FACEBOOK: Sneaking and peeking?

detectiveWhen I learn certain things, especially about mysterious deaths, I often ask questions … like:

  • Why did the Akamai Tech inventor die?
  • Can services like Facebook, who use Akamai Tech, look at personal things on your computer?
  • Could the CIA use such capabilities?

OR better yet:

  • Can you see on the Command Prompt screenshot at the end of this article how Facebook has established a TCP connection in the “brains” of a computer?
  • Can you see the Akamai Technologies connection as well on the screenshot of this Command Prompt view (this Command Prompt “Netstat” view is one way someone can tell if a third party is hacking them)?
  • Did you know that Facebook establishes a TCP connection on your computer?  If you don’t know how to check your computer, read this article.
  • Have you ever thought that the CIA can use this channel to look at everything on your computer including your financials, personal and private documents, etc?
  • Have you noticed how with Facebook, you can walk away from your computer and your firewall doesn’t time out like it does with other internet sites. For example, if you use applications like the internet content firewall SafeEyes, have you noticed that SafeEyes does not “time out” after extended time away from your computer?  Instead, it keeps the firewall in the “on” mode.
  • Did you know that “Akamai” means “intelligence” in the language of Hawaii?
  • Did you know that an MIT student developed Akamai Technologies?
  • Did you know he was killed aboard American Airlines Flight 11?
  • Did you know his airline flight is the one that crashed into the twin towers on 9-11?
  • What if someone wanted that student to die?
  • Did he die with the knowledge of Akamai Technologies’ true capabilities?
  • Did you know that Akamai Tech is a third-party service used by many global companies?
  • Did you know they service companies like Microsoft too?
  • Did you know they visit your computer regularly if you use such services like Windows Update?

Akamai Technologies

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