GOOGLE BOOTS JESUS: Replace them with Yippy

cesar chavezWhile billions celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ this past Sunday, Google celebrated their own idol, Cesar Chavez

Yes, Google used its famous “Doodle” search logo art to mark the birth of left-wing labor leader Cesar Chavez as seen at this link.  Did someone not explain to their executive leadership team that Cesar Chavez is unable to provide them any assistance when they reach the Judgment throne in the next life?

Image pulled from the web using my newly chosen search engine "Yippy" .. Yippy!!!

Image pulled from the web using my newly chosen search engine “Yippy” .. to which I say “Yippy”!!!

While Jesus is the center of most timelines, the center of most of the world’s religions, and the Creator of the disrespectful leaders who run the Google company, Google decided that Cesar, who supported leftist and socialistic methods, was the more honorable person to celebrate.  Cesar was a union organizer, animal rights activist, and endorsed the regime of left-wing dictator, Ferdinand Marcos, as can be seen at the Wikipedia article at this link.

Since even Google couldn’t be ignorant of the world’s largest religion’s celebration of the resurrection, I must conclude that they are extremely malevolent and hostile towards Jesus Christ and His followers.

Let’s make sure that Google pays (literally) for their hostility toward Jesus Christ and Biblical values. After all, conservatives are still the largest segment of the population in the United States as seen in this article at this link.

yippyIt’s time to stop funding the left’s businesses and their resulting hostility toward Christianity.   Start using this search engine: as both your search engine and also as your “start page” or “home page”.

You can read more about the values of Yippy at the Wikipedia article at this link. You can search images, maps, news, and much more.  You can also download their browser and other helpful tools at this link.

Google spies on you as shown in this article at this link and also at this link  Let’s empower those who believe in our values with our money, resources, and every single click of our mouse.

Other alternatives:

NOTE: All of this said, I am disturbed by some who profess Christ who say that we shouldn’t expect Google to respect Jesus.  They’re the same shaggy-headed little wimps who will sit and watch their mom or wife or sister disrespected in front of them.  They think that’s “turning the other cheek” to fail to speak out and act when those they love are treated with discriminatory disrespect and hostility.  They then ironically quote Ghandi, saying “be the change” like the blogger at this link, while they fail to be salt preserving society or light to those who are watching to see how much they love Jesus.  Years ago, I remember asking someone to stop using GOD’s name with disrespect.  That’s because I loved GOD and didn’t want His name disrespected.   Today, church goers are all about not making “waves”.  They make no difference in their society and think that their spineless blogs or rock concerts are winning the lost.  They don’t have a clue about sacrifice, blood, sweat, and tears like the “greatest generation” before them who fought the Nazis or the apostles who were whipped, jailed, and stoned for standing up for their beliefs.  They teach that Christians should expect to be disrespected.  Do they let their own employees, friends, and enemies disrespect them? Do they smile cluelessly, thinking they’re “being the change”, while people shoot their dog or mock their sister or curse their GOD?   When their own children are dragged around the streets on the back of trucks by fascists until they are a bloody pulp, they’ll still be blogging away about how “that’s just how some leftists are – we just need to suck it up and be the change”.  That’s not just ignorant, but dangerous thinking at best.

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted? it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under foot of men.”  – [Matthew 5:13]