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Intelligence is not something you can glean from today’s media or educational systems. Most countries have lost their knowledge of the ancient world as well as the basic truth regarding more recent world events. I have been privileged to bump into some individuals and stumble upon some information that is rare in this modern era.  I want to give examples, so that you understand that this blog is not just a conspiracy theory site where people spout off rhetoric, but information from verifiable sources.


intelMy understanding of how the world really operated began at an early age when my father was told by a colleague of the secret life of a special operative in the U.S. government who went by an alias name he had been given. This colleague was preparing us for when this operative took my family and I out to the ocean on his boat. This operative allegedly had to do some things in his line of work of which he was not proud, such as killing his comrade who was wounded in the water to keep the enemy from taking him hostage. Have you heard of that old military motto “no man left behind”? This operative was said to have been one of the elite commandos for Jimmy Carter’s failed mission Operation Eagle Claw.   While the world was told that our commandos were going to free the Iranian hostages in 1980 when their mission was botched, this operative told a different story.  He and his team were purportedly given special orders to kill our own American hostages in order to create a situation in which America could declare war upon Iran.  Ironically, the United States is still looking to declare war on Iran many years later.

sat imageAnother example, is when I was told by a gentleman about a memo that was intercepted by the CIA many years ago. In the midst of the conversation, he stated that before he retired from the CIA that he had the power to deny the President access to confidential information.  In other words, according to the words of this alleged high-ranking CIA officer, our elected leaders can be kept in the dark by the CIA. Bill Clinton had recently been in the news for sharing U.S. secrets with China.  This CIA officer stated that if it wasn’t for retirement, he would have denied access to President Clinton, the elected U.S. President.

intelligenceI was told by a counter-intelligence officer that the Jesuits are known in Latin America as “the sons of GOD” and were more dangerous than the mafia if you crossed them. Another officer in the area of intelligence once told me that sometimes when a submarine is bombed that they jokingly say the Vatican did it. In other words, he was saying that the Vatican allegedly has a reputation for such intrigue.

A CIA operative told me that he was Jesuit-trained and was involved in the killing of people in Nicaragua. He seemed to take pleasure in telling me how he killed these people. This operative has also worked as an employee with a certain large, powerful global bank (a bank that had been started by the Jesuits initially as an Italian bank before assuming an American name).

gunsAnother employee of this same bank was also a CIA operative.  In a private meeting between the two of us in which a recent news story arose during the conversation, he told me that you cannot believe most of what you hear in the media.  Notice that he did not say “some” but “most“. This is important for those naive people who think their government or media would never lie to them. Not everything is as it seems (a phrase that also came up during that conversation).

satI was told by a Legionnaire of Christ that his military-religious order was “the new Jesuits”.  He stated that he was “one man away from the pope” and I spoke to him about a number of things over a period of time.  One thing that I discussed was the Jesuit’s demographic reports on their website and how it appeared that through immigration of Catholics into the United States and also through migration of Catholics from one state or city to another that the Jesuits appeared to be moving just enough people around to take a majority in each area.  Though occult Knights, the Jesuits are able to use the fear of hell and the consciences of Catholics, who are driven to good works by their leaders, as a means to further their own agenda in this four hundred and eighty-three year old “marriage of convenience” between occult Roman Jesuits and Roman Catholics.

I spoke with a neighbor who was a CIA operative in the audio-visual sector who told me about how the CIA studies media such as music in order to influence people.

knights_templarA Knights Templar friend, whose father had served in powerful positions, told me about a great number of things covering a vast range including:

  • The timing for the Amero’s release to the Americas
  • The Knights’ “marriage of convenience” to the Vatican 
  • Eyewitness evidence of Hitler’s Knighthood 
  • Knights Templar beliefs regarding occult bloodlines and why they are important
  • How Satan is bad, but Lucifer is good (according to his beliefs)

Among many, many things he stated about their beliefs, he explained their “bloodlines theory” has to do with the “nephilim” in Scripture which the high-level Freemasons believe were the product of demons and human women. He also believes the children of this supposed act are his ancestors and this is why they trace their genealogies.  Remember that Mormons are Freemasons and were started by a 32nd degree Freemason, Joseph Smith. The Mormons have massive databases to trace genealogies.  He spoke of “blue-blood” being a mistranslated version of the French for “angel blood”.  If he was correct in his representation of the Knights Templar’s occult beliefs, could this be the reason the ancient Baal-worshiping royalty throughout the ages also inter-married?  And how did this play into being descendants of the sun?  Do they see Satan as being an angel of light connected to the sun? And is this why there is sun worship?   I give you his words and believe that he truly believed what he was saying.  I do not agree with the “bloodline theory”, because this would make them “damned” before they even had the opportunity to believe and follow their Creator. However, I sincerely believe that they probably think they are.  It’s a sad way to view one’s self.

SC Ancient Freemason Handbook3

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I discussed with a Knight of Malta the fact that Freemasonry is nothing more than the sun worship of Baal from Babylon, a secret that is truly not so secret if you spend time reading old history books before the modern era (almost all modern textbooks have been censored, revised, and distorted).

I discussed with a local Freemason about how the lower degrees (three and below) are completely ignorant of what takes place in the higher degrees of the lodge. We also discussed state-wide information regarding their order.

SC Ancient Freemason Handbook2

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I spoke with a 32nd degree Freemason who was best friends with the head of all the state’s Freemasonry and also personal friends with a top fundamentalist.  I later saw him featured in this fundamentalist organization’s publications.  This 32nd degree Freemason told me how the founder of this top fundamentalist organization was a Freemason.  I later verified his story as being affirmed by other sources. Our conversation gave me insight into how occult Freemasons might create organizations with the money of their fellow craftsmen and then fill each organization with appropriate people – people with whom they may totally disagree in order to lead, train, infiltrate and control them.

SC Ancient Freemason Handbook1

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Examples might range from very godly, Bible-believing Christians working within conservative religious ministries to far left-wing liberals working within hospitals or charitable organizations … all completely oblivious that they were performing their work for occult members who owned their establishment, but all dedicated to their ministry or charity with absolutely no knowledge of the occult owners and founders who wore masks to appear charitable or spiritual.

In this way, the occult seems to persuade the most kind and generous of individuals to work for little pay, while providing great wealth to the treasure chambers of the occult. This particular 32nd degree Freemason with international ties joined a fundamentalist church and the pastor’s daughter worked for this Freemason.  I warned the pastor of this individual and told him who he was, but the pastor never removed this individual from the membership. Furthermore, the pastor and the associate pastor both spoke favorably of supporting the Freemasons financially. This church also had a teacher who stated that his family was connected to the CIA, and I indeed knew they were connected to the CIA from other means. Furthermore, this pastor was also involved in not only his church, but also in a large fundamentalist organization which had Freemason connections in the top levels of its board and leadership. Most people in such churches or ministry organizations are wonderful people, but completely clueless of their leadership’s true identity.  Is it possible that the work of devils is done by the naive righteous in even intelligence organizations?

I spoke with an immigration lawyer in Oklahoma whose father claimed to be a former Jesuit who was asked to infiltrate various Protestant church denominations among other duties that he stated that he performed when in the Vatican’s service.  Beware that such infiltration is part of the Jesuit’s oath.

These are a few examples of how personal communication with actual people is sometimes far more effective than listening to Fox News, the “conservative’s choice”, which happens to be completely controlled by high-ranking Vatican Knight, Rupert Murdoch, and is staffed by a plethora of Vatican men including Jesuits.

The occult "Wheel of the Sun" from ancient Baal witchcraft can be seen in this Knight's breast star medal.

The occult “Wheel of the Sun” from ancient Baal witchcraft can be seen in this Knight’s star medal. The “Wheel of the Sun” or “Wheel of the Year” represents eight points of light during the sun’s annual rotation. These quarters form a cross. The cross quarters form an “X”. Overlaid, they form the eight-pointed star of the “Wheel of the Sun”. The quarterly seasons or divisions of the path of Baal’s chief deity of the sun are celebrated by witches as Yuletide (North Quarter of the Wheel), Easter (East), Midsummer’s Day (South), and Harvest Home (West). The “X” cross-quarters are celebrated by the occult at Candlemas (upper right), May Day (lower right), Lammas (lower left), and Halloween (upper left).

What do I get paid for sharing all of this information with you? Nothing.  Do I take risks in sharing this information. Yes.  I have shared certain information that I know is not as accessible from the controlled media, because I want to love my neighbor as myself.  I do not desire to talk of the symptoms, but the root cause for most of the ills in the world around us. To chatter endlessly of which economic theory is best or which party or candidate is superior is mindless.  When you have controlled pawns serving in the highest government offices of the land, one must realize their economic strategies fail due to their own brilliant design rather than by their incompetence.

They waste their citizen’s money purposefully. They never seem to balance the national budget purposefully.  Anyone with an analytic mind and an understanding of the Bretton-Woods system can figure out why we’re never going to see improvement.  For globalism to work, the rich nations must meet the poor nations halfway. For global powers to dominate every citizen every minute of every day, the guns must be confiscated.  Immigration must take place to change the demographics.

The list goes endlessly, … and so the root issues are never seen in the media but once someone shows you these roots – their reality and history, all the issues of today are finally seen as merely symptoms of a far more sinister root problem.

This is why I speak out. To save the citizens of the world the gray hairs, worry, and frustration with their national representatives and Presidents.  If your government officials wanted to make your life less burdensome, they could have done so easily by now.  If they truly cared about making your life better, instead of their own, they would cancel their various world summits and their plans to make you a slave of the system with a global ID mark, continuous monitoring through their massive surveillance system, and their depopulation programs. Every time you vote, you are given a choice of candidates … their candidates.  Whether you vote for one party or another, you always vote for them.  Repentance and revival is our only hope, so that GOD can fight for us.

Heathen Holidays - Wheel of the Sun

One last word of warning. Most everything is electronic and monitored today. You are being watched. The internet stemmed from Arpanet, the technological “honey-trap”, and thus your emails, blogs, and other communications are seldom if ever secure regardless of how many firewalls, security precautions and encryption techniques you use. If you view the Nova documentary “Spy Factory”, you will realize your phones, laptops, screens, voice mail, webcams, cell phones, smart phones, and other electronic forms of communication are monitored, even when you are not using them. Such is the state of the world. Men in global power enjoy their view of the world.

The readers of Political Connection, which come from well over one hundred and seventy-eight countries of the world, have been given a view of the world that is oftentimes obscure. To some, it is a view that is new, perhaps bizarre, but nevertheless a view that is essential if mankind is to understand the powers which desire to enslave them.  As a student of the Bible, I can also examine all intelligence information in the context of Scriptural truth to filter out the lies from the truth.

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I have attempted to open the eyes of the world to the power of the Roman occult leadership who use many bases of operation including Vatican City and many masks including the most conservative and revered of individuals, both politically and religiously. The power ratio of these powerful individuals has reached a point of “no return”, in my estimate, unless something drastic were to happen such as the entire world turning to the GOD of the Bible for assistance. Only GOD can save the righteous at this point … and He will at the Battle of Armageddon.