GUN CONTROL: Adam, Eve, and Obama

gunlawsWith President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder pushing Americans toward surrendering their guns, we must ask ourselves the question “What is their purpose?”.

They say it is for the protection of Americans and that the real problem with violence in America is gun ownership.  Their belief is that guns are for the purpose of hunting and that even that purpose is unneeded.

What does the highly respected Constitution of the United States say?  Since the Constitution has guided one of the most prosperous nations in all of world history and is the core of its values which all Presidents and military promise to  defend, we must not carelessly brush aside its words. Does it state the purpose for guns in America? Does the Second Amendment exist only for hunting?


The Second Amendment begins with its purpose: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

It sounds like President Obama, who has been busy shredding freedoms and Constitutional rights with draconian laws such as his “Inquisition Law” (NDAA), is either ignorant of the Constitution or is completely ignoring the purpose of gun control. Then again, what is the purpose again?  The security of a free State.  If ever in American history there was a concern over freedoms being dismantled, it is today.  Isn’t that ironic?  The very purpose of the Second Amendment is to help protect its citizens from government leaders who would rob the citizens of freedoms. Now, the President is trying to remove their protection from tyranny by taking away their guns. Are Americans suffering from “battered person syndrome” yet?

violent video gamePROBLEM

  • Have Americans had guns for almost two and a half centuries with a very peaceful existence until the 1960s?
  • Why are gun-related death rates in the United States now suddenly eight times higher than they are in other gun-toting countries that are economically and politically similar to it?
  • Is the problem with the FCC and its lack of obscenity standards which allow the citizenry to feast on grotesque, violent R-rated movies, video games and violent heavy metal, goth music?  Obscenity is not free speech – it is obscenity despite what the media and their multi-trillion dollar entertainment business may say.
  • Should they blame their Supreme Court, composed of six Catholics and three Jews, who has refused to recognize the sanctity of life, thus causing over 50 million innocents to be murdered? Or who have voted the Bible and prayer from their schools?
  • Should they assess their attitude toward GOD and the eternal consequences of violence?
  • Is the root cause their spirituality? Is that why 18,735 deaths by firearms have been suicides?
  • Is it the same reason that the U.S. now has the highest crime rate in the world?
  • Can guns be blamed for what a nation’s people do? For their evil hearts?
  • Why do statistics show that handgun bans tend to create more violence rather than less?


  • If this irresponsible mentality of blaming the object rather than the person is philosophically followed in the United States, then will President Obama be soon banning alcohol also which is statistically a far greater cause of death in the United States than guns?
  • What will President Obama do about all the rapes in America? Will he castrate all the men?
  • Can we expect that killing all priests will end pedophilia or executing all Muslims will end terrorism? Isn’t that stereotyping?  Isn’t that what Obama is doing with guns? Stereotyping them when many other countries have just as many guns but far less murders from them? Isn’t that like grounding all teenagers, because of what one teenager does?  Have they considered that perhaps the pain for the crime does not outweigh the pleasure of the crime? Or that the very heart and soul of the nation is corrupt? Isn’t that a much more difficult, but needed question to ask?


handgunSince Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, mankind has been blaming others for their actions.  Of course in America, many have forgotten that story since it is no longer taught in their schools.  Human beings have a knack for excusing themselves for their irresponsible actions and blaming other people or objects for their own evil actions, so let’s cut to the chase.

Evil hearts are to be blamed.  Until nations admit their own wickedness and look for a spiritual cure for their land, they will continue to play their blame games and blame games are very dangerous.  Blame games are perfect opportunities for those leaders in power to perpetrate their own crimes. We have the examples of such leaders in Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, Amin, Castro, and more.  Of course in America, many citizens no longer know the history of firearm bans and fascism.

“The risk we face is not the risk of losing another classroom to a lone madman? No, the real risk we face is losing a generation of kids … to the slave chains of debt and impending despotism.” – Attorney Martha Dean

If you combine the elements of a national education system that bans the Bible and teaches a leftist version of history, a President who desires to prey upon that ignorance, a corrupt media with no journalism ethics, and an unarmed populace, you have the essential ingredients for a perfect storm.