RELIGIOUS PURGING: The American-German connection

obama and pope


The Holy Roman Empire existed until 1806.  Since then, this empire appears to be busily working in a covert manner to rid herself of her enemies.   Other authors and researchers have spent time examining the various wars since 1806 and have concluded that most of them were clever forms of purging and cleansing of the non-Catholics from nations.

Hitler and church 2For example, millions of Buddhists were killed in the Vietnam war, millions of disciples of Confucius and Buddhists were killed in the Korean conflict, many Protestants died in the American Civil War and one researcher showed how bombing missions were conducted over Protestant German towns filled with civilians and no military interests during World War II.  I could take you in great depth regarding the men involved in some of the conflicts mentioned above if I wanted to lengthen this article and show their direct connections to the Vatican through their assets like William Sherman, Thomas Ewing Sherman, Natalie Delage Sumter in the Civil War and similar key players in other wars.  However, the fact that Hitler killed an extraordinary number of German Protestants and Jews is a documented example of which everyone is aware.  Hitler’s connection to the Vatican has been shown on this site as well as thoroughly documented by others as well.

Catholic Bishops salute Hitler, the "Son of the Church"

Catholic Bishops salute Hitler, the “Son of the Church”

What some may not realize is that Germany was a conservative Protestant nation, whose very ideals were being attacked by Catholic Jesuit priests, a group of men who have been banned from 83 countries for their subversive activities.

Germany’s attempt to rid themselves of the  Jesuits, and their poisonous methods, was unsuccessful.  The vengeful work of the Jesuits can be clearly seen in the fascist and occult activities that followed.  Lafayette warned that if America’s liberties were ever threatened, it would be at the hand of the Jesuits.  We do see many similarities between Germany and the United States today.

en-pro-german-pius12I have wondered for some time if the removal of GOD from our public institutions was just a ploy of Rome to remove the true GOD of the Bible, as taught by Protestant Christians, from society in order that Rome might then restore the “god” of Catholicism in our nation (their “god” being their Caesar the Pope).   The Vatican has a lengthy history of using leftist, communist, socialist, and fascist activities to further their cause),

Time will tell.

Berlin against RomeMeanwhile, Germany had this very thing happen. In the 1800s, they were a Protestant nation, but as the subversive activities of the Jesuits emerged, they began to ban them as seen in the Wikipedia article at this link.   The Jesuits are a tenacious and evil group of men.  It was at this time, the “leftists” and the homosexual Reich (from which Hitler emerged) pushed Germany towards corrupt moral living, atheism and occult belief.   That’s when occult Catholic Hitler rose.  After Hitler and the killing off of Protestants and Jews, the majority religion was suddenly Catholicism as can be seen in the article at this link.

clinton popeMeanwhile, since then the Vatican has scurried to hide their many connections with Adolf Hitler, so they could appear to be both savior and martyr, while also attempting to discount the number of people killed by the Holocaust (just as they tried to rewrite history on the number of martyrs they have killed during the Crusades, Inquisitions, and general cleansings they have conducted in past history).

Will the same thing happen to America?