INFO MONOPOLY: You decide based upon what you know

Unbalanced-scales_full_size_landscapeCommunication is essential

When communication is countermanded by monopolization, then essentially you no longer have free speech from a practical perspective.

In the United States, one of the symptoms of a fascist Nazi state is becoming very prevalent – namely monopolization of communication.  Every major media outlet is pushing forward the fascist gun control laws that the U.S. President is championing as can be seen in the photo of a Google search on “Obama guns” at the bottom of this article.  In fact, another indication of the monopolized communication resources is when the top Obama media outlets are placed at the top of Google’s 133,000,000 search results. The global elitists have the money to control the communications and they’re headed now for the last line of defense against fascism – the guns of American citizens.

Hitler_und_GoebbelsWith the Old World Order‘s Knights owning almost all the major global corporations, they now control the flow of information, a commodity that most people need in order to make decisions.  The textbooks, internet search results, television networks, motion picture studios, music producers, news agencies, newspapers, and even alternate sources are more and more chanting in unison the fascist principles that made the Holocaust possible.  Articles like mine can be easily filtered out by those who created the Internet (originally Arpanet).  Other perks of the Old World Order ownership of most global corporations include telling their employees what they can and can’t discuss at work regarding government and religion which ensures full control of the masses.  


Small businesses must thrive, channels of communication must be forged, and those organizations, departments, and leaders who are sinking our ship must be stopped. Either the monopolization must be broken or soon the people will be.