BURNING KIDS: Clinton’s ghastly legacy?

pope funeral2

Airtight proof that seventeen children were exploded, shot, and burned alive.  Who did it?

Watch for yourself:  Clinton’s Legacy?

Former President Bill Clinton was a graduate of the Jesuit’s Georgetown University.  Do you know what Bill Clinton is capable of doing? Those who know the Jesuits’ capability for political intrigue, lies and murder may understand the connection.

Dead Child from Waco2Watch for yourself another saga of Clinton antics like unto the previous video:  

There’s a reason that two of the best authors of the world’s most clandestine murders and espionage were so great at writing on that subject.  They also were trained by the Jesuits. You may have heard of them before … Alfred Hitchcock and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

The recent movie “V for Vendetta” is a twisting of an old Jesuit plot to kill the Royal Family and the entire Parliament of England known as the Gunpowder Plot.  Perhaps now you may better understand another article.