TIME MANAGEMENT: When We Do Nothing …

A downward spiral … that is the default mode of the universe.  It is much like your yard, your house, or your body.  All of these take work.

“When good men do nothing, evil prevails.”

How many times have people heard this phrase, but it is still true.

When right isn’t practiced, its knowledge is pointless.

  • Without mankind lifting a finger, the yard is covered with weeds, leaves, or worse.
  • With age, your house does not remain pristine, but rots and decays.
  • Without care, your body will starve, develop seborrheic dermatitis and other ills.
  • Without vigilance, local “tea party” meetings, escalation, phone calls, letter-writing campaigns, and aggressive accountability, a republic falls into anarchy and totalitarian-styled government, thanks to power-hungry elitists who seem always in the shadows waiting for more opportunities to grasp for more power and money with their greedy hands.

Therefore, we conclude that we must set apart time from our schedule each week to preserve the wonderful heritage that we have been given. It has been said that how we spend our time produces three different types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch what happens, and those who wonder what just happened. There is also the category of the thinkers and the amused (those who occupy their minds with amusement to the point they no longer think).

Which of the following activities are ways to make things happen? Or to be a thinker?

  • Watching videos
  • Reading fictional books
  • Listening to music
  • Attending parties
  • Using the proverbial “pen” to influence
  • Chasing after every member of the opposite sex
  • Drinking and joking
  • Arranging collaboration meetings
  • Mentoring children and friends
  • Making videos, books, and music that communicate beliefs
  • Building, laboring, and protecting
  • Learning new skills
  • Socially interacting with people of influence
  • Researching and teaching
  • Acting upon words and practicing what you believe
  • Being the right type of person
  • Formulating plans and strategies

Which of these do you emulate the most? For example, which of these did you do this past week?

While others may make excuses for why they “can’t” exercise, they “can’t” diet, they “can’t” maintain their house, car, or landscape, they “can’t” find time to research and learn, they “can’t” be involved with their government, and they “can’t” maintain their spiritual obligations, each of us as individuals must (not should, but must) ensure that we are purposefully planning time to maintain what others have given to us.  This means we must work.

Only through perseverance is there fruitfulness.  Who wants an orchard of dead fruit trees?