GUNS: What they really want



Jesuit graduate, Catholic, and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy said ahead of Obama’s presentation that he didn’t know whether an assault weapons ban could pass the Senate, but said there are some measures that can, such as improved background checks.

“There are some who say nothing will pass. I disagree with that,” Leahy, D-Vt., told students at the Jesuit’s Georgetown University Law Center. “What I’m interested in is what we can get.”

… and we all know what the Jesuits really want – the same thing they wanted in Nazi Germany.

Some of them are still in denial of the Vatican’s evil and brutal atrocities, busily spinning their webs of lies with smooth serpent-like tongues. Then after committing the most atrocious abominations ever accomplished by one religious organization on earth with the world’s record for burning, torturing, dicing, and flaying martyrs during the Inquisitions, they wipe their mouths of their evil and proclaim themselves martyrs and heroes with grand authority over everyone’s souls and consciences as the Vicar (or Substitute) of Christ on earth.  In this previous hyperlink, their video proclaims their Roman Caesar hiding behind religious robes the very “Substitute of Jesus Christ” on earth.

Jesus lived poor and simple, didn’t hurt anyone and He stated that His kingdom was not of this world.