REPUBLICANS 2016: Their only hope

My Approved PortraitsWith Rand Paul dropping out of the Presidential race and he being the only Republican candidate who has beaten Hillary Clinton in the polls, the Republicans should think long and deep about the November elections and their only hope.

This election is like no other in past history to my knowledge.  It may be the first of its kind in the past four hundred years of U.S. history.  In the past, we had more of a debate over numerous issues ranging from social to religious to security to economics.  This year the main issue is that of survival.

Will we survive economically, spiritually, and remain a free nation?  Does Truth, Life, and Freedom matter any more in America?  With Rand Paul dropping from the race as the only candidate who could beat Hillary Clinton in the polls, and as the only economic and Bill of Rights conservative, one wonders what is next.

Ted Cruz appears to have momentum beyond any other Republican candidate in beating Hillary Clinton in the fall, but even he doesn’t fare so well in the polls against Hillary.  How will he get the Democratic and independent votes that he needs?  Ted Cruz claims to stand for liberty and the Bill of Rights, yet he has made compromises on issues of liberty such as the mass surveillance of Americans by the NSA.  He is a war hawk and also more compromising on other pieces of the Bill of Rights; yet compared to the other candidates on the stage, he looks like a … Republican.  Yes, all of the others look like fake Democrats.  At least the Democrats do what they say – they create tyranny, a police state, a war machine, fascism, communism, enslavement of Americans, massive debt in the trillions, and totalitarian control even over what children can eat in school. However, that’s not what most enlightened Americans want.  Yet, with Rand Paul dropping out of the race, we’re left with only one semi-conservative candidate, Ted Cruz.  I realize he talks ‘prayer’, the ‘Bible’, and such, but we’ve seen similar things from other Republicans like Bush in the past who we learned later were just pretenders. Who Ted Cruz chooses for his Vice President will tell us all who he really is – a pretender or not.  If he chooses a Democrat in disguise, then that’s against the Christian values that he claims to have.  If he chooses the only other person who shares his values, then that shows us he is probably the ‘real deal’.

It’s hard to vote for someone who appears to waffle on issues just based upon what they say.  I prefer to vote for someone who shows their Christian values in their actions – actions that push forward liberty, the Bill of Rights, economic frugality, and other Biblical principles that made America great.  So what’s the answer?  Can Ted Cruz win in November of this year?

I believe the Republican party only has one hope of winning.  Ted Cruz can’t beat Hillary Clinton in the polls, although he performs much better compared to Trump who, according to one poll, performed the worst against Hillary compared to all other Republicans.  Marco Rubio is a stalwart Democrat in the guise of a Republican and trailed third place in Iowa.  In other states, he may fare far worse. Therefore, with Trump and Rubio both leftists in guise of Republican garb and no appearance of beating Hillary, Cruz is the only option for those who want to rid themselves of the Democratic agenda of communism, enslavement, shredding the Bill of rights, destroying freedom, twenty trillion dollars of debt, mass government surveillance, continual wars, and fascist policies.  Wow! I can’t believe I’m saying these things, but welcome to America in the new millennia … sadly.  How can Cruz then hope to win in the fall against Hillary?  What’s the Republican’s only hope?

They must capitalize upon the borderline voters.  The Democratic ‘liberty voters’, the libertarians, and the independent “Tea Party” patriots are the ones who helped Rand Paul to win against Hillary in online polls.  Therefore, I have one simple strategy that would win Ted Cruz the election in my opinion.  He needs to choose Rand Paul as his Vice-President early in these primary elections.  This would bring him the three groups that we just mentioned.  His election would be far more powerful than any of the other candidates’ campaigns.  However, he had better beat the other candidates to it or he’s sunk in my opinion.

While this is the only hope of Republicans winning in 2016 in my estimate, it is not the only hope of Americans.  Our only hope is in our Creator who made this nation one of the greatest in world history.  He has created us equal and ordained us with certain GOD-given rights that surpass any man-made ordinances.  He is the One who has ultimately set forth liberty, life, truth, and love as the standards by which men must live.  A return to Him is our only hope.  And the Republican’s only hope is also in Him, but I believe a part of this is the Republicans’ acknowledgement of their Creator in their actions by following GOD’s principles.  Therefore, what better way to do this than for the Republican’s only viable candidate, Ted Cruz, to choose a candidate like Rand Paul who appeals to both Democrats and Republicans alike for his love of freedom, truth, life, and love. Otherwise, if Republicans just offer Democrats in disguise, most people will choose the genuine Democrat over the fake one.

CENSORSHIP: WordPress or Google?

In the past thirty minutes, I published an article on the Iowa caucuses today and after filtering my Google search on articles published in the last hour and with my website as the search criteria, I noticed that the article wasn’t showing in Google’s results.  Did WordPress censor it? Or did Google?  And if this is happening, it may explain a lot about how media works today in America.  See my screen capture below and you will see that only three results were shown for a search for our website, and two of the results were advertisements.  Our site is being censored.  Notice that Fox News, those fake conservatives, are showing in the results.

Those of you who are subscribed and who are still being allowed to receive alerts regarding my articles, please be aware of this new fascist approach to journalism and fight it!  Speak out, lovers of Truth and Freedom! Your freedom of speech is at stake!

Fascism in WordPress or Google



ELECTION 2016: Fraud protection

ElectionElection 2016 and its voting results could very well steer this nation into its future President and perhaps its worse era ever. The soul of a nation is at stake.

We have no doubt that Democrats will vote for communists, anti-GOD leftists, and anti-life fascists, but who will the people elect?

That’s the question on many people’s minds across our nation.

Is our voting method safe?  These days we wonder regularly if our cell phone have been hacked, so are we really going to trust this election to electronic voting machines that can be hacked?  Especially with the CIA’s history of rigging elections?

Greece used black and white balls to vote. Rome used a form of ballot.  America used paper ballots for many years which volunteers counted. Today, electronic computerized machines that can be hacked are used. Therefore, if people want to continue using machines that can be easily hacked, could we not also revert to our past tradition of a paper ballot? Or better yet, banks use coin counting machines all the time.  Could we not use some type of coin? And then we can have the coin counters do the electoral voting counts? Or even marbles could be used with a counter at the end of each tube and the final votes shown in a large transparent containers for each candidate so that literal transparency is involved.  There are many methods, but I believe a dual system of voting should be used – one manual method and one electronic method, and then the two can be reconciled.

What would be so wrong with having both manual votes and electronic votes which could be reconciled against each other to see if they match? Or will the ‘powers that be’ allow us to do this?  And if not, have we already lost our freedom in this country?

Roman_ElectionNow for me liberty, truth, and life are some of the biggest issues in our land.  Many of the other issues can be debated in the future if liberty exists; however, if we are no longer electing our government and if we are being forced against our will as a people to accept fraudulent elections, universal healthcare, socialist-communist economics, fascism and being promised lies, then I say the important issue this year is life, liberty and truth.  Don’t you want to know the truth about the actual election results rather than trusting the machines?  Do you really trust those fascists who have proven they love to force others to do their will by manipulation or coercion to give you truthful election results?

It is up to ‘we the people’ to fight for accurate election results through possible controls such as a dual process of both manual and electronic voting records that can be reconciled by accountants to ensure more controls exist in such an important event.

While Republican pragmatists are shouting that we should do a little evil so that good may prevail – an old philosophy of the Inquisitions and Crusades, by voting against your conscience for whoever might win, the media are telling us ‘who might win’, but can we trust them?   ‘Who might win’ is a little difficult to determine these days. With articles that are showing time and again that Trump is losing big time in the polls to Hillary Clinton if they were to run against each other today, while the same polls show Trump winning against the other candidates, it seems pragmatism is useless.  Another sign that pragmatism just won’t work this time around is that Rand Paul is the only candidate shown to beat Hillary Clinton in a nationwide election, yet he is trailing in the polls behind the other Republicans.  Are the polls flawed? Or rigged?  In the last decade, we’ve seen many reports of not only fraudulent polls, but also fraudulent elections with numerous methods cited ranging from hacking electronic voting machines to numbers not matching the number of citizens in a region to numerous incidents where people were caught in voting fraud from government employees to volunteers.  Who is really going to win this year?

First, I say we should vote by principle, not pragmatism, because this election is really up for grabs.   Ted Cruz and Donald Trump seem the most likely candidates, but many sources are now showing that Trump will not have the votes if you read our previous article on how the polls may not match reality, as well as the startling news written by LifeSite in the article at this link regarding the number of highly influential voices that are now speaking out to expose Trump’s Democratic leanings, religious and political liberty record, and sordid history at this late hour in the primary campaigning.

Rand PaulI believe that of the three most viable candidates who can stand against Hillary Clinton on election day are Paul, Cruz, and Trump.   Paul and Cruz are the only true Republican candidates standing for liberty and truth.  Rand Paul is the only real economic conservative.  I believe Trump is a liar, a fake, and legal and media records show that he was a supporter of Hillary and John Kerry, not just financially but vocally as well throughout history.  Trump as President would ensure that things continue as they have been going under Obama.  Those who do not respect life, liberty, and truth in their personal life will not respect your life, liberty, or keep their promises to you.  They will not ensure the voting is accurate.

Therefore, with so many RINOs on the loose and so few with the hope of beating Hillary Clinton (except for Rand Paul according to polls), in my opinion, I say that Cruz must choose Rand Paul as his Vice-President as soon as he can in the primary elections.  This means that Rand Paul must drop from the race, and then Ted must quickly move to pull him into his campaign before one of the RINOs grab him.  I am analyzing based upon logic, however, and American politics is anything but logical these days between changing times and sketchy (some would say ‘shady’) voting and polling numbers … especially with a billionaire with questionable associations in the race.

BAD NEWS: For Republicans

“Several recent stories, like this one from the Washington Post’s Philip Rucker and Robert Costa, report that influential Republicans have become increasingly resigned to the prospect of Donald Trump as their nominee. One theme in these stories is that the GOP “donor class” seems to have persuaded itself that Trump might not be such a bad general election candidate. On that point, the donor class is probably wrong. It’s hard to say exactly how well (or poorly) Trump might fare as the Republican nominee … But Trump would start at a disadvantage: Most Americans just really don’t like the guy … [Contrary to] Rupert Murdoch’s assertion about Trump having crossover appeal, Trump is extraordinarily unpopular with independent voters and Democrats. Gallup polling conducted over the past six weeks found Trump with a -27-percentage-point net favorability rating among independent voters, and a -70-point net rating among Democrats; both marks are easily the worst in the GOP field. (Trump also has less-than-spectacular favorable ratings among his fellow Republicans.)


Favorability ratings can vary quite a bit from pollster to pollster, however, so I went back and collected a broader array of data. Specifically, I took an average of each candidate’s favorability ratings in polls from the Huffington Post Pollster database since Nov. 1.1

Republican favorability, average since Nov. 1  – Source: Huffington Post Pollster
Ben Carson 37 37 0
Marco Rubio 34 35 -1
Ted Cruz 32 39 -7
John Kasich 20 27 -7
Carly Fiorina 28 36 -8
Mike Huckabee 28 40 -12
Chris Christie 31 44 -13
Rand Paul 26 42 -16
Rick Santorum 22 44 -22
Jeb Bush 29 51 -22
Donald Trump 33 58 -25

We’ve got an unpopular set of presidential candidates this year– Bernie Sanders is the only candidate in either party with a net-positive favorability rating — but Trump is the most unpopular of all.

Democratic favorability, average since Nov. 1 – Source: Huffington Post Pollster
Bernie Sanders 38 35 +3
Hillary Clinton 42 50 -8
Martin O’Malley 18 29 -11

This is not just a recent phenomenon; Trump’s favorability ratings have been consistently poor. It’s true that his favorability numbers improved quite a bit among Republicans once he began running for president. But those gains were almost exactly offset by declines among independents and Democrats. In fact, his overall favorability ratings have been just about unchanged since he began running for president in June:


Head-to-head polls of hypothetical general election matchups have almost no predictive power at this stage of the campaign, but for what it’s worth, Trump tends to fare relatively poorly in those too. On average,2 in polls since Nov. 1, Trump trails Clinton by 5 percentage points, while Clinton and Marco Rubio are tied.

Nate Silver is the founder and editor in chief of FiveThirtyEight.

ISRAEL: Their future is in their past

yellowstarWhat does Zionism, the Dragon, the Occult, the Final Solution, a 1948 Israel, Jewish Holocaust orphans, a future burning of Rome, and the Caesars have to do with each other?

Israel is becoming the focal point of the world.  In the media, Israel is taking a beating. Why?  Are there root causes to what Europeans have called the “Jewish problem”?  Are there reasons for why they have attempted the “final solution”?

Since 1948, has Israel not shown kindness to their enemies? Have they not bent over backwards at times to make the world happy, and even shown respect to the families of terrorists who attempt to harm them as they recently displayed when giving one of the terrorists back to his family for burial after he walked into a public Israeli tourist spot and started firing his gun at innocent civilians?  Is not Israel accused of taking land from other nations? Yet, does not history show that other nations attempted to annihilate Israel and that Israel took land from them as part of the spoils of war?  Is this wrong? Historically, is this not how war works?  Has not Russia recently moved into Ukrainian territory? And have not many other nations done similar things throughout recent and past history?

JDL NEVER AGAINI recently read a Jewish columnist attempting to understand why Israel is treated differently.  They concluded that Israel is a ‘rosh’ or ‘head’ that influences all the other nations.  That reminded me a lot of Joseph telling his brothers that he dreamed of them bowing down to him … and we all know how that ended.  In other words, I don’t think this was the wisest way to explain the current climate in which Israel is being treated differently.  I read another article by what appeared to be a veteran and very cerebral journalist that seemed to go on forever as he was attempting to make sense of the obvious bias in the media that he experienced firsthand against Israel. He couldn’t understand the extreme bias in favor of the Palestinian people – a people, state, and flag that really didn’t exist until after Vatican II took place in the 1960s.  Is there any logic in a so-called ‘state’ for a people that didn’t exist prior to the 1960s and who mainly came from surrounding Arab states as seen in the recent formation of a state flag for them and government?   Why is this?

HarmageddonSome may surmise that the United Nations is a lot like Pharaoh.  They gave Israel their freedom only to regret it after Israel became a state in 1948. Much like Pharaoh, they are now in the middle of hopping on their chariots and chasing after Israel to cut them off in a corner of the desert using a fake Palestinian state, the jealousy and millennia-old hatred of the surrounding nations, their media machines  and a wagging UN finger to do so.  May I remind the world of a simple truth.  The Red Sea.  Ever heard of the Battle of Armageddon?

So why the hatred of Israel? And why, as mentioned in this in-depth article at this link, does it seem that the hate is not only for Israel but also for the Jews around the world? That article makes a great point – why do American Jews sometimes live in a state of denial? They seem to think that if they just adopt the Gentiles’ values and hatred of Israel, then they can be immune from anti-Semitism?  They seem to be naive to the fact that, like it or not, they are Jews, and that people hate Jews for just being Jews, and they hate Israel because Israel is a nation of Jews.  Why the insane hatred of Jews?  Again, the article linked above does a great job of digging deep into that topic, so I will let you read it for more insight and move onward to other ground for now.


Amir Tsarfati, a Christian and a Major in the Israeli Defense Forces, has shown from two different religious perspectives, both a Christian and a Jewish perspective, that the Bible clearly declares Israel as being the birthright of the Jews.

Scores of Bible passages can be quoted to show that GOD gave the land of Israel to the Jews, but that won’t satisfy non-Christians or non-Jews, so let me ask a question. How many countries can boast that their ancestors actually purchased the land in which they live? Abraham purchased Hebron, Jacob purchased Nablus, and David purchased Jerusalem. Yet, Jerusalem is the most contested of the land which Israel owns in some people’s minds. Furthermore, Jews lived in Israel for a millennia or more before the Romans dispersed them; also, the United Nations voted to give modern Israel to the Jews.

Is hatred not senseless? Especially for a people who appear to go overboard to do “the right thing” in war, in peace, and in business?  However, now let me introduce the children of the Dragon to help us make sense of this hatred.

In chapters 7 and the latter third of chapter 11, the prophet Daniel in the Bible prophesies of a final false messiah who would be of a kingdom that comes after the Grecian kingdom.  Today, we know that as the Roman Empire.  Furthermore, in the last couple of verses of Daniel chapter 9, we read that a people would come to destroy the temple of Jerusalem, and that this false messiah would come from that people – the Romans.  Historically, we know for a fact that the nation who destroyed the temple of Jerusalem was the Roman Empire mentioned in that chapter.  We are further told in the Book of Revelation in chapters 13 and 17 that this same beast, who we now know as the Roman Empire and which Daniel described with seven heads and ten horns, is a red dragon on whose back a woman is seen riding.  Another article on our website seen at this link goes into detail about the woman riding on the beast’s back, so we will refrain from detailed explanation.

danielimageWe are also shown in those Biblical chapters of the Book of Revelation that a False Messiah who is the leader of the Roman Empire (or Red Dragon) will rise up, and that another beast looking like a lamb (but speaking just like the Dragon) will rise as well to give glory to the False Messiah.  A lamb in the Bible is symbolic of the people of GOD in both the Tanakh or Old Testament and the New Testament as well. In other words, this beast is not a ‘wolf in sheep’s clothing’, but seemingly a ‘dragon in sheep’s clothing’.   In other words, two Romans will rise – one who is evidently appearing as one of GOD’s own, while really being of Rome and of Satan – a man who most believe is the false prophet mentioned in Revelation chapters 16, 19, and 20 who is seen standing beside the false messiah. The other former beast of the two, or the false messiah,  is also said to be an eighth king of the Roman empire who was originally “of” or “from” seven other kings mentioned by John the apostle in chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation.

Roman EmperorsJohn describes these seven kings as “five are fallen, and one is, and the other is not yet come; and when he comes, he must continue a short space.”   Julius Caesar is not typically included by most of the sources I viewed in the list of Roman emperors since he and the Triumvirate that followed weren’t officially emperors, although they did lead Rome.  Thus, the official list of Roman emperors as seen on Wikipedia and other similar sites start the emperor list with Augustus Caesar which is logical.  Thus, at the time of John’s writing, it seems probable that the phrase “five are fallen” referred to the five Caesars of the Roman empire who had died – namely Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula, Claudius, and Nero.   It is also possible that the “one is” could be a reference to the Caesar Vespasian who was the emperor who came out on top after four different leaders wrestled for the office of the emperor after Nero’s death.  This would place the writing of the Book of Revelation at A.D. 68-69 which would coincide with recent scholarship that now places the writing of the Book of Revelation prior to A.D. 70.   If true, this would leave the possibility that the “other is not yet come” as being a reference to Caesar Titus, the general who actually destroyed the Jewish Temple in A.D. 70 as referenced earlier in Daniel chapter 9 and the Roman general and Caesar who brought the time of the Jews to an end, making way for the “time of the Gentiles” mentioned by Paul the apostle.  This “time of the Gentiles” Paul said was a mystery revealed only during his time which would last until the “time of the Gentiles” was fulfilled, which would then usher back in the last seven years of Daniel’s prophecy and what many refer to as the “time of Jacob’s trouble” (in other words, time of Israel’s trouble). 

indexGeneral Titus, history states, continued for only a short space of about three years after becoming emperor (i.e.  the seventh king was said to continue for a “short space”).  Many other emperors followed Titus, but since they came after the fall of Jerusalem and the dispersion of the Jews, we see the period of the Jews as having ended at A.D. 70 and we believe this is why John the apostle then jumps into the future when Daniel’s “last seven years” will occur (which is when the timeline for Israel and this eighth emperor and false messiah is thought to start again).  After all, it can be reasoned that this is the time when the prophetic clock is considered to start ‘ticking again’.  Thus, the seven Roman emperors or kings who lived just prior to when Israel was dispersed in A.D. 70 and the eighth king coming in the future (when the “clock” of Daniel’s final seven years resumes) seems like a fairly logical and easy conclusion. Also, while many talk of the ‘twelve Caesars’, keep in mind that the extra five are Julius Caesar the Dictator who wasn’t a true emperor, Domitian who came after A.D. 70 as did many other emperors after A.D. 70, and the three who didn’t win out against Vespasian during the “year of the four emperors” which appears to be the year of John’s writing – these five are the ones who do not appear to be logically a part of the seven kings of Rome.

IlluminatiWatcherDotCom-Occult-Holiday-Liberty-Semiramis-Sol-InvictusIf this is accurate, and we leave room for much speculation on this passage as there are many varied scholarly views on these matters, then the eighth emperor or final false messiah king of the future could be either from or of one of these seven emperors by bloodline or could even be one of these Caesars risen from the dead (because Revelation also states that this final false messiah Roman emperor would come from the bottomless pit and go into perdition, although it could be in the future final seven years that he rises from the dead out of the bottomless pit).  Some have questioned whether this future Caesar will be Nero, because he already burned Rome once.  Would it be surprising if he burned it again? Also, the future Caesar Messiah is said to war on the saints – again, another thing that Nero did, but most of the emperors also did this. Or is the future Messiah Roman Caesar really an emperor of the blood lineage of the Caesars who is going to be assassinated in the final seven years and come back from the dead to the amazement of the world? And could this be why so many secret societies trace their bloodlines?  Either way, it will be amazing to see either scenario – 1) an ancient emperor risen from the dead in the near future who becomes a world Roman emperor again,  or 2) a future Roman emperor descended from the Caesar’s blood line who becomes the future False Messiah, and who then after an assassination wound to his head, rises from the dead to the amazement of the world.

134265773Regardless, we see that the seven heads of the red Dragon were most probably historical in nature, according to what was written of them, while the ten kings are most likely in the future.  Why?  John the apostle writes “And the ten horns which you saw are ten kings, which have received no kingdom as yet; but receive power as kings one hour with the beast.”  We are also told that these ten kings give their power to the beast one hour so that he can destroy the woman or harlot that was riding on the back of the Dragon.  I will let you read the previously mentioned article linked above that tells more details about that woman, but suffice it to say she appears as a religious city that reigns over the kings of the earth, dressed in scarlet and purple, holding a big golden cup (which some believe is Eucharistic), and sitting on seven hills – sounds an awful lot like the Roman religious system to me who actually did reign over the kings of the earth (and who is said to still do this), but again – read the article.  If this is so, then the future false messiah Caesar will burn the Roman religious city to oblivion as seen in chapter 17 of the Book of Revelation.

Why would the Roman Caesar Messiah do this to the Roman Catholic system? Perhaps he will blame her for all the secret conspiracies and mass murders that the Roman Occult used the ‘harlot’ to execute throughout the Crusades, the Inquisition, the Holocaust and more?

A Knight, whose uncle had helped the Nazis migrate to the United States, who had seen Hitler’s knight uniform, and who was a mid-level member of a secret society that is connected to the Roman occult leadership, once told me that his fraternity (i.e. Caesarian occult Romans) are wed to the Roman Catholic leadership as a ‘marriage of convenience” (his words not mine). What happened historically when a Caesar got tired of his wife? He killed her, much like a pimp with a harlot, and this is the very picture of Revelation chapter 17.

ancient-romeDoes this mean we are soon to see the Roman Occult burn the Roman Catholic religious city? Is this either Vatican City or Rome or both?  Very possibly.  I would even say very probably. Some would argue that this harlot represents the original woman on its back of Semi-Aramis of Babylonian origins, but the colors of scarlet and purples, the golden cup, and the seven hills are very difficult to find anywhere in Babylon today (which is modern-day Iraq).

Could this False Messiah Caesar come from America or Europe who burns this city known as ‘Babylon the Great’? Most likely.  Could he have a sketchy birth certificate and past if he truly is ascended out of the bottomless pit?  It’s a possibility.  Or could he be descended from the line of the Caesars?  Another possibility. Could he even be one of the candidates in America running for the office of President? Again, we are reduced to mere speculation.

However, with NATO in place, we see what appears to be two legs of the Roman Empire – America and Europe – as it straddles the Atlantic Ocean and if a Roman leader did emerge to unite the world through peace, then he could very well burn this city (who reigns over the kings of the earth and sits on seven hills) to the ground with the help of ten other kings who as John the apostle stated have “received no kingdom as yet“.  Although at that time period in history, the ten kings had received no kingdom as yet, we also may deduce that they still have no kingdom as yet, because this final  False Messiah Caesar does not appear to have fulfilled the prophecies given regarding a future False Messiah Caesar, especially since we are told that Jesus will descend from heaven and destroy this False Messiah Caesar.  Thus, we look to the future.

map_nato_021120Meanwhile, back to the subject of Israel.  How does this relate to Israel?  Well, in Revelation chapter 12, we are told that a woman who greatly resembles the dream of Joseph about the Israeli nation (sun, moon, stars) is shown giving birth to a male child who greatly resembles Jesus the Messiah of the writings of the Gospels in the New Testament.  Then we are shown that this red Dragon is powered by none other than Satan himself.  Many believe Satan will possess the False Messiah Caesar due to a number of implications throughout the Book of Revelation.  Thus, it makes sense that Satan and the Roman Empire are both identified together with this Dragon as seen in the Book of Revelation and in the Book of Daniel.  This Dragon is seen persecuting the woman who gave birth to the Jewish Messiah, Jesus the Master Rabbi.  In fact, the Dragon is seen outraged as he goes after the Jewish people.  Why?  As Paul the apostle stated, the Jewish people are the ones through whom GOD gave us both the Old and New Testaments or the words of the Creator.  The Jewish people are the ones who birthed the Messiah Jesus.

I-Say-Never-AgainThe Jewish people are only being temporarily blinded, as Paul notes in his letter to the Romans, and can be easily grafted back into their own Messianic ‘olive tree’ in the future, and he also hints at the prophet Ezekiel’s prophecy (Ezekiel 39) in which the people of Israel will have the Spirit of GOD poured upon them and will believe in Jesus the Messiah in great numbers as all of Israel will be saved in one day.  That hasn’t happened yet, but with the Jews back in Israel as of 1948, it is now a real possibility.  Ezekiel 39 seems to place the timing of this revival of Jews at the end of the battles of Ezekiel 38 and 39 which could happen very, very soon, since almost every nation mentioned in those battles are currently getting prepared for attack upon Israel (as seen in the article at this link). Several of these countries already have their tanks, weapons and troops just miles away from Israel’s border at this very hour – some say that it could be a ruse to get close to Israel’s borders – others say differently.  Time will tell.

gargoyles-gnomes-griffins-oh-myIn Daniel 11, we are given a great gem of knowledge.  Daniel 11 gives us a detailed description of a prophecy that can now be seen in history as perfectly fulfilled in every detail.  It describes what would happen from Alexander the Great’s empire being split among his generals all the way to the time of Antiochus IV Epiphanes, who many consider to be an Old Testament shadow of the coming anti-Christ as detailed in Southern Baptist pastor Walter K. Price‘s book In the Final Days.  This is because around verse 36 of Daniel 11, we suddenly see Daniel switching from a detailed account of Antiochus IV to an account of an anti-christ figure that does not describe Antiochus IV’s historical actions but rather another figure who is assumed to be the coming ‘prince’ mentioned in the final verses of Romans 9 (or the future anti-christ).

galeriusAnother help in understanding Daniel chapter 11 is that Daniel 7 talks of this same future anti-christ, while Daniel 8 talks of the Old Testament anti-christ shadow who we now know was Antiochus IV.

In other words, it seems very purposeful that the virulent dictator of the Chanukah (Hanukkah) story is a picture of the coming one world False Messiah Caesar.  In Daniel’s prophecies, we thus see a very clear shadow through Antiochus IV of how the coming False Messiah dictator will behave.  Part of that story in Chanukah includes evil Jews (even religious ones in the form of Menelaus the evil high priest), who want to emulate and assimilate the pagans around them, who work together with Antiochus IV to exterminate the moderate, conservative, and righteous Jews. Even today, through the Vatican’s bank guardians known as the Rothschild family, we see similar relationships in place.

survivorsThus, there does appear to be evil occult Jews who are in bed with the Roman Occult Dragon, and who are working to destroy the majority of other Jews just as the Antiochean story seems to foreshadow of the future Anti-Christ (or False Messiah). A theory exists that the Roman Occult via Hitler killed many Jewish parents and then took the Jewish children to be trained into agents of Rome.  Whether you believe such matters or not, I did read an article years ago in which Israel was still demanding to know the names of all the children who were carted away by Romans to other countries.  As far as I know, nobody still knows what happened to these Jewish children.  Were they trained into anonymous agents of Rome without identification (i.e. Social Security Numbers, national IDs, etc).  Remember how GOD promised the Jews that those who blessed them, He would bless? And those who cursed them, He would curse?  Can you imagine how the Occult might think strategically to fight that promise by taking into their custody Jewish children who they could use to fight the Jews (thus neutralizing the ‘curse’ at least in the mind of the Occult)?

images4Regardless of whether the Roman Occult has procured Jewish Holocaust orphans or used Jewish people in their plans, anyone with any knowledge of the Jewish people know that while Zionism to some may be these occult Jews who gave money to amass Jews in the land of Israel, Zionism to others is a fulfillment of GOD’s Word which says scores of times throughout the Old Testament or Tanakh that GOD would bring the Jews back into their land again after being scattered throughout the nations of the Gentiles.  Thus, regardless of who might be ‘secretly’ behind the Zionist movement, Zionism is all about the Jews having their homeland of Israel again, and that is a fulfillment of the words of the Almighty Creator of heaven and earth. In fact, Zionism alone fulfills scores of Scriptures throughout the Bible.  Those things that men do for evil, GOD can use for good as He did with Joseph in Egypt many millennia ago.

images2All of this said, I find it sad that one popular fundamentalist leader blatantly stated on television in an interview that he was not for “Zionism”.  However, I later discovered the secret and massive Masonic connections that this man and his ancestry had, which explained a great number of things to me, such as his adoption of Catholic music, art, holidays, and culture, while at the same time loudly condemning Catholicism in an almost hateful manner.  In other words, hateful condemnation only builds sympathy for the one being condemned.  This is not an indictment of all fundamentalists or evangelicals, because many, if not most of them proclaim the Truth about Roman heresy with love and firm conviction. A great number of them also support Israel and have no Masonic affiliations.

Child-survivorsAll of this said, in the Book of Romans and in the Book of Revelation chapter 12, we see the real reason that many hate not just Israel, but Jews in general.  They gave us GOD’s Word.  They gave us the Messiah Jesus.  They are hated by the Dragon (i.e. Satan and Occult Rome).  Therefore, it is natural for the children of the Dragon (unbelievers) to hate the Jews.  Thus, this mystery that so many Israeli writers are trying to understand really isn’t a mystery.  Children of the Dragon will hate children of the Israeli woman, because this is all a spiritual war.  The stark reality is that people hate the GOD of the Bible, regardless of whether they give lip service to a ‘god’ that they have crafted from the Bible or mythology or their imaginations. Thus, people who hate GOD will hate the elect spiritual people of GOD (Christians) and the elect ethnic people of GOD (Jews). And when we speak of Christians, we do not speak of the Roman state religion who stole the name ‘Christians’ to use for their pagan religion whose core is Bel worship and that wrapped itself in Christian labels as the Caesars (and later Papal Caesars) usurped the place of Jesus, proclaiming themselves the “Head of Christianity” and the Substitute of Jesus (Vicar) on earth.  Such a religion is a counterfeit and idolatrous.

Statue-of-Liberty-Sun-God1Knowing that children of the Dragon typically and insanely hate Jews; therefore, if a Jewish person is to find a haven of protection, they are better off trusting in the GOD of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and moving to Israel.

Why?  Because the children of the Dragon are growing more and more intolerant every day, and the United States who once were children of the Messiah Jesus (at least in name) for centuries are no longer children of Jesus (the Jewish Messiah).  Many are completely and utterly children of the Dragon today regardless of how insane it may seem.

nazi experimentsSanity is of the mind, not the brain, so unlike many of the Nazi scientists who experimented on Jews during the Holocaust and who used their research to start many of today’s ‘Big Pharma’ companies and who also helped to develop the psycho-babble environment that nurtures the heavy use of pharmacology in America today, the Bible shows that ‘mental health’ is really ‘mind health’.  Your spirit has a mind. Your body has a brain. In fact, the term ‘psyche’ is the Greek word for ‘soul’. In other words, the scientists who proposed ‘psychology’ were just creating faith in pseudo-science as a way to replace faith in the Bible or GOD. Why? Because a Nazi or nihilist who doesn’t believe in the spiritual realm and only believes in the material or physical has to have a way of explaining ‘evil’ too, since they deny the supernatural or spiritual realm. Thus, they place their faith in pseudo-science such as the quackery of Freud who believed sexual anxiety was a prime basis for the ‘mental ills’ of the world. There’s a big difference between drugs and medicine.

Prescription-Drug-AbuseWhile there may be physical illness of the brain which requires medicine, much of today’s ‘mental illness’ is spiritual illness of the spirit’s mind which requires spiritual cures.  Instead, the establishment gives them drugs as a substitute, and the effects can be seen everywhere as this mass experiment over the past century is not only failing, but creating an environment in which drug dependency and insanity are running rampant throughout the nation. A nation like this is easy to control.

In conclusion, the children of the Dragon do not care if Jews are liberal, conservative, haters or lovers of Israel, or assimilating paganism.  The children of the Dragon only see Jews as ‘Jews’.  And for this, they are hated by most.  The Jews should reach out to the GOD of the Bible once again and trust in their Messiah who came as a Lamb to save the sins of the people (the Greek “Jesus” or the Hebrew “Joshua” actually means ‘he will save His people from their sins’).  Why? Because Isaiah 53, Psalm 2, Isaiah 9, and many other passages prophecy  of the Messiah Jesus (close to three hundred Scriptures of the Prophets to be precise). This same Messiah who was seen by His apostles ascending into heaven from the Mount of Olives is returning, not as a Lamb, but as a Lion of Judah to war against the nations who surround Israel.  There is no world leader today who will be able to stand up to Rabbi Jesus the Messiah. He is the Wonderful Counselor, the Mighty GOD, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, the Man of Sorrows, and the Lamb Who Opened Not His Mouth As He Went To The Slaughter to heal us with His stripes – all these were names which the Jewish Prophet Isaiah spoke of Him.

wandering-jew1914The ‘Wandering Jews’ seem restless. They remind me of a mother who had a fight with her son over the surprise gift he gave to her. It wasn’t what she expected or wanted. She is walking around with a big smile on her face, but sulking inside.  All her neighbors think her son is great, but even they are tiring of this big break-up, and many are starting to ignore both the mother and the son.

The Jews gave us the Messiah and His story.  Then they rejected the One who astounded the field of probability and statistics by fulfilling almost three hundred of the Jewish prophets’ predictions.  Until Israel finally welcomes her Messiah back into her life, the rest of the world is going to have to deal with this entire ordeal as the Messiah attempts to win back His ethnic people, while in anger and pride, she continues to reject Him.  Thankfully, the Messiah is faithful.  He will pour His Spirit out upon the Jews, and they will believe, and at a time when most Gentiles are falling away from the faith.  From twelve Jewish tribes, GOD will seal 144,000 Jewish Christians in their foreheads to protect them from the wrathful judgment that He pours out upon the world during those final seven years. GOD is faithful to His Christian Bride. He is faithful to His Jewish Mom. When Jesus came as a Lamb, Israel wasn’t expecting this.  They rejected Him as a Child they didn’t want. They wanted Him to be a Lion to save them from Rome.  He was a Lamb who came to save them from their sins – how humiliating for them, they may have thought.  But they didn’t see their own prophets had already prophesied this in Psalm 22, Isaiah 53, and in almost 300 Tanakh Scriptures passages.

imagesThe Messiah is faithful. This is the futuristic true tale of a mother who rejected her Son and treated Him miserably, but He forgives her anyway and returns as a Lion at war against Rome and her allies just in time to save his mother from a horrific and permanent death. In the Battle of Armageddon, we will see the children of the Dragon surrounding the children of the Israeli woman of Revelation chapter 12 when suddenly from the heavens, her Son, the Jewish King, the Rabbi, the High Priest, and the Messianic Hope will appear with His children in the heavens descending upon the evil children of the Dragon to protect His ethnic people who once rejected Him (like Joseph’s brothers rejected him), but who will come back to Him after the Spirit’s pouring out upon them in the near future.  Jesus’ fellow Jews will welcome Him to their defense. He will land on the Mount of Olives and split it.  He will plead with the nations and He will war upon behalf of His people Israel. Nobody … not Russia, Palestine, Europe, America, China, the Middle East … nobody will push the Jews from Israel again. Period.  GOD has said it.  It will be done.


TRUMP: Patriot or fascist?

indexCounter-intelligence agents know that it’s important to always tell the truth … until the very hour, the critical moment that their lie will completely destroy those with whom they’ve served as a source of truth and credibility.  What does this have to do with the following article and how can this relate to Fox News? More on this later.

Throughout the many articles that have been written in ‘Political Connection’, you may have noticed a lot of documentation tied to almost every article written.  Why? Most people believe the narratives they are told by the media and the government and their schools.  Few understand the truth unless you point them to extremely credible and original sources.  Even then, only a few will understand.  Tradition, education, parenting, religion and media are powerful influences – many times more influential on most people’s minds than the absolute Truth – even if it was shown to them in vivid detail.  Do conspiracies exist? Is it possible for a handful of men to keep their plans secret?  History is full of such instances.

Jeb Bush with the Knights of the Vatican

Jeb Bush with the Knights of the Vatican

Most people already know of the RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only) and how they’ve infiltrated and transformed the Republican Party into an instrument of Rome. Even before RINOs, there were covert RINOs.  The Democrats have the same. In truth, both parties hold on to enough truth to sell their lies and to push forward their true hidden agenda – an agenda steered by the ‘powers that be’. Who are the ‘powers that be’?

kemetic whell of the yearI do not have time to completely address this question in this article, but you have seen some of their faces in many of the articles published on this site – the faces of Knights, Freemasons, Vatican officials, Witches, Jesuits, Klansmen, international intelligence officials, and leaders of legitimate, illegitimate, covert, business, government, fraternal, and even charitable or religious organizations. Some of these organizations (at the mid and lower levels) may legitimately be seeking to do righteousness currently or at some point in past history (but they have been infiltrated by those who would capture the wealth and follower-ship of each group for their own insidious purposes). I have traced these organizations back to their roots, and for now, you may just know these leaders as “the Occult”, a group of extremely wealthy and powerful Romans who are masters of empire-building.

donald-trump-make-america-greatI have written very little for over a year.  I believe that those of us who write are targeted for retribution, because we expose those in dark corridors of power and so with good reason I remain cautious and prayerful even as I write.  I hope I never become fearful or paranoid, however, because we must face with courage our task of doing the right thing for ourselves and future generations.  We must continue to speak out and I believe it is important to share matters such as what I’m going to reveal in this article.

First, who is Donald Trump?   Can he be trusted? Does he lie? Will he be willing to sacrifice his future for yours in face of the ‘powers that be’?

Is he one of the powerful elite himself?

I believe that if Donald Trump were to walk in his undergarments waving his arms like a chicken and quacking like a duck on national television that the media would still show him with a 40% poll rating with everyone else dragging far behind.

imagesReally? Is Donald Trump really that popular – a man who has lied and deceived multiple trophy wives and not only treated these women with disrespect as a serial adulterer, but has played the part of a whoremonger, chasing the virginity of numerous women, according to his own autobiographical bragging?  Trump rants on the platform like ‘a man possessed’ while showing how incredibly bereft of sound thinking he is, while also stammering out discriminatory remarks and comments that would make any reasonable person blush due to the illogical and maniacal nature of his statements.

TheDonaldWho is Trump? How does he have this special ‘pass’ that allows him to do anything, act like a complete and utter child, and still receive the love of the media, the left, and the polls?

Of course, sometimes the polls seem to show him as having some competition, but it varies – otherwise, it wouldn’t look realistic, would it?  If you look closely, you will see a few traits that seem to be very similar to Jesuit-trained President Bill Clinton and such qualities may make Trump loved by many American men in the home of the immoral and the land of the irresponsible:

  • Arrogant, lying, cheating, and lustful as a husband
  • Power-hungry, self-centered, ‘loose cannon’ and arrogant rather than serving
  • Irresponsible, bankrupting, and financially-incompetent with other’s money

However, you will also see a few characteristics of a more intriguing nature as well.  Donald Trump may not be as much of a stammering, ranting idiot as he may pretend to be. After all, he is:

fcodex_91Even more disturbing was this quote from Politicus USA in their article about Donald Trump which explained why Trump, who may not sound like the brightest student or the best speech-maker, sounds at times like Hitler with his ‘everyday guy’ or ‘average American’ rhetoric, poll-driven speeches, and divisive dialogue:

“The Hitler volume, “My New Order” not only contains 23 years’ worth of Hitler’s speeches, “it is profusely indexed and filled with details about the speeches’ impact on the media and the political establishment.” According to a literary periodical, Kirkus Review, Trump’s collection of Hitler speeches containsactual quotations from Hitler’s own utterances, including corresponding data showing the effect on the world press. Section after section follows pattern-background, speech, press;” and Donald Trump faithfully follows Hitler’s model.”

Not only is CNN obsessed with Donald Trump as seen in the article at this link, but also Fox News seems to be obsessed with him as well.

But why shouldn’t Fox News be a huge fan of Donald Trump? After all, Fox News is owned by a Knight of Malta and infested with Jesuits and Vatican-affiliated staff and reporters?  While Fox News may sound ‘conservative’ and ‘American’ throughout 99% of their broadcasts, like a good counter-intelligence agent, they tend to throw out counter-intelligence only when it counts.

donaldbrotherhood_thumbCNN is controlled as well, but in this way the ‘powers’ control both sides of the perceived fence (a fence of political separation that doesn’t really exist in back corridors of power).  In fact, while Fox News continues to act mildly speculative of Donald Trump, in reality they seem to be letting him shine more than any other candidate. Why?

On the other hand, while Fox News appears to be welcoming to a candidate like Rand Paul, they go against their own rules, statistics, basic logic, and the historical polls that say Rand Paul has scored consistently in the polls as one of the top five candidates by barring Rand Paul from their upcoming Fox Business GOP Debate in Charleston, South Carolina.  Meanwhile, someone as completely and utterly laughable as John Kasich is allowed to join the debate.

GettyImages-843167781438806851Why would they do this? And why have they silently singled out Rand Paul?

Have you heard of the Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution?  Have you ever wondered why almost every leader in government from the President to the local law enforcement are expected to take an oath to uphold the Constitution?  Have you heard of Prince Mitternich?  After Napoleon Bonaparte managed to conquer many of the European papal monarchs, Mitternich led several key leaders of countries who were loyal to the Pope in meetings known as the Congress of Vienna (1814-15) and the Concert of Europe.  In his book Transformation of the Republic, C.T. Wilcox explains how the assassination of Abraham Lincoln was directly connected to this Congress of Vienna and the Jesuits who preceded the Congress of Vienna.  Wilcox states that one of the goals of the papal royal families of the Congress of Vienna was to completely and utterly destroy the Bill of Rights from the empire of the United States. If you check on, you will find that the cheapest used copy of that book is close to $300 and the more expensive new copy is over $700.  That’s because such books are very difficult to find anymore.  I deliver my content to you for free.

hqdefaultThe Roman Occult are intent upon destroying Truth and creating media blackouts on anyone who stands against their agenda. Thus, the Bill of Rights is highly important to the continued freedom of the citizens of United States.  If that document is shredded, then Americans will become like the citizens of Nazi Germany, a government who conducted mass exterminations and inhumane tortures upon people. If the Bill of Rights dies, Americans will become like the citizens of Russia who were lined up and murdered by Joseph Stalin in estimated numbers as high as sixty million.  They are already setting their sights upon the guns of Americas. We are looking at complete and utter fascism which is about to seize America.  I have never seen Americans so blind.  In fact, I have never seen American Baptists so blind. Even atheists, as much as they may naithsay Baptists, have been able to find some political protection from Baptists who have been known for their political activism and judicial insights and resistance against tyranny.

What-Will-It-Be-Like-After-The-CollapseIf Baptists, who have historically protested both the hand of Rome and the hand of tyranny in past governments, are in deep slumber, and are no longer seeing what is happening, and are jumping on the bandwagon of such complete and utter liars and immoral leaders such as Donald Trump who changes his ‘stand’ on issues almost every other day, then this country has seemingly no hope.  Revival must occur so the blindness is lifted; otherwise, America does appear to be on its way into perhaps one of the darkest hours of human history.

Fox News’ main journalists are Vatican players such as Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and even Jesuits who have been known to appear in their news shows. And we all have seen the Pope pushing socialism, gun control, the Catholic immigration takeover of the USA, ObamaCare, and many of the other policies of Obama. Actually, I said that backward. We have all seen the Democrats and the puppet Obama pushing the policies of the Romans.  One thing that sets the Vatican apart from other countries and religions is just that – they are both – a country and a religion – a theocracy whose god is the Roman Pontiff who still wears the crimson color of Roman royalty and the purple color reserved for the Caesars of Rome.  Rome never died – they just got a religious makeover.  What better cover for spies than religion?

18hitlercatholicnuncioNo other religion is like this – not even Islam.  While Rome’s CIA has DARPA who creates technology that is sci-fi futuristic with drones looking through your walls at night, the internet reading your thoughts and creating profiles of you, and massive technological weaponry, the Muslims like ISIS ride in Toyota trucks made in America with a few guns.  Rome has a massive military industry at its beck and call.  Islam has refugees fleeing everywhere.  Only Rome could weaponize the Muslims if they so decided to create such an army – and it’s possible.

The Vatican is a foreign government seeking back its world empire of Roman imperialism which dominated the world for almost two millennia and it is also a religion whose ambassadors are allowed into every country in the world.  Yet, while the Pope’s soldiers in America wear all types of faces of religion and masks of secret societies and governmental parties and such, I find it very interesting that the map of those whose loyalty lies first with the Pope (and whose loyalty lies second to America) highly resembles the map of the Democratic Party.

Democrat-Catholic mapYet, they reside in both parties and you have so many of those following their Roman Caesar who are champions of their leftist agenda.  They are creeping into the Republican Party, conservative organizations, and even pretending to be ‘conservative media’.

An example of those who outright lie and ridicule anyone who fights the Roman machine is Rachel Maddow. Rachel Maddow is seen in this video poking fun of Rand Paul in an almost ‘junior high school’ fashion, while fabricating statistics to make it appear that Rand Paul did not meet the rules of Fox News.  Of course, as she said so accurately on her bio on Wikipedia, her family is ‘very, very Catholic’.  Is she a naive tool of higher powers? Almost certainly, as are many conscientious followers of not just Rome’s religion, but other religions and secret fraternities as well.  Many are convinced they are helping a ‘good cause’, because the ‘cover stories’ are so well-written by those who serve the Roman Occult who do make the decisions.

If you read older history books that still contain America’s history, you will learn that liberty from religious and government persecution is the reason this nation was founded by Pilgrims and Puritans back in 1620 who desired liberty enough to start from scratch in a wilderness known as the “New World” while attempting to escape the Old World Order that was also “very, very Catholic” much like Rachel Maddow and those who seek to install a very Roman occult set of values in America.  Thus, we have precedence that a people with a religious zeal for their leaders can be turned by an occult regime to fight for them, lie for them, and vote for them against freedom, the Bill of Rights, gun ownership, and world peace.   Meanwhile, the war machines continue to feed off the lives of humankind, while churning out enormous amounts of money for those who own them.

communionKeep in mind that Obama’s only job on the books was that of a fundraiser for eight Catholic parishes.  His job off the books was for Business International, a known front company for the CIA, an organization founded by a Vatican Knight of Malta and staffed with Roman  occult Nazis from the Nazi intelligence agency after they lost in World War II. The CIA used Rome as one of their headquarters when they first started. Much of this information has been shared and documented in other articles throughout this website.  There’s also George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush and their connections to the CIA documented on this website, as well as Obama and Bill Clinton’s connections to the CIA.  These occult Romans wear many masks and try to hard to look ‘American’, but their anti-liberty values give them away every time. They love fascism and control.  They love mass surveillance and chains.  They are never happy until everyone does what they want, even if they bankrupt the country and destroy the peaceful existence of others.

rand-paul-filibusterRand Paul is different than the other candidates.  While Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson may be somewhat conservative, most of the other candidates are extreme RINOs (Republicans-In-Name-Only), such as ‘low-poll-scoring’ Marco Rubio, Chris Christie and Jeb Bush, in that they have very close ties to the Roman elite, the fascist far left, and remain staunchly loyal to Rome’s machines of power.  Even Ted Cruz and Dr. Ben Carson, however, do not plan to mount an attack on many of the machines of Rome. While this is probably due to either their ignorance or their naivety, it could be due to other reasons as well.

rand-paul-audit-the-fedSo what are some of these machines?  You can find articles documenting the powerful connections between the Roman occult and these machines all throughout our website with linked sources.   Without reiterating that scholarship in this article, let it suffice to say that these are the machines of Rome:

  • The Central Intelligence Agency (founded by a Vatican Knight and started with Nazi Intelligence officers)
  • The Vatican ‘Holy’ Wars (being run by Rome using American soldiers)
  • The Rothschild Vatican Bank (known as the Federal Reserve Bank)
  • The Internal Revenue Service (empowered by the 16th Amendment which took place the same year that the Federal Reserve Act was passed)

index4Do you know who else decided to take on most of these same Roman machines?  A certain President in the 1960s who knew who these people were, probably more so than most in this country – America’s first Catholic President, John F. Kennedy.  He appeared to be someone who ‘marched to his own drum’ in a manner of speaking, and it cost him. He even made a speech about the secret ‘powers that be’ just before his death.  I don’t need to explain anymore on this if you’ve read the articles on this subject and others within this website. The Roman Occult have shown that they do not care who you are or how faithful you’ve been to them – if you fight their machines – they will silence you, either quietly or publicly and permanently as in the case of John F Kennedy.  In fact, one analysis suggests that the Roman Occult have intentions to destroy Rome with either a hydrogen bomb or something similar.  Will they wipe out the evidence of their secrets (such as those implied in books like those on this list) that may be contained in the underground libraries of Rome?  Will they spare the Pope since he’s a Jesuit and the Jesuits are known more as Occult Romans than Catholics?  Since the Roman Occult seem to enjoy broadcasting their plans through their Hollywood movies, could the movie ‘Angels & Demons’ be a hint at these plans that they have to wipe out Rome entirely?  I believe this is a very real possibility.  We shall see.

How can a faithful husband, successful surgeon and volunteer, and honest politician who hopes to fight Rome win against a corrupt man of Rome?

How can a faithful husband, successful surgeon, volunteer, lover of liberty, and honest politician hope to fight Rome and win against one of their corrupt hand-picked fascists?

So Rand Paul will be pushed into the background and quietly silenced like his father (who also planned to fight the machines of Rome), while Trump will be placed on a pedestal for all to see as he stammers, lies, and treats the American people’s money as he did the money of his stakeholders in the past when his corporation went bankrupt.  He will make promises to Americans like he did his three wives and probably the majority of the young women with whom he slept while refusing to protect, provide and take responsibility for them, their lives and dreams.

So my prediction is to watch out for Donald Trump to be the chosen candidate of Rome, a candidate who is already losing to Hillary Clinton in the polls.  And no wonder, right?  After all, Donald Trump was not only a supporter of the CIA-connected Bush family and the Cheney-McCain networks, who have shown themselves to be anti-Constitutional RINOs, but Trump belongs to the following Democratic networks as well:

810554710228086_a-44bcca2e_Rye_VA_pmHow can Fox News claim to be the ‘conservative’s choice”?  Because they are good at doing what Trump is good at doing?  After all, that’s what the Occult and their Inspector General and Supreme Master do.  They lie.  Secret and powerful Knights of Malta lie.  Are you surprised?  Are you surprised to hear that Rand Paul, the only candidate for complete Constitutional liberty, fiscal responsibility, and ending the Roman machines, is being silenced? Are you surprised to learn that Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch (owner of Fox News) are both Knights of Malta with far left allegiances?


Rome’s media eclipses and silences those who speak Truth.

The really question is do the people of America know this? Will they be told this? Would they even understand this? Would they care if they did? Would they rise up in great numbers and demand change if they did?

And this is how a nation is lost. The spiritual war is first waged. Immorality is followed by Ignorance and Apathy, which is followed by Silence and Suppression.  Finally, Fascist Chains are forged and placed upon a citizenry.  Then, the long painful existence in Poverty, Mass Murders, and the reign of Evil begins for an untold period of time.  Will this be America’s future?  America has a choice today.   Repent, pray, speak out, and demand and fight for change.  Or simply wait for the chains.


GUN RUSE: Obama and his Oregon sideshow?

index3Is the recent Oregon ‘militia’ story just a ruse being used to make legitimate militia look silly? And to ridicule those who justly see the Second Amendment as giving the right to bear arms to people as a protection from a tyrannical government? And on the very week that Obama is threatening Americans with new gun restrictions? Is it just a distraction so Americans won’t notice what Obama is doing to the gun laws without the approval of Congress? If you have seen the recent USA Today report at this link on the most recent episode of the Bundy boys pretending to be Militia, you may be wondering what is happening in our country.

I say the “Rats of Rome” are busy.

index2I am reminded of the old saying: “Don’t shoot until you see the whites of their eyes, boys”.   In other words, if the Bundy boys really are militia men who care about our freedom, they should surely wait until there is a clear-cut breach of their rights before reacting.  Instead, they seem to be always shouting out “calling all militia, calling all militia” like regular goat herders or a kid with a new megaphone as a present who loves to hear his own voice.  It’s as if they wish to draw the militia out nation-wide for Obama’s secret police to see upon every whim that they have or personal grievance.  Why would they run up to Oregon to assist a couple of men who didn’t ask them to help and who disavow them as being associated with them? Well, it’s Obama’s week to play the fascist.

index4Obama has been rubbing his hands together all winter as he has prepared to imitate the Vatican’s sidekick, Adolph Hitler, and sure enough the Jesuit Pope Francis has been making his rounds lately throughout America as well.  As always, these occult men of Rome always seduce the populous much like Balaam did Israel in ancient times with immorality and hedonistic pleasures, overcoming them morally and spiritually, just so they can then conquer them physically.  Their trap is set and ready to be sprung upon the American people, just as they did upon Germany almost three-quarters of a century ago.  Will it work?

bible banned

The Bible is banned from classrooms. Do we wonder why America is drowning without a prayer?

Well, it just might.  After all, America is filled with murders, greed, perversions, atheism, and have booted GOD, His Word, and prayer to Him out of their children’s schools and their public lives and buildings.  They no longer sing “GOD Bless America” since they are convinced they no longer need Him, but I daresay that if America is to survive what is coming upon this Land that they have two choices:  1) Prepare for another bloody Nazi Holocaust in this country, or 2) Repent from their wickedness while there is time.


However, there’s still a Truth with which Obama has to reckon … I hope.  There are many Christians in this land still.  How many are just as hedonistic as the pagans around them?  Probably a lot.  However, there are some who still attempt to honor GOD with their lives, and if those Christians start praying for their less fervent Christian neighbors to repent and pray, and more and more Christians start turning from their rockin’ shaman music, porn, greed, occult shows, and sinful pleasures, and start praying for GOD to intervene in their lives and land, GOD may yet stay His wrath that must be brimming to the full when He glances at our land.


Malachi Martin, top Vatican whistle-blower

Remember Sodom?  For ten righteous souls, He would have saved it.  Per capita, however, I’m not sure how many people that would require to be living in repentance and prayer, but I hope and pray that we have enough in this land to pray through this bout with the Devil as his men are getting ready with their gun-disarming, socialist-communist, blood-lust, Vatican agenda in this land.  Keep in mind that many Catholics agree with this analysis of their Pope and the Vatican after seeing through much of what has happened in the past century with Germany’s Holocaust, and Malachi Martin, one of their best communicators and confidante to four Popes, speaking out over the past three decades about the Occult practices in the Vatican.

yallopAlso, David Yallop was asked by top Catholic insiders to document the death of Pope John Paul I by the evil Occult powers in Rome (according to what Yallop as an investigative journalist said was digitalis poisoning in his New York Times bestseller of the 1980s titled ‘In GOD’s Name’) – these same Occult men who were using the Vatican as their vehicle multiple times throughout history, once again seem to be on full burn as they get ready to shovel their punishments on to another nation as they have during the French Revolution, the Crusades, the Inquisitions, the innumerable massacres, the assassinations, and the numerous other horrors described in many, many articles throughout this blog.

Will America survive the coming nightmare?  GOD is in His heaven, and He knows.  He waits to see who is willing to repent and pray.  Only He can save us.  Having glimpsed at the power of occult Rome, believe me when I say that GOD is our only help and hope.  Prayer by repentant believers is more powerful a weapon than any weapons the real Militia could raise against a tyrannical government.  Let’s be hasty to pray first, rather than like the Bundy boys who seem to be timing their latest showboating with Obama’s announcing of gun control.  Does this build credibility for the real purpose of the Second Amendment which is to protect the lives of innocent women and children from the raping, overreaching, looting, heinous devilry of a fascist government? A dispute over whether someone should burn brush over the other side of someone’s boundary line is not to be compared to the occult fascists who love to make gun laws, so they can then enter homes and do their dirty deeds without resistance.

Masons - BundyI hope the Bundy boys and Obama are not in cahoots, but keep in mind that the Bundy boys have fairly sketchy connections with a powerful secret brotherhood through his ancestor William Abbott – a brotherhood in which they’ve belonged for quite a long time and that has worked together with occult Rome in the past under the covers.

War RoomWith the popularity of the recent movie “War Room“, I have no doubt that there are some who realize that prayer and repentance are key in this battle waging in this nation.  What a great reminder that movie gives to us, just in time for such a pivotal struggle for the spiritual and physical life or death of a nation.  Our enemies are not flesh and blood.  Our enemies are the Spiritual Enemy of our souls and his fiendish legions of devils – these evil spirits who are now celebrated by Hollywood in numerous shows, internet sites and in public school classrooms, and who are pushed upon the youth in the place of prayer, Bible reading and GOD.

Armor of GODWe are watching a national staged deception and physical takeover play out before our eyes, but it is playing in the spiritual realm first.  And if America collapses, the rest of the world will fall like dominoes. Why do you think the Enemy has been mercilessly pounding America first with hedonism, idolatry, fornication and disbelief first?  Who was once the beacon of the Gospel at one time in history?  Who is now a hammer of imperialism and pagan culture instead? Still there are the Faithful who are praying – and hopefully praying for other Christians to start praying so that their prayers are multiplied.  Join in standing in your house with hands raised and praying for your city.  GOD has the real power in this universe, but we must pray with clean hands, the Spirit within, and a willingness to follow Jesus the Messiah wherever He leads us. Are we willing as a nation to humble ourselves and pray and turn from our wicked ways?

What is our best hope? Our only hope?  Repent.  Believe in the GOD of the Bible.  Pray, and pray hard!