CONSPIRACY THEORIST: You might be one if …

Charles Joseph Bonaparte, grandnephew of Catholic Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte and founder of the FBI. He was also a Knight of Malta.

You might be a conspiracy theorist if …

  • You value history, especially the history of Jesuits, communists, and fascists, more than Fox News and CNN.
  • You practice critical, analytic thinking and find syllogisms fascinating.
  • You do not trust all information from government schools and mainstream media.
  • You have talked to any intelligence operatives with inside information.
  • You think it’s odd that W.T.C. building 7 collapsed on 9/11 without being hit by a plane.
  • You wonder if drones flying over us might be used in the future for more than terrorism.
  • You think groping, radiation bath and digital strip search to get on a plane is extreme.
  • You hesitate to surrender your liberty for the War on Terror.
  • You question the “war on terror” when 95% of terrorism is related to foreign occupation.
  • You wonder why no major terrorist event has taken place since 9/11.
  • You wonder why the Patriot Act shredded your freedom in order to “protect you”.
  • You think the Republicans and Democrats are alike on most issues and wonder why.
  • You wonder why we can’t follow the Constitution, instead of the United Nations.
  • You question the reasons given for shredding our Bill of Rights.
  • You don’t trust your government with your life in the same way you trust your family.
  • You believe the right to bear arms is for more than just hunting (i.e. prevent tyranny).
  • You believe that NDAA is a dangerous law that violates the Constitution.
  • You question why silver was illegally removed from our coins, damaging our economy.
  • You question why Homeland Security purchased 1.2 billion rounds of ammo this year.
  • You see danger in having non-elected people like The Fed controlling our economy.
  • You see danger in non-elected CIA and H.L.S. having more power than elected officials.
  • You question why rich global companies are bailed out while small businesses go bankrupt.

Some may consider you a radical extremist or a threat to the “War on Terror” if your thinking is like that above.  Technically, you are probably a normal, average old American thinker like the founders .. you know, those Pilgrims, Puritans, and Protestants whose knowledge of the history of the Old World and Rome made them create for us a Bill of Rights. It’s also why the evil leaders who have sunk their claws into our nation have made sure our educational department has removed positive words regarding our Pilgrim fathers and instead made them to be like ragamuffins in the sight of our children. However, keep in mind that immigration, infiltration, and other measures taken by the Vatican have been thoroughly documented in books by past and present authors like Edmond Paris, Burke McCarty, C.T. Wilcox, Matthew Brady, Eric Jon Phelps, F. Tupper Saussy,  M. F. Cusack, G.B. Nicolini, Edwin A. Sherman, Malachi Martin, Charles Chiniquy, Avro Manhattan, David Yallop, and even Samuel F. B. Morse had three books on this subject.  Morse is the inventor of the telegraph and Morse Code is named after him.  The American Party was formed to fight the Vatican immigration tactics (and won them the name of “Know Nothing Party” due to unsavory gossip and rumors that “some entity” created about the party). Many of those Catholics who migrated here brought their values from Catholic countries where our Bill of Rights is considered evil by the Jesuits.

While your conspiracy thinking may not bring you into favor with Knights of Malta like the one who created the CIA (Bill Donovan) or the one who created the FBI (Charles Joseph Bonaparte), it may help you stay free. Keep in mind the CIA was founded by one of the Vatican’s high-ranking Knights (see photo below) and was completely filled by Catholics.

Critical thinking (proclaimed by the media today as “conspiracy thinking”) may not win you any awards from an entertainment industry where most of them have graduated from Jesuit colleges, but it may help you know which shows to turn off. It may not get you a fair ruling from a Supreme Court where no Justices are Protestant, but six Justices are Catholic, but it may help you understand how important the right President in power is. It may not get you into good favor with any of our past four Presidents, all of whom are kissers of the Pope’s hand and all of whom have ties to the CIA, but that’s the very reason we need to work at getting better choices on our ballots next time around. When someone asks if you are anti-Vatican, just smile and say “yes”.  After all, Catholicism is different from any other religion. You can be tolerant of any other religious belief, but not that of a government like Vatican City who tells their adherents that their allegiance is first to the Vatican government and second to America. They have a conflict of interest and are a threat to our liberty.  Anywhere they have gone, they have destroyed liberty and pushed their beliefs down the throats of the citizens.  Both current Vice Presidential candidates are Catholic and Obama himself was a Catholic community organizer (that was his only real job unless you count the CIA front companies like Business International for which he worked). I did say community organizer, not communist organizer.

Our nation was the most prosperous on earth until these evil men took power. Now we’re beginning to look like the third world countries which they control. It’s a testament to the inept nature of their socialistic economic theories which force people to “give” charity and a result of their corrupt moral theology which teaches “the end justifies the means” and which exercises control upon men’s consciences to follow their way or else. The Old World may have taken massive control in our land, but we don’t have to sit idly on our hands.

William Donovan, founder of the CIA, Knight of Malta, and awarded the highest of honors from the Vatican which only about one hundred men in history have received, the Knight Grand Cross of the Order of St. Sylvester.