TRAGEDY: Sympathy, CIA, and blame games

Our hearts go out to the victims in Connecticut who lost their children, because of a treacherous and vile act that was perpetrated by people with hearts that are dark and evil as Satan.Connecticut Shooting  Let justice be served!

Attorney General Eric Holder, using this tragedy as a bully whip on the backs of Americans, stated that we need to ask some “hard questions”.  I happen to have a great deal of “hard questions” for President Obama and Mr. Holder.

Mr. President and Mr. Holder,

  1. Was it just a lone gunman or is it true that the gunman’s father was with the CIA and his mother was a DARPA employee carrying out a sick experiment?
  2. What does this act tell you about the soul and morals of this country? Or like Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, will you lead Americans into the tyrannical, fascist trap set for them by blaming the guns instead?
  3. Could the CIA have been behind something like this? Would they be heartless enough to do this to children? Has the CIA done it before?
  4. Who founded the CIA? Who is the Old World Order who awarded the founder with the highest honors? Why were the T.S.A. and Homeland Security really created?
  5. Are you as cowardly and cold-blooded as the Nazis who removed guns from their citizens and lied about why they were doing it just prior to their reign of terror?
  6. Are you evil enough to use the deaths of these children as a shield (like Hamas) to violate our 2nd Amendment Rights and / or to commit worse acts of terror against the American people?
  7. Are you honest enough to tell us outright that you want to kill those of us who believe that liberty and a belief in GOD are essential elements of society?
  8. Do you really we’re so naive as to think that you don’t know the history of the Nazis and the reason that governments do what you’re attempting to do?
  9. Do you really think we’re so naive as to think you are unaware of the statistics that show how gun ownership promotes safety rather than violence?
  10. Why do you keep spinning this lie unless you are ignoring the statistics and the history of gun control for a more sinister and devilish purpose? Especially when the rest of the world in their news forums are already comparing what you are doing to Nazi Germany?
  11. Do you think we’d trust Mr. Holder with our guns when he is the one who supplied Mexican drug lords with guns during “Fast and Furious”? Do you know the meaning of “HYPOCRISY“?

Attorney General Eric Holder and President Barack Obama – with the bodies of innocent children barely cold, you have the audacity to turn this massive killing spree into a political stage for your Nazi-like agenda against gun ownership.  How dare you turn this tragedy into a bully whip!

People of the world – Eric Holder’s calloused, insensitive political agenda is thrust forward in this article by The Blaze in spite of the heartbreak of parents who are trying to grieve.  Shame on him!

Adolf Hitler once said:

“The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms … German troops alone will bear the sole responsibility for the maintenance of law and order throughout the occupied Russian territories, and a system of military strong-points must be evolved to cover the entire occupied country.” —Adolf Hitler, Bormann-Vermerke, April 11, 1942