GASTON: Laws changed as people grew naive

WilliamGastonWikipedia states of William Gaston, the Jesuit-trained founder of Gastonia, NC, (who was also the first student at the Jesuit’s first university in America):

“Gaston won elective office on several occasions, even though the Constitution of North Carolina before 1835 seemed to prohibit it, because Gaston was a Roman Catholic.”

Oh my, how the laws have changed as the people grow naive.  In fact, it appeared that Gaston won, because people in North Carolina had grown ignorant of the laws on their books and / or the reason why they had such laws.

test-act_59456dfb8bMost today are clueless as to why this law or many others were a law in this land.  They have never seen Rome when she was transparently practicing her dogmas, canons, encyclicals, and creeds out in public view … beliefs which teach that non-Catholics are heretics who must be killed (just like the Muslims also teach of non-Muslims being heretics).  History books have been revised and such warnings have been stifled.  Rome’s practice of her true beliefs are now conducted more covertly under the guise of other acts, wars, assassinations, intelligence fronts, and means.  Yet this Roman adversary is still alive and well … and dangerous.   She now has an embassy within our gates (as of the 1980s) and ever since she has totally changed the landscape of a once-great nation and continues to push America into a corner.

For those who wonder why states’ rights were so important to men like Patrick Henry who disagreed with George Washington and his 1776 version of America, one must only look at Article VI and the Fourteenth Amendment and how they have impacted our nation today as government looms more and more powerful over the lives of its citizens … and how certain men who were not allowed to hold office in the past are a huge part of the reason.