Political Connection is a unique, fresh perspective on the global political and economic landscape.

In summary, Political Connection is all about 1) defining the problems of injustice in our government and world, and 2) promoting justice by suggesting a solution for these problems.

As the founder of Political Connection, I love to lower my mind into the well of knowledge, gather all the information available, and then analyze it for patterns.  The Truth fascinates me. I thirst for it. I search for it. When I discover Truth, I enjoy using the power of words to expose Lies by teaching and giving evidence or proof of a thing in order to champion solutions of Justice.

Our logo represents the truth that the pen is mightier than the sword.

You make decisions everyday based upon the information you are given from the media, your school textbooks and teachers, your religious leaders, your government, and others.

  • What if they are all giving to you what was given to them?
  • What if the information flow is tainted?
  • What if you aren’t being told everything … or anything as it really is?

We must be aware that information control can distort proper conclusions and destinations. Share information freely. Protect your mind. Think.

Yours Pseudonymously,

Emet Deiknyo Cromwell VII


26 thoughts on “POLITICAL CONNECTION: Our Purpose

  1. heavenly

    Nocked on this door for the very first time; enjoyed it already , have not done so much acquaintance yet though! All of my christian life, have met a little bit of deceptive here and more there unfortunately; or may be that how it also goes..?:-) but praise God and I pray that you guys, have nothing and nothing to do with (what so ever with the deceitful jesuits tricks) hidden in the basket? I also know, one has to always be on the alert , they are soooo goooooood (best) unfortunately at lies and profanity. They can still deceive any one, if it was not up to the wonderful power and faithfulness of Almighty God. I pray that the Lord keeps ur mind and calling safe in Jesus name!
    Please let me know if u have anything on those false prophets such as Kat Kerr, Joshua Mills, patricia king among so many others. They are of the latest that are conquering and deceiving multitude into drippy, crippy manifestations all over the christian (born a gained) believers world.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      Thanks, Heavenly, for the kind words! I have not written (or even heard of) Kat Kerr, Joshua Mills, or Patricia King. There are so many false teachers today that it’s almost impossible to name them all. The Jesuits are a major force, but the occult is behind even them. Read my article on “Papal Change” and you will realize that the high-level occult Baal witches and warlocks are at the top of the house serving Satan. The Vatican and its Jesuits are but one mask (although one of the more convincing and destructive), and the occult can be found in even the most conservative and godly of religious and political organizations. I am just thankful that Jesus is all we need (instead of religion). May His Love be with you today!

  2. Scarlett

    I just read your great article “Healed of Incurable Disease”. I too have experienced numerous remarkable healing over the years;none were incurable, but nevertheless often very painful and distressing. I believe as well that herbs, spices and select supplements, as well as nourishing foods are most helpful in cooperating with the LORD in our healing.

    Also, of interest in your article was the mention of the many intrigues of the despicable Jesuits. I have been posting articles on my blog regarding one of the largest supposedly “faith based” organizations in the world today, The Voice of the Martyrs, who are supposed to be “servants of the persecuted church”. After much investigation I have come to believe VOM, as it’s called, is an instrument of the Jesuits, who have been gleaning proceeds from well meaning Christians, primarily evangelical Christians, who are unaware of the Jesuit presence operating behind the scenes using VOM as a front; a very profitable front I might add.
    Nothing these rogues do would surprise me. I am very grateful to you for taking a stand in exposing their nefarious activities.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      I concur with your observations, Scarlett, regarding VOM. I have also noticed their founder’s theological position and also have suspected that they may be a clever ruse of Rome to fill the pockets of the Vatican. It seems these deceptive men have more illusions than a grandmaster of magic and more methods of parting Protestants from their dollars than a gypsy selling snake oil. I am grateful for those like yourself who take time to inform yourselves on the parts of history that have been removed from books which actually allow us to see the purpose of many of the wars and historical events that have occurred in past generations. Thanks for reading!

  3. Carl D'Agostino

    Fri 13 article

    “Why was their new republic founded on July the fourth? ” No not 4th July-founded when Articles of Confederation passed. Masons-nothing past 33 degrees. Yes King kills DeMolay for Knight’s of T money and to eliminate this independent power base. K of T no religious beliefs. Job only to keep routes to and from safe for pilgrims and hold city of Jerusalem from Moslems so in a sense soldiers of the pope.

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      Thanks for the comment, D’Agostino! 33 years as a public school teacher? Are there any degrees to be had after 33 years of that? Just kidding! K of T shared beliefs in Lucifer, so I share first-hand knowledge. Regarding K of T duties, ‘Monks of War’ was a good read, was it not? Definitely solders of the pope behind the smoke and through the mirrors. Thanks for following! 🙂

    1. politicalconnection Post author

      Thanks, nowstuffnow, for the compliment! My most powerful connection is He who created the universe. 🙂 We must all do our part to expose evil in spite of the danger or soon we will be slaves. We must never give away our freedom for security.

      1. Ted Ross Savage

        I like your statement “we must never give away our freedom for security”. Touching on your statement, if we give up our freedom for security then we become slaves to the security system, and if a person is a slave, they have no security at all.


  4. oldpoet56

    Ok folks, I do like your site, this looks like one where I am going to be reading and checking out for many hours. Thank you for your work and for putting it out onto the web … I pray Gods speed to you and your loved ones.


      1. heavenly

        Now that I have been through it a bit, sensing some strange jesuits in disguise following your block! Well, they are around u for sure; be on your guard as I said , not surprised at all!

      2. politicalconnection Post author

        No surprise, Heavenly! Our job is to defend the Truth, expose the wolves and their lies, and love freely all men, whether or not they hate us for it. GOD always has our back. May His will be done in earth as it is in heaven!

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