GLOBAL ELITE: Fighting back!

unemployment1What if you knew a simple solution that is absolutely certain to repair the economy globally and that would also shrink the power of the greedy globalists who seek to control us?

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images (8)Robbing the citizens, both middle-class and rich, is never a smart choice. Robin Hood did wrong in order to do right, but history still portrays him as an outlaw.  The Jesuits (who headed the Inquisitions) and the CIA believe the end justifies the means, and we can all see how tangled their webs have gotten throughout history.  Their list of cruel and hideous acts are countless.  The “far left” is also attempting this tactic by robbing the middle-class and the rich in order to “help the poor”.  In reality, they are turning the middle-class into the poor class, while allowing the rich to get even richer.  Meanwhile, the poor still remain poor, and sometimes the money given to some of them is wasted or used by them in order to remain idle and to even get involved in criminal behavior.  Remember what they say about an idle mind?

OsirisMany well-meaning individuals probably sincerely believe the rich are the problem, but I disagree.  I believe the powerful are the problem. If a man becomes rich by hard work, then he deserves what he has earned.  We should not rob him. Instead of robbing one class to pay another class, we should give the poor the jobs they need, so they can create their own wealth.

economy-cubeIn my opinion, we have three parasites that are destroying the economy and our children’s futures. The first two are obvious: 1) out-of-control government bureaucracies and bureaucrats, and 2) the slothful.

These are well-known.  However, there is a third even more dangerous parasite which I would like to address in this article.

When global companies hog all the job markets, local family businesses have no opportunity to create wealth for themselves.  Thus, the competitive nature of free enterprise should be allowed to flourish, but only within a limited geographical district such as a county or city.  There is no need for a merchant to become the wealthiest merchant on earth.  That is greed, pure and simple.  We should limit these global companies to just one area.  We should also arrest and deport illegal immigrants, because they are … [wait for it] … illegal.

vanderbiltThese global CEOs and owners can earn enough money to feed their family by operating solely in their local district.  They should move aside and allow local business owners to create their own wealth instead of forcing these small business owners to compete with illegal immigrants and global companies.   Other unfair burdens placed upon small business owners include denying them tax breaks that big businesses get, offering them loans instead (opportunities for debt), creating regulations and compliance laws in such number that they can barely keep up with them due to their small staff, and levying massive self-employment taxes upon these small business owners (among many other things).

Tax_Fact_3Do we really want to break the backs of small business owners, so that they join the lines of the unemployed who live off the government?   Illegal immigrants rob American adults and teens of job opportunities, pay no taxes, and overcrowd the local job market just like the global corporations.  I have heard these immigrants talk about how nobody else will do the work that they do for the money they get paid.  Have they not heard of college kids?   These illegal immigrants are not only stealing jobs from college kids, but many times they are involved in other illegal activities as well; after all, they’re already illegal.  As criminals, what happens when a citizen is blind-sided in their car by an illegal immigrant?  Will the illegal hang around to pay for the damage?  Do they even have insurance?  The list of such financial and criminal matters soars to the heaven; yet, the politicians seem unable to stop the chaos.  Or do the large corporations stand to benefit?  And if they benefit, then do not the politicians who they feed, clothe, and push into office also benefit?   One would think that our politicians and their policies on small businesses, global companies, and illegal immigrants were geared to destroy small businesses.   Who benefits?  And how?

tax-survey-nfib-bar-graphIf small businesses were destroyed, you know what would happen?  You would be forced to buy everything from the global companies.  Could they raise their prices due to having no competitors?  Could they pay their workers less due to no competition?  Could they rule you and dominate you into global slavery?  Could it be that your politicians, who received their campaign money from large global corporations, could stand to benefit from their own country’s demise?

USAWe must limit businesses geographically, because it allows millions of local people to create businesses – businesses that are presently unneeded when the wealthy owners of Wal-Marts, McDonalds, and other global enterprises take away all the business opportunities in each and every local community.  I remember seeing a fast-food joint come to a small town where there was only one locally-owned restaurant that cooked food the way grandma would.  Imagine what happened when that first fast-food joint came to town.  Imagine what happened to the family who started the business and also think about the financial health of the community as much of the money went to a business from out-of-state.  Also, was the local community getting healthier food?

gold_coastAnother important plank in this economic solution is how we spend unemployment money.  Essentially, unemployment is contributed by individuals as part of the FICA taxes that are removed from their checks each pay period.   The unemployment money that they contribute should be theirs and theirs alone in a tax shelter much like retirement IRA money or college 529 accounts.  This money could be used for funding the taxpayer’s business ventures and other unemployment needs when they become unemployed.  With this program, even self-employed people could participate.  Guess who currently never gets to contribute to or benefit from unemployment?  The self-employed small business owner, thanks to the way government has setup their unemployment insurance program.  Meanwhile, self-employment taxes are extremely high.

Blog_Small_Business_Tax_CutsSelf-employment taxes should be cut considerably to encourage small business ownership as a viable option to unemployment.   I noticed that in our state, loans are given to small businesses while huge tax breaks are given to the global businesses.  This is economic suicide!  The core to any healthy economy is small business.  One wealthy gentleman worth $20 million once told me that you should never go into debt for your business.  Instead, you should always start the business with some initial assets, in addition to the cost of starting your business, and then continue to add to that initial savings as you continue your business.

When I worked in the financial sector, I found that family-owned businesses are some of the most successful that I've assisted in spite of the enormous roadblocks that the government places in their paths.

When I worked in the financial sector, I found that family-owned businesses are some of the most successful that I’ve assisted in spite of the enormous roadblocks that the government places in their paths.

Instead of giving a few hundred dollars or so of unemployment money each month to the unemployed, the money should instead be available all at once at the beginning of their unemployment for business purposes.  Furthermore, the government should make business ownership as easy as getting your driver’s license, if not easier.  The money the government has required that they set aside in an unemployment tax shelter should fund the business, mortgage payments, and certain qualified needs of the unemployed.  Thus, only those who contribute to unemployment will benefit, instead of criminals such as illegal immigrants or deadbeats.

Imagine the state’s unemployment agency being put out of business by this program.  Can you already hear the sound of tax dollars being diverted into much better programs to assist small business owners with marketing, insurance, and other needs?  Programs for legitimately disabled people should continue.   The poor should not be given charity, but should be allowed the opportunity to work in a local community garden, a local thrift store, a food warehouse, or another sustainable outlet for providing both money and food to the poor via work as temps for the charitable organizations who support them.   If the poor aren’t willing to work such jobs (at least while they’re in need of charity), then they should not eat (as the founding fathers in the Plymouth colony stated to the early settlers).

proof-that-the-new-world-orderIn other words, instead of giving away other people’s money, the poor should be given opportunities to work. Such employment through starting a small business is impossible if all goods and services are being monopolized by global giants in each local community.  Work keeps people out of trouble and out of prison. Those unethical politicians who “rob the rich to pay the poor in order to gain a public office”, like Robin Hood, will eventually succumb to the rich when they want them to “rob the poor to pay the rich” like the Sheriff of Nottingham.  In reality, there’s not much difference between Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham.  Both are robbers.

illuminati030210I do not want the money of the rich which they have rightly earned.  That would remove the incentive to work and to produce quality work. It would also make me a thief.  Recently, the Pope endorsed socialism.  Does this make him a proponent of theft for wanting to take from the rich?  Yes, it makes him a promoter of grand larceny on a global scale, since he wants to take from the rich around the world and give to the poor around the world.  Think of the Pope as a global version of Obama. It’s ironic, because Obama’s best known job position prior to politics was as a community organizer for the Catholic Church working with eight of their parishes.

Picture4_BTH-500_5Instead of robbing the rich, the answer to the “atrocities of capitalism” as the left-wing pundits would like to describe it, is better achieved by limiting the power of those who are benefiting at the expense of others.  Of course, this means the mainstream media would lose their power over the control and flow of information world-wide.  The many global corporations run by Vatican Knights of Malta around the world would also be a bit upset with this idea. The many banks and intelligence company fronts run by the Vatican would also have to remove their claws from the world.

richGlobalism and its greedy promoters are the creators of many of the problems we are facing today.  Lack of geographic boundaries on the world’s global giants is the reason these global lords want to create a “standard world currency” and global economy at the expense of the more wealthy nations (as detailed in the Bretton Woods system).  Robbing wealthy nations to pay poor nations is no different than robbing rich people to pay poor people.  It is still theft and it violates one of the Top Ten Commandments that most know from the Bible.  It also hurts real people and their families who live in those nations who are being crushed into mediocre economic performance.

economyAnother example of how unlimited geographical presence allows the global power brokers to succeed in their corrupt mission is that owners of global corporations sometimes benefit from the economy of one nation dropping into the tank in order to benefit another nation.  What country wants this type of “two-timing playboy” form of corporate presence in their land?  That conflict of interest, created by global presence, should never be allowed to tempt the morally weak corporate owners who might find themselves benefiting from their own country’s demise.

UntitledGeographically limiting power is a major key to economic growth.  The Pope and the Old World Order hate the thought of limited power, especially geographically.  It destroys all the plans they have for the world. Instead, they prefer socialism as a way to look like “champions of the poor”.  In reality, they are sophisticated outlaws.

On the other hand, most members of planet earth, both liberal and conservative would love this thought of limiting the power of entities geographically.  Alas, most humans seldom even hear thoughts like those I’m voicing in this article.  They seldom have a voice themselves to speak unless the media monopolizers of the Old World Order allow them to be heard through the Internet, mainstream media, or entertainment industry.  The Old World Order created most of these communication channels through their Knights in order to regain their Roman Empire once again, so you will never see them offering you the opportunity to present real economic solutions at any of their powerful forums or media outlets.

A view of the crowd in Saint Peter's Square during the beatification mass for Pope John Paul IIThe globalists, through government politicians, can take from the rich and give to the poor; thereby controlling the poor like puppets via the money they give to them.  Of course, the Old World Order would exempt themselves from the category of the “taxable wealthy” in order to keep their wealth. They do so through the insulated state of Vatican City and the tax exempt shelters that their “Church” provides.  Some could even argue that Catholic churches, since they are conduits to the Vatican’s foreign government and tax-free “church”, are the world’s most covert form of siphoning money to a foreign power (i.e. “money-laundering on steroids”).

UntitledWe do not need more corrupt men in government offices who achieve their positions through promises to rob one class of people to pay another.  We do need to limit power.   I imagine that most people around the world just want the opportunity to make some money for their families.  People with dignity don’t want a hand-out from the government, but have pride in supporting themselves and their families.  What most people around the world do want is for the global elite who own all the global corporations to move out of town which would immediately create jobs in their town.  Currently, there are franchises and global corporate footprints for almost every type of business imaginable.  All of these are geographically hogging the business opportunities worldwide. All nations are suffering economically at their hand. Many other issues would also be solved.  For example, the problem of processed food is oftentimes a result of global food companies’ need to preserve the food for shipping worldwide.  With local farms and grocers, this issue is eliminated.  A huge list could be created of the various benefits.

corporate_tax_2Some liberals are sincerely trying to help the poor (in their mind) by voting for crooked politicians who commit grand larceny against the wealthy in our country by egregiously robbing them.  Robin Hood may have achieved a reputation for helping the poor, but he also is still known as an outlaw and a thief.   I prefer to fight for the poor by limiting the monopolization of power.  That’s being a true hero, and it’s much better than robbing the wealthy and becoming an outlaw and a thief.  Thus, while some see the poor as parasites, we see the bigger truth of how parasitical the global elite have become in hoarding jobs, resources, and even our politicians into their pockets.   We must change this deadly spiral downward before it is too late.   This change would also remove the power from the global elite to control our politicians and our lives.   On a final note, the article at this link tells us another disturbing tale.  Most Americans believe that the tax code (crafted by self-serving politicians) is unfair to most individuals and disproportionately leans in favor of big business.  The article at this link is a reflection that the American people are right about the code and tells us all we need to know about the politicians who crafted it.


Big-Oil-Loop-CurrentAsk your state and local government representatives to create boundaries (i.e. geographical) that limit where people can do business (limiting where the federal government can do business might also be a great idea). No global company should be profiting from the misery of their own nation, while their foreign interests grow stronger.  No politician should be allowed to receive funds from any company.  Period.  This removes a plethora of special interests who are tempting politicians towards corruption through conflicts of interest.

download (3)This list could go endlessly. End the power of companies geographically and the wealth balances out. Instead of a giant Wal-Mart, you limit where Wal-Mart can do business. Imagine all the small businesses that could have “mom and pop” stores nationwide if this happened. My desire is to increase the power to create money for everyone and take away the power to monopolize “wealth accumulation” from those with too much power.  Remember the old saying?  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Another saying is “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.  Whether you agree with these maxims or not, you must admit that limiting corporations’ power to do business outside of a city-wide region will create millions of jobs worldwide.  It will also remove the ability of the global elite to suck local communities dry of their wealth and power.

millionaire-business-ownersSmall businesses are the lifeblood of our economy.  Furthermore, smaller entities are easier to manage.   This principle could actually be applied to not only making small business the worldwide model, but it also would make many other organizations more effective such as governments (i.e. states’ rights), churches (no more mega-ministries scamming elderly ladies), and the list goes on.

Justice must prevail.  We must not let our politicians continue in their self-serving paths.  We must stand in their way and make sure they hear us loud and clear.  We want justice! Shrink their power by limiting it!

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