TOP LEADERS DIE: Mysterious deaths or sinister conspiracies?

Roberto Calvi, the Vatican Banker found hanging from a bridge.

As someone who has studied the “powers that be” for many years, I find it intriguing how many “strange events” are actually tied together by a single thread running through the corridors of power; yet, the busy masses seem to abhor thinking “beyond the pale”, choosing instead to accept the nonsensical reasons which are offered them by journalists and media for current events, regardless of how incompetent the reasons may appear to be. Even more ironic is that most people admit the mainstream media and even some of the alternate media and journalists are dishonest and slanted in most of what they report.

A CIA officer of conservative background once told me “Don’t believe most of what you hear in the media”.  Great advice!  I also recommend you do the same with government textbooks, religious books, and more.  We are living in a world where people just accept whatever they are told by their teachers, media, clergy, and government officials, instead of thinking, reading, and talking to original sources.  A few examples of stories that most people accept without question follow (click each bullet point below to read an article):

  1. Jack Wheeler dies mysteriously after revealing that Bill Clinton was a CIA asset.
  2. Malachi Martin, confidante of four popes, dies after writing of Satanism in Vatican City.
  3. John F. Kennedy, Jr. dies after starting to search for answers on his dad’s death.
  4. Princess Diana dies after dating a Muslim man at the hands of “the paparazzi”.
  5. John F. Kennedy dies after threatening to smash the CIA into a thousand pieces.
  6. George W. Bush receives a black eye and split lip with a mysterious explanation.
  7. Thirty days into office, Pope J.P. I dies after investigating top-ranking Vatican officials.
  8. Roberto Calvi, the Vatican banker, was found hung from a bridge.
  9. Robert Kennedy was shot by Sirhan Sirhan.
  10. Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinckley, Jr. due to his “obsession with an actress”.
  11. Pope John Paul II was allegedly shot by a member of “Grey Wolves”, NATO’s covert Gladio.
  12. Marilyn Monroe died of poison, but the last person she reportedly called was JFK.
  13. Mary Jo Kopechne died after Ted Kennedy drove the car into the water and waited to report it.
  14. Just before the Great Depression, Joseph Kennedy became rich by “short selling”.
  15. Senator Nancy Schaefer discovered the CPS’ traffick and abuse of children and died.
  16. MI5 Chief Roger Hollis was the purported master of an international scandal, but was unaffected, although Stephen Ward died and Conservative John Profumo was scandalized.

Many other lists could be placed here of Congressional officials, Washington “insiders”, reporters, “whistle-blowers” and others who were investigating something when suddenly they went missing, died in a plane crash, died in a car crash, fell off a cliff, had a “heart attack”, or suffered from some other fatal “accident”.