FED UP: Drones, bullets, & targeting kids

“The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War


If you have been around any news whatsoever in the recent couple of months, you have probably heard of the United States Department of Homeland Security’s and many other government agencies’ purchase of billions of bullets and also of the controversial question as to whether President Obama can kill Americans with drones … and they’re also targeting kids – literally, as can be seen below.

rand paul
If you have ever worked in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, you understand the basics of how to sort and filter data.  For example, if you have six columns with the headings of “New Yorkers”, “guns”, “facial recognition data”, “gun owner’s residential address”, “gun owner’s cell phone”, and “Has or Has not”, then you can sort and filter government data as to who does and does not have a gun in New York.  Furthermore, if you send a live feed of that data into a drone, it has the capabilities to kill anyone who has a gun in New York based upon facial recognition data, residence, or when the person answers their cell phone.

droneThe same can be done on those with or without a national ID and by using many other criteria and means.  In past years, scenarios like those described above would be considered fodder for “tin-foil hat” brigade stories, but not today.  These scenarios are now taken seriously.  These are examples of how many “tin-foil hat” brigadiers are being proven correct in their analysis of the data they are seeing.  More and more of these questions are being fought in Congress, so they are no longer conspiracy theories, but questions that are being won or lost on a daily basis.

fbCan Facebook and other social networking data be sorted and filtered?  Absolutely!  Imagine a world in which people are killed by drones based upon their religious or political beliefs.  Is this too far-fetched?  Not with the wrong person in office and especially if President Obama and his cohorts continue to rip away the United States Bill of Rights and other legal obstacles that are in place to stop tyranny.  There could be a day when people are killed for their Facebook status or postings.  The technology is already here.  It’s just a matter of whether a President ever hates conservatives enough to kill them, and whether there are still legal obstacles to keep him from doing so.  Those who think such thinking is extreme are fairly ignorant or naive …and trust me … there are many.

"Shooting target" of a pregnant woman purchased by Homeland Security for their men to shoot

“Shooting target” of a pregnant woman purchased by Homeland Security for their men to shoot

When is it time to say “enough is enough”?  One must be careful when they see tyranny in leadership.  The timing of when to fight back must be chosen with caution.  If one intervenes too soon, needless bloodshed can occur.  If one intervenes too late, needless bloodshed can also occur.  Several cliches come to mind:

  1. “Know Your Enemy”
  2. “Be prepared”
  3. “Wait until you see the whites of their eyes” 
  4. “Don’t strike until they strike first”. 

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