hitler-crowdAccording to the eyewitness account of Nazi Germany survivor Kitty Werthmann, Hitler’s regime just before the Holocaust had:

  1. State atheistic education
  2. Rights for women used to push “feminism”
  3. The Bible banned from schools
  4. Mothers went to work
  5. Child care for young children
  6. Moms with babies out of wedlock
  7. Over-regulation of businesses
  8. Businesses went bankrupt but the elite giant corporations were protected by government
  9. Large corporations merged with government or used power over citizens for government
  10. Economic trouble with massive unemployment
  11. The media reported only the good things about Hitler and skewed the news
  12. Free products, clothing, housing and food were given out (welfare)
  13. Socialized healthcare [as people went for every ache and pain, the “wait line” and taxes skyrocketed, while good doctors left the country]

… and then gun confiscation took place which opened the door for the following …

  1. Negative speech against the government was banned
  2. Religious leaders and others were arrested for speaking their beliefs
  3. Women were forced into the workforce and the military
  4. Mandatory government indoctrination of children
  5. Euthanasia of retarded, disabled, and elderly began
  6. Killing of anyone who is listed on the “government list”
  7. The media didn’t tell anyone about the euthanasia or death camps

These are the signs of fascism which took place before the Holocaust. Know them!

As this survivor wisely warns:  “America is truly the greatest country in the world. Don’t let freedom slip away. After America, there is no place to go.”