OBAMA & THE CIA: Who runs our country?

According to Wayne Madsen, our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, Jr. is also a CIA creation.  I say also, because it appears that he is not the only CIA employee to be the POTUS for the past couple of decades.  Wayne Madsen has worked as an awarded Navy Officer, a Navy Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) Officer, a National Security Agency (NSA) asset, an international intelligence journalist, and has heavy connections with the intelligence community, including the CIA.

Jack Wheeler died of a suspicious death shortly after he revealed that Bill Clinton was also a CIA asset who did their bidding.  Ambrose Evans-Pritchard and Richard Poe both claim the same thing.

We already know that George H.W. Bush was the CIA director at one time.  The fact that his son also served as President is then no surprise.


bookIf all the above allegations and facts are correct, then we must surmise that at least the last four U.S. Presidents (at minimum) have been CIA employees (or in the case of Bush the younger, a son of a CIA employee).  If you read my other article on some of the past atrocities that the CIA has done or if you have seen the capabilities of the CIA which Hollywood has shown in movies, then you understand why grave concern should grip Americans. While there may be some very wonderful people working in the CIA, there is far too much evidence proving that not all of their people are so wonderful, and that many at the top are indeed very sinister, including their founder, William Donovan.  William Donovan’s association with a foreign government and that foreign government’s history of using torture, false accusations, and mass murder to achieve its end is even of greater concern. The fact that the President has already created an “Inquisition” law with the help of Congress is also disturbing, but not surprising in light of the CIA’s fascination with torture.

The CIA, which some have wanted to abolish, has been considered by some to be a shadow government that rules our elected officials. Having talked with individuals who admit to having been a part of the CIA (or are still currently), I have felt certain for some time now that the CIA is running our government and not the officials that we have elected to do so. Now, we hear that Obama is CIA from Wayne Madsen in his new book “The Manufacturing of a President: The CIA’s Insertion of Barack H. Obama, Jr. into the White House”.

You can get a glimpse at Wayne Madsen’s proof by using the “LOOK INSIDE” feature on Amazon and viewing several pages from his book.

If you wonder how America could re-elect a President who has done so much to harm America, you are not alone.  Then again, one must only realize the alleged “true employers” of the President and the capabilities that they (the CIA) have to “elect” whomever they wish, and everything makes perfect sense.

Further information on Obama’s connection to the CIA can be seen at this link and this link and Part One, Part Two, and Part Three of an intriguing article indeed.

If the CIA controls our government, while keeping our elected officials in compliance through blackmail, threats to their families, or other measures (and they have proven that they are capable of doing this in the past), then our present situation is like a wild bronco pulling the reigns free from its rider (“we the people”) or like a train that is going downhill without brakes.  It appears that “we the people” have lost control of our government and that our votes may be worthless at this point, especially if the clever CIA can manufacture votes as covertly as they can manufacture Presidents.

Why did Florida have “hanging chads” in the Presidential election in 2000 when Jeb Bush, son of former CIA Director Bush, was the Governor? Was there a reason for these intentional “hanging chads”? Yes, these chads were said to be intentionally malfeasant according to Part 1 and Part 2 of a Dan Rather interview. Could the CIA manipulate electronic voting much more easily out-of-sight and away from prying forensic “eyes” than with traditional voting?  Do they not have such capabilities and resources? Who really is voting in this country?

See the “BIG LIST” of voter fraud here.  Also, be sure to see how much alike the parties, Democrat or Republican, really are … why?

Watch this video on how Obama appears to be using a false social security number, as well as many other discrepancies such as his “lost history” as shown in the video at this link also. How about the personal testimony of Wayne Allyn Root, seen in this video link, who says that nobody at his Columbia University alumni reunion had ever seen Obama on campus as a student back during his supposed time there.


What can you do?

1) Write your local, state, and federal representatives and ask them to dissolve the CIA and bring our intelligence efforts back into the military segment of our government:  Find Your Rep’s Contact Info

2) Start your own media campaign by informing local reporters and journalists of the above issues. Inform your friends through Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.

3) Get your church, civic organization, or group of friends to sign a pledge to come to a meeting. Invite your local and state representatives.

Let’s work from the local level. The federal level is too corrupt. You can be a finger of justice and you can make a difference between whether good or evil will prevail upon this planet!