INFILTRATION: How Rome uses pretenders to destroy your free speech

“If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.”  ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Hal Turner, FBI Asset, Infiltrator and currently being used to paint firearms owners and normal American free speech advocates as extremists.

Hal Turner, FBI Asset, Infiltrator and currently being used to paint firearms owners and normal American free speech advocates as extremists.

I have described in another article at this link that the FBI and CIA were created by Roman Vatican Knights who would love to see Europe rise and America fall.  Knowing this will help you understand why the following FBI asset paints Rome as the heroes of freedom and morals. Rome creates situations that need them to come to the rescue; in the process, they win admiration and power.  Many books have been written on how they use infiltration and other techniques in order to destroy us.  They do the same thing to religions, schools, corporations, and more as well.   Many other Vatican researchers have written of Rome’s desire to destroy our Bill of Rights, freedoms, economy, and to ultimately punish our nation for her hundreds of years of success as a Protestant nation.

I have also shown how their Roman assets such as Ted Kennedy in the article at this link are the ones behind the removal of freedom of speech in this country.

fbi assetThe video at this link is an example of how the FBI uses men (like their asset, Hal Turner), posing as extremists in order to further their attack upon freedom of speech and infiltrate movements.  In this case, the neo-Nazi white supremacists are an obvious problem in the country, but rather than dealing with any actual crimes committed, they approach the issue as a “speech problem”.   My guess is that they will next create “thought crimes” and they will get to be the ones who can read everyone’s thoughts.  Beware, O Justice, they seek your demise.

Hal Turner, FBI Asset and infiltrator, is currently being used to depict firearms owners and normal American free speech advocates as extremists.  In truth, Americans have always been advocates of justice and Constitutional rights such as firearms ownership and free speech, but it appears that Rome and their powerful media machine are attempting to paint “normal” into a corner and marginalize it, while promoting perverse and fascist as the new “normal”.

jsuitsThey fabricate the issues in the most extreme manner possible in order to “cure” the issues with their “hate” speech legislation and other actions based upon their own hatred for the United States Bill of Rights and their hatred for Americans who can freely speak out.   This agitates the Romans who can’t stand to hear anyone have an opinion except themselves.  Throughout the Dark Ages, Rome was infuriated by anyone who disagreed with her flawed political and theological ethics and beliefs.  They are all about control and manipulation and hiding the truth down in the dungeons and extracting their own version of the truth by use of the Iron Maiden, the rack, the flaying tools, and numerous other creative works of torture that they designed during the Dark Ages.  Anyone who is over the age of thirty-five who hears the word “torture” used in relation to current government policies and motion pictures, knows that this country has never had such discussion, policies, or focus in the past as a nation.  It was only recently since the Vatican obtained an embassy through their men in power that they now are able to create such havoc in our land and bring such disgusting practices into our government.  Those who doubt my words should begin their research by first reading a few articles at this link regarding the globalist “old world” order of Rome.  They own your media and now they want to shut down anyone like myself who points out their evil.  They may succeed, but they will pay the price for their success in the next life for eternity.  They had best enjoy their unsatisfying success now, because in the next life, I pity them.  I truly do.

Finally, you will see that the specific agent, Hal Turner, who is in the above video, is now involved in infiltrating the gun owners of America.  Knowing your enemy is an important part of the battle.   My hope is to make that easier for you, although I realize that everything that I post can be filtered out by those men of Roman power, since they are the ones who created Arpanet which became the Internet.

Kennedy caricature as papal servant

Caricature faked photo of Ted Kennedy, but with his true beliefs shown. Kennedy was a major pawn of Rome in the war against free speech in the United States.

Hal Turner is also being used to create “hate speech” as seen in this video at this link so that gun owners and those who stand against sodomy are made to look marginalized.   The Romans left arm creates the problem while the right arm brings the solution.  The end result is that they want to see our Bill of Rights destroyed.  In this before-mentioned video, as in other videos, Hal whitewashes the Roman Catholic’s involvement and makes them look like the great preservers of morals and freedom which is the opposite of the truth.   Jesuits themselves have written about the massive number of Jesuits who are homosexual in articles such as the one at this link which describes the majority of these very powerful, extremely wealthy, globalist Jesuits who control many of the top offices of the world, as having turned their Catholic order into a homosexual recruitment tool.

Furthermore, it is their power that makes it possible for the “gay agenda” to have been pushed so quickly across the United States within thirty years through their media.  Also, with their far-reaching arm in our government offices like the FBI, CIA, and even Congress and the current Presidential administration (as is spelled out in the Jesuit’s own websites here and here), it’s no wonder that this country went from having sodomy on the books as a “crime against nature” three decades ago to having sodomy as a group within society who receives special treatment.  Only the Jesuits and Rome could have pulled this off.  No wonder the current Pope is a Jesuit … the first in history.  Reports also state that the President of the United States is both CIA and a sodomite as seen in the article at this link and this link.

Charles J Bonaparte, grandnephew of Napoleon and founder of the FBI (photo) Who Formed the FBI? It was a powerful Roman Catholic who was also a Knight of Malta and a trustee of The Catholic University of America. Charles Joseph Bonaparte.

Charles J Bonaparte, grandnephew of Napoleon and founder of the FBI (photo)
Who Formed the FBI? It was a powerful Roman Catholic who was also a Knight of Malta and a trustee of The Catholic University of America. Charles Joseph Bonaparte. 

Ever since Vatican II, the strategy of Rome has changed America’s landscape by dynamic measures of gargantuan proportions.  Speaking of which, when you see infiltration, NDAA (Inquisitions), crimes against nature, hate speech laws, and other signatures of the Old World of Rome all throughout our land, know that your land is now corrupted by Roman men.

Keep in mind that the Arpanet was pushed out by these Roman globalists. What has happened since they got this global ‘Confessional Booth’ known as “the internet”?  The sky is the limit including watching every click, secret comment, and prurient thought of every pastor, government leader, law enforcement officer, and authority in the world.  They can blackmail, extort, threaten marriages, push people to suicide, socially engineer the political and religious landscapes through their knowledge of men’s secrets, and tempt mankind in ways never before seen. They can find dirt on people, elevate them to power, and then use the dirt they already knew to control them.  And then there’s the social networking, dating websites, and smut sites that appeared with all of their deviant possibilities and false promises of anonymity to many before they were exposed. Never before have people’s secret thoughts been so leaked, creating an environment in which people are more and more accepting a lower and lower standard of morality, pastors are fleeing the pulpits in shame, and decadence has robbed America of its greatness.

This is why men fled the Old World to establish the United States.  This land was once great and beautiful but now it is a tattered, immoral version of its former glory much like a beautiful model after having been hooked on meth for years.  This land is living proof that Rome’s policies are inept and that whatever she touches is corrupted,   In a few generations, the people of this sphere will no longer remember the true history that we have been privileged to see and know.  History has already been revised and published, changing all the facts about this once-great land.  Truth is close to dying at this point, but only for now.  The Judge, on Judgment Day, will have it all preserved.

This land’s former splendor is also a testament to the wonderful power of the Bible and its freedom which was embraced by men like the Pilgrims, Puritans, and others, creating the free state that we enjoyed until evil Rome and her Knight’s recent changes began to corrupt and destroy us.  Jesus Christ is all about setting you free.  He gives you a choice.  You can choose Jesus and gain entrance to heaven through His death, burial, and resurrection, or you can choose to reject Jesus Christ and attempt to gain heaven on your own which is impossible.    Satan loves to enslave, manipulate, and control you.  He doesn’t want you to have a choice.  Satan wants everyone in the lake of fire forever.  Misery loves company.  Satan loves to lie through the corrupt media, deceive through sinful pleasure, and finally enslave you individually and as a nation.  He is greedy, proud, and longs for control.   His Roman assets on earth are no different.

Beware, Americans:

  • They have already corrupted your morals removing GOD’s blessing and protection.  
  • They are coming for your freedom.  
  • Their Inquisition, which takes many forms from war to fascism, is about to commence. 
  • Be prepared … and that begins with repentance. 
  • Know your enemy … know that occult Rome is the great perpetrator using religious Rome as a shield and cloak for which they call themselves clever.  We call them cowards.