TOP CIA: Former Nazi General


Nazi Major General Reinhard Gehlen

The CIA, via Operation Paperclip, secretly brought numerous evil Nazi scientists to our nation to covertly join American forces and to conduct grotesque experiments, all justified by the CIA’s “situation ethics”.

The CIA philosophy mirrors the Jesuit philosophy that “the end justifies the means” and for good reason if one knows the history of the CIA’s founding.

The CIA felt that our need for the knowledge of the Nazis was a justified reason to allow these sick souls to get away with one of the world’s most illegal, vile genocides in history.

The result was the United State’s most atrocious experiments in history including illegal operationschild abuse, and rape (click each hyperlink in this article to read more).

Operation Paperclip, the work of the CIA, allowed one of Hitler’s top generals to serve the government of the United States. After serving Adolph Hitler as a Major General, Roman Catholic Knight of Malta and Nazi Reinhard Gehlen was employed by our government as one of our own CIA officers as the CIA’s own website explains.

The founder of the CIA was himself a member of the Old World Order and Knight of the Catholic Church, awarded with recognition directly by the Pope that only one hundred men in all of Catholic history have received … no small feat.

Nazi Major General Gehlen should have been executed for being the cruel and evil Nazi leader that he was, instead of being rewarded by the CIA with a comfortable position in the United States.  The “end” does not justify the “means”.  We never need any person’s “abilities” or “knowledge” so much as to publicly reward a man’s despicable, brutal, and inhumane behavior.