SNL: Who was sacred?

Look at this first photo and its caption, then read the article.


BLASPHEMY - phil-hartman-as-jesus-christA good example of Voltaire’s quote above can be realized by reading the story at the link below. We all know that Saturday Night Live was extremely irreverent and disrespectful in their crass, blasphemous, vulgar humor which insulted every race, religion, and sacred belief with the exception of one sacred individual.  They blasted everyone and blasphemed anyone (including Jesus Christ repeatedly) without even an ounce of shame and no apologies.  I personally found the show abhorrent, because of their evil and blasphemous content.  However, as blasphemous and unapologetic as they were, remember when the following criticism took place as Sinead O’Connor told an inconvenient truth?  Do you remember the horror and disgust of the New Yorkers as they had a meltdown over the criticism that Sinead made (criticism that would be proven to be absolutely true in the years that followed to the tune of $3 billion worth of payouts and proof)?  

djesus-uncrossedDjesusWhere were these same New Yorkers when Jesus Christ was being blasphemed on the show?  Why didn’t they speak out or react more vehemently over the blasphemy of Jesus Christ, the Savior of mankind? Who is their real “god”?  Who is the world’s power broker on earth?

Sinead rips photoRead this Wikipedia article to find out: