CLASSICAL MUSIC: Proven, timeless, pure, and “smart”

The Mozart effect research indicates that listening to Mozart’s music appears to induce a short-term improvement on the performance of certain kinds of mental tasks known as “spatial-temporal reasoning.” The research suggests that “listening to Mozart makes you smarter”, or that early childhood exposure to classical music has a beneficial effect on mental development. Don Campbell claims benefits far beyond improving spatio-temporal reasoning or raising intelligence, defining the mark as “an inclusive term signifying the transformational powers of music in health, education, and well-being.” The term was first coined by Alfred A. Tomatis who used Mozart’s music as the listening stimulus in his work attempting to cure a variety of disorders. The approach has been popularized in a book by Don Campbell, and is based on an experiment published in Nature suggesting that listening to Mozart temporarily boosted scores on one portion of the IQ test. As a result, the Governor of Georgia, Zell Miller, proposed a budget in 1998 to provide every child born in Georgia with a CD of classical music and set aside $105,000 of the state budget to do so.  I was once told by a member of the CIA that the CIA studies music and its effect upon human beings.  Lots of studies and research have been done upon the detrimental effects of rock music over the past several decades.

I have seen the CIA documents that indicated the U.S. government was monitoring John Lennon and his Beatles when they came to the United States due to the revolutionary nature of his music.  Isn’t it interesting to see the revolutionary effect that his style of music has had upon our nation? Pun intended.

On the other hand, we see classical music bringing relaxation, intellectual transformation, and purity of mind. I see classical music as therapeutic and disciplined, much like exercise, salad, or a good book.  The more crass and vulgar style of rock music has the opposite effect upon me.  I find it makes the mind unable to concentrate on spreadsheets or intellectual disciplines and encourages a general overall lack of discipline, both mentally and physically.   Your music is your choice.  I am here simply to point out the possible benefits of classical music and the less-than-beneficial nature of much of the Western world’s popular music.