HISTORY REPEATS: Not for lack of knowledge

Boston_MassacreI believe history repeats itself, not for lack of historical knowledge or due to improper logic.  The cause more often, in my opinion, is evil.

Let me give you two examples:

1) The recent cry for guns to be confiscated by the Obama Administration

We have the precedence of the American Revolution. This is not a matter of ignorance of history or a “bleeding heart” for the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting or an out-dated Constitution or some new wisdom that has come to President Obama.  You can look at the story of Paul Revere from our nation’s founding.


One of the signs that the British had an evil intent toward the colonists was when the British went after the Americans’ guns.  That famous poem by Wadsworth is still known today:

“Listen my children and you shall hear
Of the midnight ride of Paul Revere.”
Paul Revere’s Ride by Henry Wadsworth

This commonly known historical event should be known by every child in junior high school (unless their government school has kept them ignorant of it), and no President or Vice-President can act ignorant of the intent of the Second Amendment which is actually told in the story of Paul Revere and which is actually stated in the amendment’s first sentence as being “the security of a free State”.  Therefore, any ignorance is inexcusable and anyone with knowledge of its purpose has only one purpose in mind by going after the guns of American citizens … evil intent.

Revere_Dawes_plaque2) Joe Biden’s attempt to ban the private sale of guns

According to government statistics, alcohol and many other things have a greater impact on the violence and mortality rate in our country. Now Biden wants to end violence in our land by passing another law. Did Prohibition work? Did the war on drugs work? If the government can’t stop drugs from being sold, murders from being committed, or laws from being broken due to the evil in men’s hearts, then why do they think more laws will stop the evil … unless their true intent is also … evil.

In the case of Sandy Hook where guns were used or in the case of Adolph Hitler where guns were banned, the real culprit was not a lack of laws, but rather the problem of evil in men’s hearts. Evil can never be annihilated on this planet, but it can be slowed through two methods.

  1. The punishment must outweigh the pleasure with the perpetrators used as public examples.
  2. GOD’s Word must be restored as the authority and reason for doing righteously in our land.

Solve the problem of evil and no laws will be needed. However, our leaders continue to ignore GOD and hope the problem of evil will correct itself.  They continue to dilute the punishment against criminal offenders. That’s ignorance and poor logic combined; however, it was never really about knowledge or logic, was it?

It was always a problem of evil.