GLOBAL ELITE: Jewish, Jesuit, or Illuminati?

mask“Not everything is as it seems”

Those who strive with their fellow man as to whether the Jesuits, the Jews, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, or some other entity is the “real power” behind the “global elite” should really read a very pertinent and intriguing article at this link.  Although it is about the Pope’s resignation, it has a plethora of insight into the above question.

The recent movie “Vendetta” made use of a mask.  That movie is a great example of the “real powers that be” and their activity.  They love to revise history and to use masks. They never forgive and never forget. They create illusions and use mankind against each other.

Never forget what they have done in history by using people of various religions, races, and countries to accomplish their purposes. They entertain them in order to indoctrinate them. Their media, arts and educational systems create the true Manchurian candidates out of common everyday people around the world who sit and watch their screens, hear their tunes, or sit in some private, religious or government classroom while ideas are poured into their minds.