MOVIE STARS & GEEKS: Changing citizenship?

erin burnett - brain drainCNN’s Erin Burnett recently reported that movie stars are leaving France and moving to Russia; whereas, brilliant tech billionaires are leaving the United States and going elsewhere.

Isn’t that ironic?

One of the better things that could happen to the United States would be if all of her movie stars were to move to Russia and her tech geniuses were to stay. Right? So what is happening in the United States that encourages radical leftists to stay and geniuses to leave?

Draconian religious and culture changes over the past five decades in the United States have definitely changed the nation drastically. This cultural shift has directly impacted the economy, liberties, and governmental politics of the United States, as can be seen by President Obama’s Nazi-like push for gun control, the Congressional passing of NDAA and the misnamed “USA Patriot’s Act” (aka “Unpatriotic Act”), the socialized ObamaCare, and the other Marxist-fascist indicators … not to mention the ballooning deficit and unemployment. Still, is that enough to make geniuses leave one of histories most glorious economic success models?  Doesn’t America usually spring back out of such circumstances?

It’s not easy to get American citizenship back again if you do change citizenship, so it will take something very drastic for anyone to do so.  Therefore,let’s cut to the chase.  With geniuses moving away from the United States and changing their citizenship, we must ask ourselves one question.

“What do they know that you don’t?”