ENYA AND TOLKIEN: An intriguing connection

enya-tolkienYears ago, I was calling the music company who held the rights to Lothlorien, a song by Enya.  I told them that while searching for the copyright holder that I found Enya was featured on numerous Pagan (wiccan) websites and thought that was strange.  They stated that it wasn’t strange since Enya is a witch.  I was surprised. The lady stated to me that a lot of them (in the company who held Enya’s copyrights) were witches. Furthermore, the only Google result back in 1999 when I did this search was “Coven Lothlorien” which states on it’s main page: “The Coven of Lothlórien is a Celtic Tradition of Wicca based on the ancient Irish Celts.”   Compare that 1999 Google search to today where there are over 2.4 million results for the search “Lothlorien”.

Also, an interesting note is that Lothlorien is the Elvish forest realm of the occultic Jesuit J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-Earth in his ring trilogy (note the similarities between the occultic Tolkien’s ring trilogy and that of the famous Wagner’s occultic ring cycle). Also, note that elves were considered supernatural beings akin to demons in the old pagan traditions.  J.R.R.Tolkien spent time at Stonyhurst College in England where his boys attended school, but where also two other famous occult Jesuits studied, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Alfred Hitchcock, both knowledgeable of “perfect crimes” and government intelligence agency methods.

Tolkien’s character “Tom Bombadil” in the ring trilogy was considered by some to be a depiction of the god of nature, which is similar to the syncretic Catholic-occult view of Enya’s sister, Moya (Máire) Brennan in this YouTube interview.

In the same ring trilogy, Tolkien’s wizard Gandalf goes from a grey wizard to a white wizard.  Wizards, being practitioners of witchcraft and magick, are considered “good” by those who think that there is some “good” witchcraft (such as Wicca).  Interestingly enough, many very intelligent American evangelicals fawn over Tolkien who appears to have “charmed” them. They also adulate C.S. Lewis, another occult “Inkling of Oxford” who believed in Catholic-occult teachings and author of “Voyage of the Dawn Treader” where Lewis presents both incantations and Coriakin the wizard as being “good”.

Enya and Tolkien were both raised Catholic and were also known for their pagan beliefs as well.  For Christians who think of Enya and Tolkien as Christian, they must realize that while Christianity based upon the Bible is opposed to witchcraft, Catholicism is not the same. Catholicism includes numerous ecumenical beliefs including wiccan and voodoo belief systems (i.e. santeria, candomble, Vatican prayer service of 1995, etc).  Ironically, Enya was asked to write music for the recent Tolkien movie trilogy.