ROME: Reformed? Or smoke and mirrors?


Pope John Paul II with Satanic Cross in front of occult Obleisk

Vatican II was convened in 1962 and closed in 1965.  After the twenty-first Ecumenical Council called “The Second Vatican Council”, why did the Vatican seem to move in a new direction which appeared less like a Counter-Reformation war against the Protestants and other non-Catholics?   Why did new terminology and movements spring up?  Was it simply a new type of war? A covert war of smoke and mirrors? Of ecumenical seduction and deception?

Pope at the United Nations

Pope at the United Nations

The resulting secular movements of this “new ecumenicism” were the “hippie movement”, the new age movement (said by Dr. Cathy Burns to be fathered by Jesuit Teilhard de Chardin), the removal of prayer and the Bible from schools, the start of abortion (a current connecting point for Catholics and Protestants), the unprecedented and hedonistic sexual 1960s and the even more Satanic 1970s.

Religious movements that erupted after Vatican II were the “Jesus People” movement, the charismatic movement, the “Christian” rock movement, and a plethora of money-loving, sexually promiscuous, corrupt televangelists (all claiming strangely enough to be “Protestant”), as well as massive growth in a variety of ecumenical councils, Protestant-Catholic initiatives, and many other ecumenical religious inter-faith initiatives.  The article at this link is insightful into all of this activity.

Pope at the Tri-Lateral Commission

Pope at the Tri-Lateral Commission

The one result of all of these movements, both secular and religious, was the pulling everyone together into one large ecumenical stream.   Another result was that Protestant nations like the USA and the UK were being pushed as extreme left as possible.  Today, they are no longer Protestant nations, but secular.  Could it be this pushing to the far left was antithetical, so that in future days people will tire of their hedonism and atheism and finally cry out for religion, morals, and order again?  Could this be the point at which a Roman solution will be awaiting?

If you think this to be a bit too imaginative, have you considered how this very thing was done to Germany and Russia?  Today, we are seeing ecumenical relations between the Russian Patriarch and the Pope, similar to Germany’s move toward Rome and Poland’s Solidarity movement, etc).  Also, the last two popes have been Polish and German.  Are those crafty Vatican intelligence agents, known as the Jesuits, wreaking this havoc in order that the Pope might reap the benefits? What was another result of those revolutionary fascist and communist regimes?


Huguenot massacre, Papal Rome’s signature activities

Is it any coincidence that the villages were bombed where non-Catholic populations lived, and these people were annihilated systematically through the revolutions, communism, and fascism that occurred in Russia, Germany, Vietnam, Korea, and other countries?  Were the Inquisitions ended in the 1800s as was supposed? Could Vatican researches like Eric Jon Phelps be accurate when he stated that communism, Nazism, and fascism were a product of the Vatican?  Is that why Pope Benedict XVI has pushed forward socialism in America and the disarming of American citizens in recent speeches? Is it because they are in the middle of another “cleansing”? Could their final goal (the synthesis) be to bring the world together under Rome’s ecumenical umbrella after being without “Holy Roman Empire” status for almost two hundred years?