INQUISITION LAW: Old World Order returning

A big “thank you” to Jim DeMint, Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and a small handful of others who watched out for our liberty on this important NDAA “Inquisition law”.


On the other hand, Romney and Obama were in favor of NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) which allows the government to run an Inquisition in this land. It would give them the power to arrest without cause, heinously torture without reason, try without jury, imprison forever, or kill without mercy. Sound familiar? Has the Old World Order truly changed?  .. and this time, there is no “New World” to which one can flee.

Most state’s Representatives and Senators voted for this evil law. It is very dangerous and goes against what our Pilgrim and Puritan forefathers envisioned for this land after fleeing the persecution of the Old World Order.  Now the Old World Order has taken up power in this land that was once a haven from the powers in Rome. They talk of peace, but they really love power.


  1. Review who was guilty of voting for NDAA, among your Representatives and Senators.
  2. Write your Representatives and Senators.
  3. Read about those who would like to change this republic into another “Old World” order.
  4. Collaborate with others in your local and state governments to influence change.
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