VATICAN: The scandals hit the fan

Pope Benedict XVI poses with Italian cardinal Bagnasco and bishops from the Liguria region during a meeting at the VaticanReuters is reporting that the Vatican is being rocked by unprecedented events. The Vatican is under threat from the European government and the international community, including the potential arrest of Pope Benedict XVI.  Some see the Pope’s recent resignation as an attempt to avoid arrest.

See the Reuters article here, as well as commentaries from the United Kingdom’s “The Telegraph” and other news sources here and here and here and here.

With reports of Vatican corruption having taken place for centuries, why does there seem to be a sudden exposure of their activities such as child abuse? Why does there now seem to be a recognizable lack of immunity for them by the media as they have always enjoyed in olden times?  Has the Vatican power run out? Has it been shut down from infiltrators within? Is there something more intriguing taking place? The Vatican has probably been the greatest vehicle for a certain global elite group of people, but could it be they will now turn upon the Vatican after having used their religious cloak to gain access into the highest levels of power internationally?  My Knights Templar friend called the relationship between the “powers that be” and the Vatican a “marriage of convenience”.  Is a “divorce in the works”?  Have the “powers that be” found new more powerful shells of power in which to reside or is this just a smokescreen to bring critics of the Vatican out of the shadows? You must read the article at this link to understand what is taking place in history currently.