CALIFORNIA: War on the Constitution


California continues to attack gun rights in violation of the Constitution.

Their leftist liberal state has less ammo.

ImageWhat do you expect from a state whose current Governor is a Jesuit and whose former Governor was the son of a Nazi?

The full story regarding California’s fight against Constitutional rights can be found in the article at this link.

The Second Amendment clearly says:

“A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

ImageThe dictionary defines “infringed” as “to limit or undermine”. Limiting ammo purchases is infringement.

Also, as someone who once reported national news, I am wearied of hearing mainstream news reporters who act like hacks.  They continue to deceptively twist the purpose of this amendment.   The primary purpose of this amendment is not to own guns for hunting or home protection, but rather to protect one’s self against tyranny (i.e. “free state”).

Thus, this act in California is a violation of the United States Constitution which our military have sworn to protect against enemies, both foreign and domestic.  Will they act? Or will they violate their oath? If they fail to act, are they any better than President Obama?

The Constitution has been the charter for one of the most successful economies and governments in the world until the Old World Order began to decimate it during the past couple of decades.  Now the liberals see the Constitution as an obstacle to their tyrannical designs.

We are thankful for the many sheriffs who are working hard to fulfill their oath of office to the Constitution as seen in the article at this link.

Where are the military?  What’s the point of having a military or of being a member if it’s not about protecting Americans from enemies, both foreign and domestic?  Where are the military when the government continues to rob Americans of their Bill of Rights?  Which is more needful?  Maintaining a police state in Iraq?  Or preserving the Bill of Rights of American citizens? Which is imperialism and which is true freedom-fighting?   Which is the higher priority?  As more gargantuan violations of the Bill of Rights continue to occur domestically, one must ask “Is it really just about a paycheck?”.  Has it come to the point that when we shout about our “brave” troops, about their willingness to sacrifice for us, and their willingness to give their lives for our freedom, that we actually feel like those words are just hollow somehow?