POPE: Advocates global authority, theft, and chains


The USA Today headlines read “Pope calls for ‘God-centered’ global economy“.  Pretty scary when you realize that he is one of the most powerful men in the world and he also thinks he is “god”.  Huffington Post and even Jesuit Fred Kammer in a Loyola University New Orleans website article both pointed out the Pope’s recent document affirms that wealth needs to be robbed from those who earned it and redistributed economically, globally, and even at the level of national resources being shared with other countries.

How important was the Pope’s recent comments in favor of socialism?

It answers a recent question hotly debated among American Catholics as seen in the following two articles. Globally, Catholics are more known as socialists, but in America,  there are some conservatives who debate the topic.

1. http://www.crisismagazine.com/2012/catholics-for-romney-vs-catholics-for-obama

The Pope seems to be pushing the Catholic conservatives back toward socialism. Cath News USA, a Catholic news site, affirms in an article that the Pope is for socialism.

Jesuit Thomas Reese also confirms in this video that the document calls for the “redistribution of wealth and the regulation of the world economy by international agencies.” Not surprising, he informs Americans that the Pope’s position is to the left of both Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi.

In the following excerpt from the pope’s speech just a few weeks ago, we see several statements by the pope opposing capitalism, individual liberty, nationalism, and Biblical belief. He hides his pro-socialistic comments (that bordered on communism) with talk of GOD.

I have color-coded the sections of his speech below, so I can more easily point out the issues. You can also click on any hyper-linked words to read other source articles. 

  • Purple – he advocates more regulation and bureaucracy on capitalism
  • Green – he considers American freedoms to be “modern idols”
    • He abhors individualism as opposed to government clones
    • He detests “consumerism” (which is an essential part of free enterprise economics)
  • Brown – he wants a one world government with a one world “moral” authority
    • One that he approves, I’m sure (frightening)
  • Red – the pope emphasized global authority and the common good
    • Juxtaposed to individual liberties, free enterprise incentive, and capitalism.
  • Blue – the pope states that the financial systems need to be reformed
  • Olive – he replaces the Holy Spirit with the Virgin Mary in this final statement

In Pope Benedict XVI‘s December 3rd, 2012 address to the Roman Catholic Cardinals, Members of the Episcopate and the Priesthood, as seen on the Vatican’s official website, the pope stated:

“If, on the one hand, man continues to proclaim the dignity of the person, on the other, new ideologies – such as hedonistic and selfishness of sexual and reproductive rights or that of an unregulated financial capitalism that prevails on politics and deconstructs the real economy … from a new evangelization of society can derive a new humanism and a renewed commitment to culture and design. It helps to dethrone the Modern idols to replace individualism, consumerism, materialism and technocracy, with a culture of brotherhood and generosity, love in solidarity Blessed Pope John XXIII has motivated efforts to build a global community, with a corresponding authority, just moving from love, namely love for the common good of the human family. Thus we read in Pacem in Terris: “There is an intrinsic relationship between the historical content of the common good on the one hand and the configuration of public authority on the other. The moral order, that is, as required by the public authority in civil society the implementation of the common good, therefore also demands that the authority for this purpose is efficient “(n. 71).

I thank the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, because, together with other pontifical institutions, has set out to investigate the guidelines that I offered in Caritas in Veritate. And this, both through the reflections for a reform of the international monetary and financial system, either by the Plenary of these days and the International Seminar on Pacem in Terris next year.

The Virgin Mary, she who with faith and love itself accepted in the Savior for the whole world, to guide us in proclaiming and witnessing of the Social Doctrine of the Church, to make more effective the new evangelization. With these wishes, I willingly impart to each of you my Apostolic Blessing. Thank you.”

a pope - saturn hatThe pope is one to talk of consumerism.  His hypocrisy is astounding!  With red ruby slippers made by Prada, a Mercedes for travel, designer sunglasses and a Cartier watch, he had best stop trying to rob America of their independence by creating a global authority that will implement his anti-free enterprise, anti-individualism, and anti-nationalism, and instead focus on his own little empire of immoral evil and massive cover-ups. With all the sexual, financial, and depraved scandals that have rocked the Vatican for the past generation, I am surprised he has time to meddle in the business of other sovereign nations. Why is it that the one whose own household is in disarray and whose own solutions are an utter failure are always the very best at ramming their solutions down the throats of others?  I am reminded of the words of Jesus.

“You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.”  – Matthew 7:5

Robbing the poor is never righteous.  Robin Hood was a villain.  If the Pope endorses theft, then he is a crook as well.  Anyone can say “I’m not a crook”, but actions speak louder than words.  I do not want the money of the rich which they have rightly earned.  That would be removing incentive.  He would enslave the citizens of the world by having a global government tell them everything that they can or cannot do, just like during the Dark Ages.  The Pope’s attitude toward the U.S. Constitution is one of limiting the human spirit rather than setting it free.  What’s the point of being “free men” if you are told what to do every day of your life?

However, I would limit the power of those who are benefiting at the expense of others.  For example, global corporate power sometimes creates a conflict of interest.  American owners of global corporations sometimes benefit from the American economy dropping into the tank.  That conflict of interest should never be allowed to tempt the morally weak.  That’s the key.  Monopolization of industries creates no opportunities to create wealth for the rest of humanity.  Thus, while incentive to become the greatest merchant in Dallas, Texas may grow free enterprise, we should remove the incentive to become the greatest merchant in the world. This allows people to create their own wealth instead of living off the government, because it allows people to create businesses … businesses that are presently unneeded when the Wal-Marts and the McDonalds of the world take away all the business opportunities in each and every local community.  It is opportunities that should be given to the poor and not other people’s money.

Some liberals are sincerely trying to help the poor (in their mind) by voting for crooked politicians who commit grand larceny against the wealthy in our country by egregiously robbing them.  ”Rob”in Hood may have achieved a reputation for helping the poor, but he also is still known as an outlaw and a thief. A better solution is found in this article.


Ask your Congressional, state, and local representatives to create boundaries (i.e. geographical) that limit where people can do business. No global company should be profiting from the misery of the American economy, while their foreign interests grow due to a weak U.S. economy.  No politician should be allowed to receive funds from any company.  Period.  This removes a plethora of special interests who are tempting politicians towards corruption through conflicts of interest.

This list could go endlessly. End the power of companies geographically and the wealth balances out. Instead of a giant Wal-Mart, you have one city where Wal-Mart can do business. Imagine all the small businesses that could have “mom and pop” stores nationwide if this happened. My desire is to increase the power to create money for everyone and take away the power to monopolize “wealth accumulation” from those with too much power.  Remember the old saying?  Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Whether you agree with that maxim or not, you must admit that limiting corporations’ power to do business outside of a city-wide region will create millions of jobs worldwide.  Justice must prevail. I prefer to fight for the poor by limiting the monopolization of power.  That’s being a true hero, and it’s much better than robbing the wealthy and becoming an outlaw and a thief.