SANDY HOOK: Fact or fiction?

Click on this photo to see a larger image.

Click on this photo to see a larger image.

Can anyone explain to me why the United Way donation website for the Newtown, CT shootings was set up on December 11th, 2012 which was THREE DAYS PRIOR to the shooting on December 14th?  How can you tell the publishing date of a website through Google search?  This article or this video should help.

Why is Emilie Parker alive and well and being shot with President Obama if she was a victim of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings?  The only “shooting” that took place involving her seems to have been a photo shoot which took place AFTER the Connecticut incident as seen in the photo below.

What is the meaning of this photo?

What is the meaning of this photo?

Notice that the same dress used in the above Presidential post-shoot was worn by Emilie in a photo of her and her family on this Facebook donation site.  The irony is almost too perfect. It’s creepy how easy it is to spot these inconsistencies.  Is the government really this sloppy or is all of this a way to build distrust in the government, provoke a revolution or something far worse?

Meanwhile, most Americans don’t seem to have an opinion about the outrages that their government is doing.  Most citizens keep going to work, sleeping, eating, and ignoring the government’s constant shenanigans with no concern either way.  They are all assuming that none of these events will make any difference to their everyday lives.  They have forgotten history … history that would tell them that they’re about to walk into an oncoming disaster just around the corner.

So if the Emilie Parker incident was staged and if the United Way website was setup for the tragedy prior to the tragedy, what does this tell us?

Were the parents really grieving parents or merely “parents”?  I personally did not see any tears shed by any of the alleged parents in any of the interviews, although some spoke with broken voices or really distorted, sad faces.

Sandy Hook - actors or real

Will he see her again?

Father of Emilie Parker just before his on-camera appearance.

Father of Emilie Parker just before his on-camera appearance.

Emilie Parkers dad

Father of Emilie Parker during on-camera appearance.

  • Was the alleged father of Emilie Parker really the father of Emilie Parker?
  • Is this whole incident really just a lot of smoke and mirrors?
  • If so, can you see through the smoke and mirrors?
  • Is Snopes correct in their assessment? Or are those like this one?
  • Is everything really legitimate, but nobody trusts the media or certain leaders?
  • Will the media or Snopes report things accurately if death camps start?
  • Did Nazi media report death camps in Germany?  Is that why most were shocked?
  • Are children recruited by the CIA under cover of death {unbeknownst to parents}?
  • What if none of these scenarios above or the media’s version are the truth?

The truth is that we may never know in our lifetime what the truth is. Sadly, if the parents are truly going through the loss of their children, their loss is aggrevated by the hysteria and distrust that the media, the CIA, and certain government officials have helped to foster.  Trust is built by trustworthy leaders. Those who lie to the people deteriorate that trust.

  • Does this help you understand what can happen when an agency like the CIA employs lies to do its business? or when Presidents break promises? Or when media falsifies reports?
  • Does this show you how a nation can reap what it has sown in deception and covert ops?
  • Do you see why the CIA should be banned and the military should take over intelligence?
Emilie Parker

This photo is an example of the stories being shared online …