CIA MOLE: The ultimate infiltration

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In context of the transparency of the nation’s highest office, the CIA’s website contains an interesting quote from years ago regarding eight of the Presidents:

“What we discovered was that the CIA had provided pre-inaugural intelligence support to all eight presidents elected since the Agency was founded, but had no systematic records of those efforts.”

Since the CIA was founded in July of 1941 by Colonel William Donovan who was appointed by Franklin D. Roosevelt, there have been thirteen Presidents (including FDR).  Most recently, we have seen some indication that these Presidents may be heavily in bed with the CIA or perhaps even assets.

Jack Wheeler died of a suspicious death shortly after he revealed that Bill Clinton was a CIA asset who did their bidding.  

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Roger Morris, and Richard Poe all claim similar stories.

cia - clinton

Terry Reed, a CIA asset who assisted on “black ops” until conscience won out, also wrote “Compromised: Clinton, Bush, and the CIA” on the connection between Bill Clinton, the Bush family, drug trafficking, and some of the CIA’s dirtiest secrets.

We already know that George H.W. Bush was the CIA director at one time.  The fact that his son also served as President is then no surprise.   According to Wayne Madsen, our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, Jr. is also a CIA creation.

Take a look at not only these Presidents, but also other former Presidents and how they all seem to be saying the same thing while pretending to have different agendas as seen in this video, not to mention other strange connections through business and family.

Could it be that the last eight Presidents have served the CIA rather than the people of the United States?  

product_thumbnailIf so, the clouds would surely roll away and help us understand why this country has been so decimated by poor leadership and by parties that say different things to get elected by the American people, while continuing to do the same old thing of destroying our economy, liberties, and happiness.

They claim different parties with sometimes polar-opposite platforms, but the end result always seems to be the same old thing.


And a few more questions you might wish to consider for your children’s sake:

To summarize:

  • If the CIA brought Nazis over to work for them, how holy are they really?
  • How much power do they have over our elected officials?
  • Who are the masters of the CIA?

These questions should haunt all Americans.