did the CIA hire Nazi Intelligence Officer Reinhad Gehlen for his “valuable intellgience” and then continue to give him pass after pass when his supposed “intellgience” continued to be found to be dangerously inaccurate over and over?

    The Burning of Rome, AD 64

  • The USS Maine Incident, 1898
  • The Assassination of Franz Ferdinand, 1914The Sinking of RMS Lusitania, 1917
  • The Manchurian Incident, 1931
  • The Reichstag Fire, 1933
  • The Gleiwitz Incident, 1939
  • The Attack on Pearl Harbor, 1941
  • Operation Ajax, 1953
  • Operation Gladio, 1956-1990
  • Operation Northwoods, 1962
  • The Gulf of Tonkin Incident, 1964
  • The Attack on USS Liberty, 1967
  • The Kuwaiti Baby Killings, 1990

Most of these false flag operations listed above were perpetrated by the CIA. Once again, the article COVERT AFFAIRS: CIA, Obama, Nazis, and Israel at this link is very helpful for in understanding Rome’s connection to the CIA, ISIS, the Syrian rebels, the Muslim brotherhood, the Ukrainian conflict, and other such “Problems” or “Theses” (as the Hegelian adherents would call it) taking place in our world today. I could digress further into the incidents of 911, the Economic Collapse of 2008, and far more, but I will refrain.


Two parties, both Roman assets.

When you see connections between Speaker of the House Boehner and Obama or between Democrats and RINOs who both are for disarming Americans or many other seemingly remarkably confusing things in politics, just look to each of these people’s connections to Rome and it all makes sense. These people are all Roman – this is the connection that most overlook for fear of being called “intolerant”, because they are an occult secular government in Vatican City which hides behind a hybrid religious cloak of various religious beliefs much like a new age potpourri of ecumenical ideologies that appeal to many naive and unsuspecting people.

obama-pope-francis_0Once you know Rome’s connection to these “Problems”, then it is interesting to see how the Pope and Obama recently in the article at this link were telling Israel to not respond violently against Hamas after Hamas had hammered Israel with missiles and after Hamas had dug tunnels and filled them with explosives under Israel’s elementary schools and neighborhoods to kill her children and families. Would Obama maintain the same policy for America if America was hammered with missile and its schools were targeted by tunnels filled with explosives? Would the Pope maintain the same “peace” rhetoric if Vatican City was bombarded with missiles and was the victim of terrorists’ tunnels filled with explosives?

Vatican Skull and Bonesmen John Kerry betrays Israel in the Middle East year after year

Vatican Skull and Bonesmen John Kerry betrays Israel in the Middle East year after year

Meanwhile, as the “Problems” continue to swirl in Gaza, a new cry arose from Mosul where ISIS has driven almost all the population of Catholics from the city. How would such a “Problem” benefit Rome? Let me answer that question by asking you several other questions. First, did you know that the majority of Catholics in Mosul are NOT Roman Catholics.

pope-laughing-1Instead, Mosul had a community of Assyrian Christians who also had a presence in the villages around Mosul in ancient Nineveh since the foundation of the city with most of them following the Chaldean Catholic Church, the Syriac Catholic Church and the Syriac Orthodox Church, and a minority follow the Assyrian Church of the East. In fact, although these Iraqi Catholics will sometimes fellowship with Roman Catholics, they have their own Patriarchs instead of the Jesuit Pope Francis. Could this create an issue if the Roman Pontiff, who claims to be the Substitute or Vicar of Christ on earth, wants a global kingdom? Would the annihilation of these Mosul Catholics solve a problem for Rome? I will let you answer that question.

roman messiahWhy does the rhetoric in the media these days sound like a cry for deliverance from a global Messiah? For example, CNN, a media conglomerate that is purportedly highly anti-Semitic, recently wrote an article titled “Will anyone stop ISIS”? Or how about his article “Can Anyone Stop ISIS?”?

thCatholic Online is already positioning themselves as the exclusive media outlet who “truly cares” about these atrocities in the article at this link as they state: “Why is Catholic Online alone in reporting these atrocities? Who else in the media is working to save these people?”.  However, many of the other mainstream Roman occult’s media outlets such as far-left CNN or Fox News ARE speaking out and asking the Pope to fight for them while the Pope continues to act as though he is “reluctant” to begin a Crusade as he speaks of “peace” and “prayer” as the swell of voices continue to beg him to step into the fray. Is this why he stated “Violence is conquered with peace” as the cries for Rome’s leadership reach a crescendo?

AP_Vatican_Pope5_Obama_ml_140327_16x9_992Is it just coincidental that most of the media organizations are manned by Roman Catholics who are begging for the Pope to stand and fight the Muslims?

Why don’t they beg Obama?

Or is it just too convenient that Obama, who attended a Catholic school, who worked for eight Catholic parishes, and who worked for Business International, a front for the Vatican’s CIA, is acting like he is not going to do anything?

tyjtyWhy is Jesuit Pope Francis listed in almost every news article or report? When did he suddenly get included in all secular international decisions and events such as the conflicts related to Israel and Hamas and ISIS and Syria and Ukraine and Latin America and Egypt? Could it be that this Jesuit Pope, who took a vow of poverty,  is a very wealthy power-broker in the world? Does he rally have as much control and power as legendary tales by ex-Jesuits and ex-Freemasons have said that he has?

francis-papal-plane-koreaIn fact, since the Jesuit Pope isn’t even the Pope of the Catholics in Mosul and the surrounding areas of Iraq, why doesn’t the media quote what the Patriarchs of those ancient Catholic sects are saying instead of Pope Francis?  Why does the media seem so eager to include the Jesuit Pope of the West in all of their articles that relate to the Iraqi Catholics who have their own popes?

romeDoes Obama’s pretense of acting “Muslim” at times and his silence regarding this ISIS genocide benefit the Pope as the media and the many Catholics who have taken over our media speak out for the Pope to intervene instead? Is this beneficial to the Pope if the Patriarchs or “Popes” of the Middle Eastern Catholics are now desperately requesting the Pope to intervene as seen in many articles such as this one?

bxvi tiara ivDoes it give them reason to merge with the Roman Catholic Empire under the monarchy of the Pope in future days for his protection and leadership? Why do people believe that the Pope has the power to direct the leaders of free countries to bomb ISIS as seen in the article at this link?

Everyone agrees that the barbaric fighting and killing in the Middle East should end. However, when have you ever heard the Baptists calling for the Southern Baptist President to fight a Crusade against those who massacre other Baptists? When have you heard the Jews crying for their chief Rabbi to deliver them? When do you hear eastern mystics crying for their spiritual leaders to intervene? Or when blood was flowing in early Christian Jerusalem and Rome, where do you see Paul the apostle calling for a Crusade? Or Peter? Or Jesus?

Pope Francis visited by UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon

Pope Francis visited by UN Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon

Also, where is the United Nations to be found while all this genocide is taking place? They also are mysteriously silent?

Yet, the U.N. will normally cry and moan and bewail any little violation of the Geneva Convention or other infinitesimal human rights violations, but not presently when ISIS is committing mass genocides against humanity.

When Hamas is digging tunnels under Israeli schools to blow up little children, the United Nations will speak out but against Israel. Does that make any sense whatsoever?  

pope_francis_on_throne250And is nobody capable of stopping such crimes against humanity except the Pope?  Or is that what the United Nations and the mainstream media want you to think? Do they want you to think that the world has ended as we know it and that we have absolutely no way of stopping these small ISIS armies in spite of NATO’s massive military power? Is that why the media and Jesuit-trained politicians are all asking for the Pope to intervene? Is it because NATO is bankrupt? Or is it because the U.N. had imploded? Or is it because there are no secular heads of state capable of dealing with this situation?  

ISIS-MurdersOr is this their way of allowing the world to panic over the horrific photos of barbarism, so that it seems a Messiah is needed to save the planet?

Is this the beginning of a cry for a Messiah from Rome to save everyone? Is this the Rome-sized “Problem” that a certain Roman Messiah has been awaiting?

dfdfdIs this a conflict that will benefit them? Or is it just one more of a string of “Problems” that will pave the way for a global Roman Messiah to bring “justice for all”? Is that why Fox News is calling for the Pope to save everyone from the Muslims as seen in the video at this link?

What does the Bible say? Does it say the Muslims will conquer the world? Who is the Dragon Beast who will conquer the world, shown in the Book of Daniel and also shown in the Book of Revelation?

dragon-and-beastAccording to the prophet Daniel, the final kingdom on earth before the Messiah is the Roman Empire.

In chapter 2 of Daniel’s prophecy, he makes it very clear that Rome is the fourth “iron kingdom” after Greece in the vision of the statue that is toppled by the Messiah.

In chapter 7, Daniel shows Rome to be the fourth beast right after the third beast of the Grecian empire. Rome is seen as the final beast just prior to the millennial reign of Jesus Christ in this vision.

The power of Rome is such that world leaders come to the Pope. The only question you may have is whether they are coming for advice or orders?

The power of Rome is such that world leaders come to the Pope. The only question you may have is whether they are coming for advice or orders?

In chapter 9, Daniel states that the prince that is to come (which some call the anti-christ or false christ) is of the people who would destroy the temple of the Jews.  We know today that the Jewish temple was destroyed by the Romans.

Not everything is as it seems.  Before you get carried away with the rhetoric of the media and their fear-mongering, be sure to spend time on your own researching the facts … and always know your Bible and your history.

CHANGE: The time is now!

obama-economyGas prices are rising, home values are lowering, and our unemployment and food stamp families are at an all-time high.

While American families continue to lose their homes at historical rates, and the national deficit has grown into an economic tsunami of unprecedented proportions, the only thing upon which Americans can currently depend is that the misery index will continue upward in ways that make the Great Depression look like an American holiday in comparison. When the economy that America has been given by Obama resembles a car that is completely ‘totalled’, will Americans finally see the difference between media reports and reality? Will they set aside partisanship to follow Truth?

When workforce dropouts have reached over 50 million, you know that Obama wasn’t kidding when he stated that he was going to fundamentally change America.

No more RINOs

The powers of Rome, in their 1815 Congress of Vienna, vowed to destroy the American Republic and its Bill of Rights. Their CIA radically changed America behind the scenes. Will America fight back for her Biblical heritage? Or will they sink still holding to their porn, sodomy, abortion, entertainment, sports distractions, sex, drugs, and alcohol? Will they show the courage of their WWII veterans who fought evil? Or will they continue in such evil themselves? Will they pray to the GOD who their forefathers worshiped? Or have they forgotten him? What will happen to America?

It’s time for America to remove the current Congress and send a message to President Obama. We don’t want your change! And then when our new Congress impeaches President Obama, it’s time to unite Independents and conservative Republicans into one party and send the RINOs of the Republican Party a message – “You’re history!”.


Are Americans with their new morals willing to let Obama turn America into another Nazi Germany and Communist Russia combined? Or will they remember their heritage and return to it in time?

We need a new Independent Republican party that will radically transform the current American landscape in such a way that it once again resembles the United States for which so many American soldiers died – the blessed, GOD-fearing, economically-prosperous America whose people honored the Bible in humility, and who believed in hard work not handouts, in freedom not fascism, in the Bill of Rights not journalist-suppression, gun-grabbing, Big Brother fear-mongering, media monopolies, banking bailouts, senseless wars, and a vast array of scandals that far outnumber all the previous scandals in the United States COMBINED!

It matters not if Obama has the elections rigged, the CIA in his pocket, the military brass culled, the economy in ruins, and the “powers that be” in full support behind him and around him on every side.

I still believe that if the American people awaken and again remember the Creator who made them great, and repent of their present sins and return to the old American paths and principles of Biblical morality, freedom, and economics that made our country the greatest nation in the world, then there’s no force in earth or hell that can stop the American people from returning to their heritage of “In GOD we trust” and thereby also returning to their songs of “GOD Bless America”!!!

IwoJima_flagIt will take the same thing it took our forefathers who arrived upon the shores of Plymouth, Massachusetts almost four hundred years ago – faith in GOD, humility, perseverance, hard work, vigilance, blood, sweat, and tears, but if our children are to have a future in this nation, it is time for us to rise to the challenge at hand. It will take the same character, love, and determination as the men at Iwo Jima and the beaches of Normandy so that freedom and faith might live!

The Normandy invasion that turned the tide against Hitler's might. Are Americans still the type of people who would oppose a Hitler or who would stand off against a traitor within their gates? Or have they fundamentally changed into the type of people who supported Hitler? The question looms before us.

PHOTO: The Normandy invasion that turned the tide against Hitler’s might. Are Americans still the type of people who would give their lives to oppose Hitler and his Nazi culture of abortion, euthenasia, sodomy, fascism, socialism, racism, entertainment propaganda, Bible bans, and Vatican concordats or is that what Americans have become themselves? Will they repent and stand against the traitors within their gates? Or will they let them continue to fundamentally change America into the type of people who supported Hitler? The question looms before all Americans. America’s soul is at stake.

I believe our time to make a difference will soon run out if we do not act! It is time to fight for that future with the understanding that we cannot continue to live in the morally bankrupt way that we have lived and to realize that sometimes the best wars are waged with inward change first using Truth not weapons, with pulpits not political platforms, with families not corporations, with community and political actions not social networking words, with prayer not pragmatism, and with Repentance not Reformation! If America is to have a future, the time for CHANGE IS NOW!!!!

Does Obama truly represent America?

Does Obama truly represent America?

HEALED: Incurable disease gone

Many roots of plants are medicinal in nature. Licorice root may just be one of the most over-looked herbs when it comes to healing.

Many roots of plants are medicinal in nature. Licorice root may just be one of the most over-looked herbs when it comes to healing.

I am a big believer in medicinal foods being used for liver disease, nerve inflammation, cancer and other illnesses. I will share some of these foods later in this article.

Having had an incurable illness in the past, I visited a doctor, chiropractor, acupuncturist, neurologist, and massage therapist among just a few of the avenues I chose in order to find a cure.

I was prescribed the wrong medicine, Carbamazepine, by the Roman Catholic doctor who saw me. His diagnosis of Trigeminal Neuralgia was also incorrect. He had not done any tests – not even a blood test before diagnosing me incorrectly and giving me the wrong prescription. The medication he gave to me was dangerous to the liver, heart, thyroid, kidneys, and skin (and can cause severe or even life-threatening skin rashes and/or lupus). It can even result in death. However, he gave it to me without any basis other than a conversation in which I told him that the chiropractor thought it was Trigeminal Neuralgia. Amazing that he just took the chiropractor’s word for it (considering that the medical community oftentimes treats the chiropractic community as “quacks”).

generic_drugs.jpg.size.xxlarge.promoI could have sued him, but I did not. Instead, I showed love to this poor Roman Catholic doctor who is trying to work his way to heaven, unaware that he, like the rest of us, will never have enough good deeds to merit salvation even if he had eternity to earn them. It’s not that I didn’t feel I could have won the case easily, but we have enough lawsuits in this country, and not enough “turning the other cheek”. However, I did find it intriguing that this occurred shortly after I had served as a whistle-blower in a large global bank which I later learned from the company’s orientation teacher was started by the Jesuits as an Italian bank in California before becoming “American”.

dept of justiceWithin that bank, I saw illegal activities such as setting up accounts for people who didn’t ask for them which made their numbers of accounts higher than they were (for shareholders and marketing statistics), which I reported to my state’s Department of Consumer Affairs and also to the bank’s ethics hotline. Why did the Department of Consumer Affairs seem totally uninterested in my report? After I “blew the whistle”, I was told by a bank official in the ethics department that the problem was “wide-spread” and that they had known about it. They said that they were “taking care of the problem”.  Thereafter, they put a metaphorical “band-aid” on the problem which anyone could easily “rip off”.

whistleblowerI also saw leaders giving those under them fake social security numbers to set up accounts to hit quotas. One of their state regional leaders, who I reported, was promoted to President of an entire region of the United States after performing such activities. How did they get away with such activities? Why would they want such people in their leadership? I could continue to ask questions, but it exhausts me to continue. I saw other financial matters which I questioned in the corporate offices, but I was never given a satisfactory reply. I also found out how many CIA and Jesuit-trained individuals were in their employment. In addition, I noticed how many qualified individuals were passed over for hire, while Roman Catholics were hired and promoted even if they weren’t as qualified.

Business-Travel (1)Just before my life-altering disease struck, a Legionnaire of Christ in the bank, who told me that he was part of the “new Jesuits” and “only one man away from the pope”, had become a part of my work team. He had shaken my hand, eaten with me, sat with me in his office which was right next door to mine and discussed the Jesuit’s strategies and more. What was the reason I had suddenly contracted this disease? Had it been induced by the trauma of being a whistle-blower or was it something more than that? Why was I worked with only a few hours of sleep at night (and sometimes none) and then told to put down less hours than worked on my record-keeping? Why were almost all the employees Roman Catholic?

business manager handshake isolated with hundred dollar moneyWasn’t this unequal employment opportunity for others? Why do employees at this corporation and other global Jesuit-controlled companies seem to prefer Catholics for hire over others to the unequal and unjust treatment of others? Did not the Jesuit oath as found on the European member of Parliament’s website in the article at this link state this very thing?

That I will not deal with or employ a Protestant if in my power to deal with or employ a Catholic.” – Jesuit Oath

UntitledThe Catholic Jesuits own many of the largest global corporations in America and around the world in spite of their supposed vows of poverty. The very name “Jesuit” strikes fear in the heart of many due to their reputation as the masters of the Inquisitions and today as the alleged shadow behind many of the atrocities and evils in the world.

Catholic PowerSome believe they are behind the CIA on one hand, and Muslim groups like ISIS, the Muslim Brotherhood, the support of Syrian rebels, the Ukrainian revolt, and other such plots on the other hand, playing both sides in order to always win using Hegelian dialectic techniques. Some believe they are behind the Democrats AND the RINOs, the 1% AND the Occupied Wall Street movement, the group Anonymous AND the out-of-control fascism that continues to gain a foothold in the government of the United States. Much of what the Satanic Jesuits do, under the mask of religion, is very difficult to prove.

jesuitsIs this “over the top”? Not according to a recently deceased member of the European Parliament who shared the secret oath or “fourth vow” of the Jesuits on his website before he passed away. The same oath is also found in the book Subterranean Rome by Carlos Didier, translated from the French and published in New York in 1843. This secret Jesuit Oath of Induction is also recorded in the Congressional Record of the U.S.A. (House Bill 1523, Contested election case of Eugene C. Bonniwell, against Thos. S. Butler, Feb. 15, 1913, pp. 3215-3216). Here’s an excerpt:

You have been taught to plant insidiously the seeds of jealousy and hatred between communities, provinces, states that were at peace, and to incite them to deeds of blood, involving them in war with each other, and to create revolutions and civil wars in countries that were independent and prosperous, cultivating the arts and the sciences and enjoying the blessings of peace; to take sides with the combatants and to act secretly with your brother Jesuit, who might be engaged on the other side, but openly opposed to that with which you might be connected, only that the Church might be the gainer in the end, in the conditions fixed in the treaties for peace and that the end justifies the means. You have been taught your duty as a spy, to gather all statistics, facts and information in your power from every source; to ingratiate yourself into the confidence of the family circle of Protestants and heretics of every class and character, as well as that of the merchant, the banker, the lawyer, among the schools and universities, in parliaments and legislatures, and the judiciaries and councils of state, and to be all things to all men, for the Pope’s sake, whose servants we are unto death.

Samuel F B MorseInventor of the telegraph Samuel F.B. Morse wrote three books on the dangers of Catholic immigration and of their plot to turn America into a fascist state like the old Roman establishment of the Dark Ages. John Adams wrote to Thomas Jefferson on May 5, 1816 and reinforced the covert, agitating nature of the Jesuits who wear so many masks.

“I do not like the reappearance of the Jesuits…. Shall we not have regular swarms of them here, in as many disguises as only a king of the gipsies can assume, dressed as printers, publishers, writers and schoolmasters? If ever there was a body of men who merited damnation on earth and in Hell, it is this society of Loyola’s. Nevertheless, we are compelled by our system of religious toleration to offer them an asylum.”  – John Adams, letter to Thomas Jefferson, May 5, 1816

World-renowned men such as Edmond Paris, Bill Cooper, F. Tupper Saussy, Malachi Martin, former Catholic Archbishop of Guatemala Gerard Bouffard, Jim Arrabito, Sherman Skolnick, and ex-witch David J Meyer (to name just a small handful) have tried to expose them, but none of these men who spoke out are alive today.

Great White ThroneThe Jesuits are to be pitied, not feared. They can kill the body but not the soul. They will face the Creator someday Who can kill both body and soul in hell, and they will face Him with all of the many evil they have done for a so-called “good reason” and find that they have done as Scripture says – “fallen short of the glory of GOD”. They will learn that the punishment of sinners who add baptism or popery to the work of Jesus Christ is eternal damnation, and they will learn how much the Creator hates their philosophy “the end justifies the means”. They, like the rest of us, have only one hope – the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ ALONE without sacraments, extra-Biblical papal embellishments, or human works as Paul the Apostle wrote in the Book of Galatians. I truly desire that every Jesuit repent and turn to Jesus Christ ALONE for salvation, and leave their murderous, cruel covert ways and worldly wisdom behind.

Do the Jesuits even control the Papal Throne in Rome now? Have they always? If so, they have only recently suggested that the Jesuits control the Pope and not vice-versa.

“The Jesuits have a vow to obey the pope, but if the pope is a Jesuit, maybe he should have a vow to obey the superior general… I feel like I’m still a Jesuit in terms of my spirituality, what I have in my heart.” – Pope Francis (first Jesuit pope ever)

DopamineI discovered through my own disease just how extremely inept and nonchalant the medical community seemed to be about my health and how extremely eager they were to recommend drugs that were not even needed during that time in my life. I did a great deal of research on my own, and learned how many in the medical community seemed to be “practicing medicine”. I turned down the prescription that the neurologist recommended, and that decision may have been one of the reasons that I am healed today of the incurable neurological disorder that I suffered. I decided I would not become dependent upon drugs, but would let my body heal itself naturally if GOD would allow it to do so.I realize that my nerve sheathing was probably unable to be repaired by natural means, but what I hoped at the time was that the Creator who made me would one day repair me and so I refused to become dependent upon the drugs recommended by my neurologist that would only be palliative in nature and would never cure me.

nerve sheathingI had tried so many things, and that’s when the highly accomplished and intelligent neurologist, who had studied my MRI that I had undergone, told me that I had an incurable neurological disease. My research concurred with his diagnosis and prognosis. Between his diagnosis that corresponded to all of my symptoms, my research, and more, I had given up on being healed, although I secretly held the belief that the Creator could still heal me.  I had tried so many avenues and had researched masses of information before I finally conceded that the neurologist was correct and that my condition was incurable.

medical_devicesHowever, months passed by and three years after I had contracted the neurological disease to the very month, I was healed – miraculously.  There were no dreams, visions, or flashes of light. No weirdness. My family had been praying. At the time, one of my children had been especially praying for me. Suddenly, their prayers were answered.

Jesus-heals-blind-manI believe the Creator oftentimes works through natural and supernatural means together. In other words, He uses doctors, medicines, and even medicinal foods. He also works alone. My father had told me of such stories. Dad had visited people with conditions which were extremely serious and had prayed with them. They had walked out of the hospital completely well within 24 hours to the amazement of doctors and their family.

My dad was no faith healer or some famous televangelist. He was a man of very modest means and a simple faith and deep respect for His Creator. No pastors, priests, cathedrals, sacraments, or rituals brought my father into that relationship.   He had established a personal relationship through repentant faith in Jesus Christ by a simple prayer as a boy longing for the indwelling of the Messiah Jesus Christ in his life to ensure his salvation from the fiery torments of eternal damnation, reserved for sinners.

The Creator uses ordinary people who have His Spirit through repentant faith to pray for the healing of others.

The Creator uses ordinary people who have His Spirit through repentant faith to pray for the healing of others.

I believe the Creator prefers to heal people due to the simple faith of simple men praying for others in the back corridors of planet earth, instead of having some flamboyant diamond-clad faith healer heal people on a large televised show for the entertainment of others. I don’t believe the Creator needs or seeks that type of attention, full of glitz and glamor.

I’m not sure exactly how or why the Creator chooses to heal some and not others. I am not sure why I was healed.  I have never met anyone else who has been healed of what I suffered.

I had eaten only healthy foods religiously and I drank only water. I had exercised. I had stopped taking the carbamazepine. I had tried so many things including acupuncture with electric shocks. Could one of these things be the very thing that made the difference? Perhaps the Creator used one of the many, many things I had tried, but the formula of which things coincided together is still unknown to me. Then again, perhaps it was none of them. I had resigned myself to life with my condition, although I still held hope from the Creator’s loving hand. I had exhausted so many alternate possibilities.

glass-of-waterIn truth, I wasn’t doing anything particularly different at the time that I was healed. I told people in online support groups who also had my disease of what had happened. I told others as well. Most people were skeptical. Some were angry that the Creator didn’t do the same for them.

vegetablesI had determined that if I was healed, I would let everyone know that the Creator was the one responsible once I realized there was absolutely no cure. Why did the Creator choose me? I could never hope to understand an answer to this question. I could only thank Him and tell others of His miraculous healing. The Creator doesn’t expect us to understand Him.  He only asks us to love Him.

fluorideHowever, I can’t help but wonder how many conditions may have cures out there which are being hidden from the public. I also see how much of the research I did is so foreign to most people due to the lack of transparency by the media in sharing the benefits of medicinal foods and so many other amazing facts. I also have seen how even things that are natural like Stevia seem to get the backseat by the FDA, but things that are dangerous like Aspartame or Sucralose seem to be given out in great abundance to the public. Is there some grand conspiracy? Are their evil elite individuals in charge? Or are people in these departments really just inept or ignorant or completely innocent?

“It’s been only 70 years since World War II, and the mad scientists from companies like I.G. Farben, BASF, Hoechst, Dow and Bayer, who created the gas chambers and tested dangerous vaccines on innocent Jews, didn’t just go away. In fact, they went to work for U.S. corporations and pharmaceutical companies that run the vaccine industry today. At least a dozen of these cold blooded killers were hired fresh out of prison, just 4 to 7 years after the Nuremberg trials found them guilty of mass murder and enslavement.”

Nazi Medical experimentsThat is how an article written in 2012 began as it told how the Nazis, who experimented on Jews, came to the United States to lead the Big Pharma companies who produce much of the pharmaceutical drugs that are sold world-wide.Furthermore, articles like the one at this link, and this link, and this link, this link, and this link furnish similar facts about the Nazi and pharmaceutical company connections. Companies in the business of health, medicine, vaccines, and drugs like Siemens, Bayer, BASF, Merck, Eli Lilly, Grunenthal GmbH, and Novartis, just to name a few, collaborated with the Nazis. Many of the vaccines today are recommended by those who worked with the Nazis.

Nazi experiments on humans - much is used in pharmaceutical companies today

Nazi experiments on humans – much is used in pharmaceutical companies today

Also, F. Tupper Saussy in his book “Rulers of Evil” revealed that pagan occult Rome and her priestly Baal religion of rosaries and crucifixes control almost every one of the major U.S. Department heads including the medical, educational, food, drug, and other administrative controlling forces of government. Six of the nine justices in the Supreme Court are Roman Catholic. The Jesuits’ website brags about their graduates all throughout the presidential administrative offices and government branches.

Are you amazed that they have so much control over who gets to become doctors or who gets to sell their drugs or which herbs are allowed to be consumed by the public?  Or should you actually be amazed that we survive as a nation with so many of these areas of life controlled by them, especially when they seem to benefit from the charitable dollars that are raised to help research cures for certain diseases?  Then again, are we surviving? With all the money thrown at diseases, how many cures have been found? Does it benefit the boards and executive leadership of charities and research clinics to find a cure when their comfortable salaries depend upon such fund-raising?

Dwarfs - Nazi experimentationIs it any wonder that many of the world’s most amazing medicinal foods are somehow kept from the spotlight when you read of how the Old World Order was behind the Nazis who left Germany to become the core of American life after World War II, thanks to the men of Rome who had assassinated Lincoln and hijacked the American government, entertainment industries, media corporations, and used their power to promote their businesses into the world’s global ruling elite corporations who fund the politicians pockets and the advertising dollars of the world.

The CIA's MK-Ultra experiments mirrored the Nazis medical experiments - and no wonder since the Nazis formed the core of the CIA from it's very beginnings, led by CIA founder and highly awarded Vatican Knight Bill Donovan

The CIA’s MK-Ultra experiments mirrored the Nazis medical experiments – and no wonder since the Nazis formed the core of the CIA from it’s very beginnings, led by CIA founder and highly awarded Vatican Knight Bill Donovan

They formed the core of the CIA which also serves as the true government of the United States working in the shadows behind closed doors. Is it any wonder that the CIA conducted the MK-Ultra medical and torturous human experiments from their beginning days when you realize that from the start, the core of the CIA was formed by Nazis led by Vatican Knight and CIA founder Bill Donovan who received the high award of Grand Knight of St. Sylvester, conferred directly by the Pope, an award that only about one hundred men have received in all of Roman history.  Those who have read the other articles in this blog are already aware of the matters that I mention above regarding the Old World Order, the Lincoln conspiracy, the power of Rome, the Nazis who formed the CIA under the Vatican Knight Bill Donovan, and much more. Therefore, I will not bore you with those matters.

For those who care about learning more about medicinal foods, here is a very small handful of foods that can help everything from cancer to the liver to neurological issues.

Ex-British Special Forces Officer Bear Grills

Ex-British Special Forces Officer Bear Grills

Canaigre – anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, promotes nerve health; according to Ex-British Special Forces Officer Bear Grills, this plant is great for improving the liver and fighting parasites.

Oatmeal – anti-inflammatory, anti-cholesterol, reduces blood pressure

Licorice – anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-flu, anti-ulcer

Oats are the edible starchy grain of the oat plant.

Oats are the edible starchy grain of the oat plant.

Boswellia – anti-inflammatory, anti-asthma, anti-rheumatism

Turmeric – anti-inflammatory, anti-asthma, anti-rheumatism, liver cleanser

Turmeric is an excellent spice as the article hyper-linked above states. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“Acute inflammation is a rapid response your body adopts to quickly deliver immune cells to a site of injury. The trigger may be an infection, microbial toxins, trauma, certain physical or chemical agents, tissue death, foreign bodies or immune reactions. During acute inflammation, the caliber and structure of your blood vessels change to facilitate the accumulation of white blood cells at the injury site. Then these white blood cells, mainly the neutrophils, help eliminate the offending agent. he major components of turmeric are curcumin, curcumoids and essential oils. Also called diferuloylmethane, curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric. As such, it is responsible for the bulk of turmeric’s biological effects, including anti-inflammation. A 2009 issue of the journal Toxicology features lab studies showing curcumin’s ability to inhibit inflammation or improve symptoms. Physician Jennifer Jamison notes that curcumin fights inflammation by preventing neutrophils from functioning, and by tampering with the synthesis of various eicosanoids, which are signaling molecules that play a role in the development of fever, pain and inflammation. If you follow alternative medicine, you’ve probably heard of its supposed virtues in the treatment of various disorders, including respiratory, skin, stomach and liver conditions.”

Thistle is the common name of a group of flowering plants characterized by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins.

Thistle is the common name of a group of flowering plants characterized by leaves with sharp prickles on the margins.

Milk Thistle – anti-inflammatory, anti-toxin, liver cleanser

The previous hyper-linked article tells of all the health value of thistle. Here’s an excerpt from that article:

“Much research has been conducted on the medicinal effects of milk thistle, which contains a powerful antioxidant (‘silymarin’) which protects the liver, reduces inflammation, and blocks toxins; milk thistle also contains omega-6 fatty acids, which have anti-inflammatory properties and promote skin, hair and bone health.All thistle types are high in fiber, B vitamins, vitamins A and C, and contain calcium, phosphorus and iron. Random fact about milk thistle and deathcap mushrooms: milk thistle has proven to be 100% effective in preventing the toxicity of this mushroom, a fungus which causes death in roughly a third of those who ingest it. If given within ten minutes of mushroom ingestion, the toxic effects were completely reversed, and if given within 24 hours, the thistle prevented death and greatly reduced the amount of liver damage, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center.”


Ginger may be powerful weapon in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

Cinnamon – anti-inflammatory, anti-lymphomatic, anti-cancer, anti-bacteria, anti-fungal, anti-diabetic, anti-migraine

Ginger – anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, anti-migraine, anti-flu

Lentils – anti-inflammatory, super-food

As the hyper-linked article on lentils above states, lentils are a super-food. Here’s an excerpt:

Cinnamon lowers bad LDL cholesterol, treats Type 2 Diabetes, reduces leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells, helps with clotting blood, inhibits bacteria and e Coli, preserves food, eliminates migraines, helps metabolism and weight loss, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts brain power and memory, and relieves arthritis when combined with honey.

Cinnamon lowers bad LDL cholesterol, treats Type 2 Diabetes, reduces leukemia and lymphoma cancer cells, helps with clotting blood, inhibits bacteria and e Coli, preserves food, eliminates migraines, helps metabolism and weight loss, stabilizes blood sugar, boosts brain power and memory, and relieves arthritis when combined with honey.

“Lentils are tops in fiber and protein, and can be a boon in reducing inflammation and stabilizing blood sugar. They’re filled with potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium and iron. But perhaps the biggest draw is that they cook quickly and don’t need pre-soaking.”