TRUE TERRORISTS: Religiously devout or global fascists?

soldierDays after the 9/11 incident in 200 on a national radio broadcast, I warned that this “War on Terrorism” might be used to label anyone devout enough to die for their beliefs as a “terrorist”, and in saying so on the national air waves, I implied that the 9/11 debacle was perhaps more about leaders like Skull and Bonesmen Bush and his cadres abusing the power given to them with the misnamed “Patriot’s Act” to possibly war on those with devout beliefs under the guise of fighting terrorists.  How else will these global fascists and proponents of a “New World Order” (first mentioned by Bush the Elder) ever unite all people under their world umbrella unless they can combine all their beliefs into one adhesive religious conglomeration … which means everyone had best stop being so devoted to their religions which often contradict each other.  Moderate religion adherents can then be more easily merged.  Thus, their strategy, as I foresaw it as a possibility, was to use the 9/11 fanatics from a violent religion (that teaches in their official dogma to kill “heretics”) as a way to paint the devout of all religions with the label “terrorists”, even though most religions teach peace and charity.   How far away was I in my analogy and suggestion?

freeMy suggestion did not miss the mark.  Over ten years later, one of our leading military organizations, West Point, is indoctrinating top military officers to suspect those people who are extremely devoted to their religion, as well as those who desire freedom through limited government.   Arie Perliger is among those who are teaching such rhetoric as can be seen on West Point’s official site at this link.   While there will always be violent groups from all walks of life, including the CIA from our own government, who has tortured and raped children according to documented testimony heard by government committees in Washington D.C., one should never stereotype all government organizations as “terrorists”.  For West Point to promote such hate-mongering by maintaining this rhetoric on their site is hate speech at best, and at worst it suggests they are purposefully seeking to annihilate a certain segment of the population due to their religious or political beliefs.

Washington Times reports:

“A West Point think tank report that links people who believe in individual freedom with violent “far right” movements has stirred strong opposition from conservatives and former members of the military.”

Arie Perliger

Arie Perliger

Many conservative Jews, Christians, and freedom lovers who have done nothing but pay their taxes and live their lives are being stereotyped by the true terrorists on this planet … those war mongers who teach hate against conservative, peaceable citizens.  These global fascists of the “new world order” stoop over so far to try to “connect the dots” on “who the terrorists are” that they have ripped their metaphorical pants and have failed to cover their shame in their fervent hate toward Christians, Jews, and freedom lovers. Instead of admitting their error, they shamelessly refuse to apologize, and instead push more vehemently to rid the world of anyone who refuses to kiss their boots as they march toward global domination. They say the devout (which they tauntingly call “the radical right”) from all religious disciplines are all the same.  Furthermore, they reveal their own not-so-clever agenda when they group people who want “limited government” into the mix. 

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In the minds of these occult Roman Knights, who hide under cloaks like Freemasonry, the Illuminati, Skull and Bones, the Jesuits, and other radical front groups seeking global domination, most of the world is full of terrorists and especially those who stand in the way of their global fascism.  They would seek to agitate us, but we must bide our time, maintain self-control, and refuse to be agitated by them, while maintaining a vigilant posture of self-defense at all times in our monitoring of the legislative, judicial, and executive branches, as well as the indoctrination of our soldiers, our government school students, and other venues where they are promulgating their hatred.

Nathan Hale, Freedom Fighter

Nathan Hale, Freedom Fighter

We must maintain our freedom and our arms. To defend one’s self and one’s family is one of the few reasons a good man will use arms and it is justified by the Bible religiously and the Second Amendment legally.  Imperialism and globalism in an aggressive stance is never justifiable.  These global fascists are the terrorists.  Justice is not determined by who has control of the media, power, or money.  Justice will not be served in this lifetime.  It will be served in the next. That’s reassuring when you see the evil elite who seem to be winning “the day”.  This life is the “night” and sometimes there are “nightmares”.  The dawn of “the day” doesn’t start until we die … and for these global terrorists with faith in themselves instead of Jesus Christ, it will be a day of infamous terror as they spend it in the lake of fire.  For those in Christ, it will be an endless day of joy and sheer pleasure as they enjoy incomprehensible love away from those greedy, proud global fascists who hate.