COVERT EMPIRE: Clear and present danger

listening postWhat religion is directly aligned to a foreign government, and a foreign government that demands all followers to pledge their loyalty first to its government and king, even before their own national citizenship?

What does this mean to you?  If the adherents of this particular religion take office, they will not be looking out for your interests, but will be looking out for the interests of another government and another citizenry.

What foreign government and what citizenry?

The religion of  Vatican City and the Holy See‘s Pope, as well as their followers, are the foreign government and foreign king served by their adherents even before their own government, even if that places their own nation at risk.  The preeminence of the Vatican has been well-known for thousands of years.

shadow_peopleThe government in which a Catholic resides is considered of secondary importance. All people around the world as citizens must realize this divided loyalty held by devout Catholics. Keep in mind that many people in the United States spoke out against JFK, because of his Catholic beliefs and because he not only professed divided loyalty, but also displayed it.  However, such knowledge is not as well-known today.  Knowledge is power and the lack thereof is a vulnerability to a nation or people.

The fact that most countries’ leaders are kissing the Pope’s hand and courting him should help you understand how powerful they truly are and how far along their agenda has progressed.  The fact that Ted Kennedy was the person who introduced “hate crime” legislation should be of concern when you realize that he was seeking a doctrine that would use religion (i.e. “religious hate speech“) as a way to shut down anyone trying to point out the dangers of a foreign government subverting our national interests.

What is the difference between this type of betrayal and the traitorous acts of numerous spies throughout history who have betrayed our government in order to prosper foreign governments and to advance beliefs that go against the security, prosperity, and happiness of our national interests?  Take the following poll and I believe the results will evidence that this once-known truth has been extinguished in our country’s educational institutions.

spietro180_largeTherefore, since most of our media and educational outlets have now been taken over by men of the Old World Order like Knight of St. Gregory Rupert Murdoch of Fox News, Knight of Malta Henry Luce of Time Magazine, William Randolph Hearst, the media mogul, and many others who could be named, I suggest you share this information with as many friends as possible.  Otherwise, there will be no more New World, but only an Old World, as the New World which became the U.S.A. is very close to being extinguished.

This New World that was founded by those who knew firsthand the bloody persecution found under the Romans of the Old World had a dream. It was the original American Dream … freedom from Roman domination.