FACTS: Brain-baths, bread and circuses

schoolDo you think for yourself? Do you make decisions? Do you analyze politics or religion? Based upon what?

Facts are an incredibly valuable and priceless commodity today.  Information control is a very powerful method of brain-washing.  Everyone has their brain washed.  The question is “in what are they washing it?”.

Knights Templar and Freemasonry

Are schools and media a powerful force in your life?  If the government controls most of the schools, textbooks, and educational resources, and about six companies control most of the media, what if someone were to see the potential power in controlling these seven entities?  What if someone already has?

1. Where do you get your information about the world regarding politics and religion?

Raleigh - history of the world

a) School teachers or textbooks
b) Business, Office, Church or Pastor
c) Social networking
d) Media (news, TV, radio, newspapers, internet, etc)
e) Parents or Family
f) Friends

1Where did they get their information?  Did they get their information from:

  • Their school, business, office, church, pastor, or media
  • Their family, friends, traditions, or popular culture
  • Canned news feeds
  • Libraries, old books, encyclopedias, reference books, etc
  • Their eyewitness or other eyewitnesses
  • The Bible
  • National collections, documentation, or old books
  • A matrix of official archives and databases
  • An investigated parties’ own websites and writings
  • Classic works and literature collaborated and weighed against each other
  • Books written at the time of the event(s) from various eyewitness viewpoints.
  • Interviews with foreign correspondents, intelligence agents, original sources, etc


  1. Do you make your decisions and analysis of the world based upon this information?
  2. Does it really matter if your information is tainted?
  3. Does it matter that your children and their generation may pay for your negligence?

Or should you rather just eat food, watch entertainment, and let someone else tell you what to think about your sovereignty, your freedom, and your eternal soul?


Wouldn’t the Bible be an important Book for school children to read if you wanted them to know about moral law?  If for no other reason but its amazing prophecies being fulfilled and the fact it is the most published Book on the planet, the Bible should be required reading in schools.  After all, it is also more quoted by all major religions than any other Book, and is more verified for authenticity and accuracy than any other ancient document in world history with thousands of ancient copies in existence.

The burning of Bibles by Rome.

The burning of Bibles by Roman Catholic religious leaders during the time of the Inquisitions.

So why the fear of this Book by Stalin’s regime who banned it before they killed millions through government-sponsored executions?  Why the fear of the Bible by multiple other fascists and dictators who banned it before they executed millions through government-sponsored executions?  

Why did the Catholic religious regime also want to confiscate the Bible, burn it, and burn anyone who translated it into the common man’s language?  Why is America headed in a similar direction?  Why the ban of the Bible in their schools?

Have you read it?  Do you think it just might be an important thing to do before you die?  Or before it’s banned and scarce?