KKK MASTERS: Whose slaves were recently found?

Magdalene slavery2

Catholic slave labor

Who is responsible for tens of thousands of slaves in the modern age?  Who has been recently found guilty of such acts?

As recent news this year shows the hand of the Catholic religious system behind massive slavery in the modern world as seen in the article at this link and this article and the article at this link and the video at this link, it brings back thoughts regarding who owned most of the slaves in America and who did most of the work to free the slaves in America.

Furthermore, it also brings to mind the white slavery and corporatism-driven slavery taking place around the world still today.

Magdalene slavery

Advertisement by Catholic-run orders for the laundry services performed by their slaves as recently reported.

Will the Vatican deny its hand in this most recent report of slavery?  Will they deny their hand in slavery over the past 1600 years?  Will they deny the Protestant’s great hand in breaking the chains of slaves when even popes, priests, and religious orders have owned slaves?  Why was there such an attempt to make it look like a Protestant Southern thing when the Sumters, Shermans, and other Catholic families were the ones from both the South and North who provoked this controversy into a war?

The Holocaust's mass killings and burials that took place in our past century and yet denials have already begun.

The Holocaust’s mass killings and burials that took place in our past century and yet denials have already begun.

Is it because those clever Romans have always been masters of expunging their evil deeds from the annals of history? Is it because they are experts at rewriting history to take them from despotic, cruel and evil villains to glorious, salvific heroes of every era of history? Are they not the ones who quickly hid their dirty deeds from the centuries past of conquest, rape, murder, enslavement and dominance of civilizations all throughout the world from Los Angeles to the Paraguayan reductions to entire continents such as South America in order to greedily horde other people’s gold that they had mined and to harness their lives for their own immoral, perverted pleasures and greed? Did the Jesuits not write themselves as the heroes of the people of the Paraguayan reductions in the movie The Mission when they were the perpetrators?

Roman Catholic fascist Ante Pavelić's Ustashi troops are seen here beheading a man as they cleansed the former Yugoslavian territory of non-Catholics.

Roman Catholic fascist Ante Pavelić’s Ustashi troops are seen here beheading a man as they cleansed the former Yugoslavian territory of non-Catholics.

Are they not masters of rewriting the numbers of non-Catholics that they have slain in cold blood during the Inquisitions from a hundred million down to just a mere handful? Have they not already begun to change the innumerable massacres and genocides of their many, many bloody Crusades in which they butchered Muslims, Jews, true Christians, and non-Catholics as well? Are they not already in this past century renumbering how many were killed in the Nazi Holocaust from millions to mere hundreds to almost nobody according to one Catholic priest? And why would the Catholic priest in the video at this link be so concerned about even stating that almost nobody was killed in the Holocaust if they weren’t the root and core backing of that barbaric work by their “son of the Church” Adolf Hitler (a title bestowed upon Hitler)? And why were there an entire array of fascists of Catholic belief (i.e. including Franco, Hitler, Mussolini, Ante Pavelić, Pol Pot, etc) who were well-known for their barbaric and inhumane acts against mankind?

The Iron Maiden was used to murder innocent non-Catholics with massive spikes thrust through their bodies at various points as the doors were closed upon the victim.

The Iron Maiden was used to murder innocent non-Catholics with massive spikes thrust through their bodies at various points as the doors were closed upon the victim.

Will even these modern events retold in time to present the bloodthirsty Dragon of Rome as a kind benevolent Savior whose leader blasphemously and arrogantly claims to be Jesus Christ’s Vicar (viz. Substitute) on earth? Are these not the same leaders who claim vows of poverty yet live in untold wealth and who claim vows of chastity yet rape little children and receive special treatment (if any at all) in their punishment above what the ordinary citizen would receive? Do they not rewrite their early synods, canons, bulls, and deeds to match popular opinion and to hide their ignorance and mistreatment of women and blacks or their beliefs that such had no souls when the political climate shifts? Did they not segregate, enslave, and mortify the dark-skinned slaves through their Klan, yet today they cast all the guilt upon Protestants and hide their wicked deeds and hand, yet the very conical-shaped hoods of the Klan were straight from Rome. Do they not blame Protestants for “killing Catholics” when in fact almost all the fighting from Protestants was because they were first attacked by Rome who attempted to beat them into submission? Do they not claim martyrs of their Jesuits who performed illegal activities such as the Gunpowder Plot in which they attempted to assassinate the entire royal family and Parliament of England when in fact these Jesuits were terrorists of the worst variety? Do they not rewrite movies like “V for Vendetta” to make their Jesuits appear to be the hero again in that Gunpowder Plot?

inquisition1Were they not banished from 83 countries and often multiple times due to their political assassinations and shenanigans?  To hide their sins, they call the truths of history by the name of “myths”, “false reports”, and “anti-Catholic slander” and with cold-calculated, hardened boldness, they plunge into rewriting and spinning history as soon as a new foul deed of their history emerges in order to make their enemies seem vicious and unkind, and themselves as pure as snow. Yet when even the slightest voice of Truth speaks out to reveal their dark, demonic and sadistic history, does not almost the entire hierarchy of Rome cry “anti-Catholic bigots”, “vicious slurs”, and “baseless conspiracy theories”.

inquisitionYet their heinous acts will never be expunged from the records of the Judge of the Universe. One day their works throughout history will be revealed of how much pain, misery, grief, and heartaches they have caused the whole of humanity with all of their many, many, many Satanic allies, wars, illegal operations, massacres, slave trades, rapes, Inquisitions, Crusades, and other bloody, blasphemous, and reviling deeds. Is it any surprise then when sources begin to disappear on the internet of historical or encyclopedic webpages that you once used for a source? Is it any wonder that these Romans immediately begin to deny their atrocities and try to turn the tables by calling you a “Catholic basher” when in fact you are a courageous Truth speaker standing up to a massive foreign government whose assets, covert organizations, global corporations, military industrial companies, intelligence organizations, and power is immeasurable, and whose Roman Pontiff (viz. Caesar) grants consultations to almost every world leader on the planet?

Jesuit Father Thomas Ewing Sherman, son of Civil War General William T. Sherman

Jesuit Father Thomas Ewing Sherman, son of Civil War General William T. Sherman

Did you know that Natalie DeLage Sumter was the god-daughter of French Catholic Marie Antoinette and also patroness of the Catholics in South Carolina? Was not South Carolina the first to secede from the Union?  Did you know that William Sherman’s son, Thomas Ewing Sherman, was a Jesuit priest?  Was not Sherman the general who performed an unprecedented act in these United States by having his soldiers rape the southern women and burn down their farms?  Did not the Oxford Index show the history of Catholic slavery in the article at this link?  Will they deny their hand in slavery just like their journalists and priests have denied the Holocaust and its numbers as seen in links like this one and this one and this one and the one at this link?  Will they deny the Jesuit reductions as seen in this link?  Are not these reductions the very ones that they show in the movie The Mission starring Robert De Niro in which they attempt to paint themselves as the heroes of these indigenous people?

Catholics celebrating Easter

Catholics celebrating Easter

Can we not remember our history which tells of how Rome would send Jesuit “missionaries” to plant “missions” throughout the entire continents of North and South America which always seemed to consist of a mission to enslave, kill, and rob the natives of their resources and force their conversion into Roman submission?   Los Angeles, a city with an abundance of resources, belonged to native Americans … until the men of Rome arrived.  Wikipedia states:

“The Los Angeles coastal area was first settled by the Tongva (or Gabrieleños) and Chumash Native American tribes thousands of years ago.”

“The official foundation date of Los Angeles is September 4, 1781, when tradition has it the forty-four pobladores gathered at San Gabriel Mission along with two priests from the Mission and set out with an escort of four soldiers for the site that Father Juan Crespí had chosen over a decade earlier. El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora La Reina de los Ángeles sobre el Río Porciúncula, (Spanish for The Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels on the Porciuncula River) is the original, official long version of the name of the town founded by the Pobladores.”

Magdalen slavery

Magdalen slavery (Catholic operation)

Do you believe these Romanists would ever return the city of Los Angeles to its rightful owners? Doesn’t the Bible teach restitution? I’m referring to the same Bible that Rome used to burn and which they now claim to have “given” to the world (somehow ignoring the fact that every author of the Bible was an Israeli Jew).  I highly doubt that Rome would return to the natives something they originally stole from them.  What do you think?

As one views the landscape of Roman Catholic history, one cannot help but notice their actions have displayed an almost Aryan supremacy in their treatment of the natives in lands they discovered, in their killing of innocent people whose ethnicity is not Roman, and in their enslavement and abuse of such people.

Roman Catholic in Spain wearing Catholic regalia ... who does this resemble?

Roman Catholic in Spain wearing Catholic regalia … who does this resemble?

An example of this truth is seen in an account written by the Spanish Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas in 1542 (published in 1552) about the mistreatment of the indigenous peoples of the Americas in colonial times and sent to then Prince Philip II of Spain which can be read in his full testimonial as seen in the article at this link. The video at this link is also helpful.

Time would fail to tell of all the incredible lies that the Roman Catholic people have told through blogs, historical revisionism, and their many media conglomerates in order to hide their massive atrocities throughout history, but history has a way of rising through all the lies to a place in the sun.

Whether it be in their colonies such as Florida and California before they were annexed to the United States or in their pro-slavery leadership after millions of their adherents migrated to the United States just before the Civil War or in their colonization of countless indigent tribes and nations where they massacred, robbed, raped, and killed the people who once inhabited the lands, their cruel hand always seems to leave its mark with a trail of bloodshed.  In the Civil War, numerous connections to Rome exist including Jesuit priest Pierre de Smet, Freemason Grandmaster Albert Pike and the murder of eight hundred Protestants in New Ulm, Minnesota, Freemason John Wilkes Booth, the eight Catholics who conspired and successfully did assassinate Abraham Lincoln, and much more including the testimony of Lincoln.  Volumes have been written on these matters.

Roman Catholic in Catholic regalia ... who does this resemble?

Roman Catholic in Catholic regalia … who does this resemble?

The Mayans experienced the same Roman enslaving graces as seen in the article at this link. The Incas also endured the same painful slavery and massacres as seen in the article at this link. The Aztecs were treated with the same type of horrors as seen in the article at this link and also as seen in the article at this link. The Marranos were treated the same way on the Iberian Peninsula as seen in the article at this link. The Guyanas were also treated to the cruel hand of Rome as seen in the article at this link.  These are only a very small handful of the actual ocean of atrocities committed by Rome’s occult and ecclesiastical empires against other human beings.

What most people do not understand in the United States is who was really behind the slavery in the United States and the Civil War.  What makes their crimes worse than other butchering intolerant religions is that they do their crimes not only for greed, but in the name of Jesus Christ.  In all of these situations, they always claim innocence and make themselves appear to be the saviors of mankind.  They love to reduce the number of Jews their beloved Hitler killed in the Holocaust or even deny the Holocaust altogether as seen in the video at this link. For every priest in a black robe who denies the Holocaust, there will be one in a white robe saying they apologize for the other priest’s words.  However, eventually as history passes, the Holocaust denier will receive a pardon as seen in the video at this link.

Catholics in Catholic regalia

Catholic children in Catholic regalia

The Catholics are known to appear as the “white” team, while the Jesuits and other like orders appear to be the “black” team, so that as they wage civil wars or commit other atrocities, people trust the Catholics who appear to hold the high moral ground, but who secretly betray them to the Jesuits.  Of course, the Jesuits are known for wearing their masks.  These are just examples, and the orders used may differ.  In the end, they have infiltrated too deep, they seem difficult to indict and their atrocities are difficult to prove due to their enormous power over almost every area of life in almost every country with a few rare exceptions.

These KKK members resemble the Catholic costumes from their Holy Week processionals that have taken place since the Middle Ages.  This photo of KKK regalia is from the Freemason D.W. Grifith's movie 'The Birth of a Nation'.   Keep in mind that the Freemasons emanated from the Knights Templar order of the Catholic religious system and share the same red Apollo's cross as the KKK.

These KKK members resemble the Catholic costumes from their Holy Week processionals that have taken place since the Middle Ages. This photo of KKK regalia is from the Freemason D.W. Grifith’s movie ‘The Birth of a Nation’. Keep in mind that the Freemasons emanated from the Knights Templar order of the Catholic religious system and share the same red Apollo’s cross as the KKK.

For example, F. Tupper Saussy, in his book Rulers of Evil, explained that a Roman Catholic adherent fills almost every department head for the United States, whether it be related to food, drugs, communications, education, medicine or a multitude of other commissions, and Saussy named each of the heads.  Their infiltration is deep, but they do not shout to others that they are Catholic.  They hide in the shadows and even take on the guise of a Republican, Democrat, Jew, Protestant, and whatever else serves their needs.  I guess that’s what happens when an order like the Jesuits has been banned from eighty-three major countries (and sometimes multiple times) for their political interference in the countries.

Catholic or KKK?

Catholic or KKK?

Now they’ve grown more clever and appear as the different groups they’ve infiltrated, including their greatest enemies.  In the Civil War, this infiltration of both sides was very handy, since the entire war could have been avoided quite easily as those who have thoroughly studied their history understand.  Infiltration and agitation of both sides was a key to not just this war, but many, many, many countless others as well.

Is it any surprise that a small band of wealthy leaders with ties to the KKK and Freemasons can found a large organization, whether it be a fundamentalist institute or a radio network or a successful ministry or a charity or a conservative political party where naive, hard-working Americans and Christians work for poverty-level salaries without any clue as to who really started and ran the organization?  Is it any surprise that they indoctrinate and propagate occult practices and beliefs under the guise of various religious names or political parties or media groups?

Catholic or KKK?

Catholic or KKK?

These occult men love to build great organizations, corporations, universities, and even thriving nations using righteous people, so that they can then take the entity they have chosen to the “left” after disposing of the people who built their little empires and organizations.  Is this cruel?  Absolutely.  Let us not play the fool for such people.  We must recognize their fingerprints.  We must trace down the money men.  We must refuse to grow bitter but instead better.  Ultimately, we must realize that this life is not going to bring justice to all.  The next life will.

Knights Templar with their famous regalia and red cross insignia which is shared with the KKK and their proteges, the Freemasons.

Knights Templar with their famous regalia and red cross insignia which is shared with the KKK and their proteges, the Freemasons.

We must bide our time and await the real life that is to come where Justice will be served by the Creator of the universe.  Meanwhile, we must protect our loved ones and do our best to make a difference through both activism and through being the right type of person ourselves. Is it any surprise that D.W. Griffith, the father of Hollywood films, created the movie “The Birth of a Nation” about the Ku Klux Klan when you realize that he was a Freemason, an order descended down from the Catholic Knights Templar order?

The Freemasons, Knights Templar, and KKK all share the red cross regalia as part of their uniform. Is it a coincidence that the Holy Week processions in Spain mentioned in the article at this link look like a KKK rally?  Who is behind Hollywood?  Who is behind the KKK?  Who is behind the slavery and the Civil War?  Who is behind so much of the misery in the world?

Catholic or KKK?  Can you tell which one it is?

Catholics celebrating the Holy Week in Spain which has been part of their festivities since the Middle Ages. Their uniform here looks very much like the costumes of the Roman Catholic Inquisitors during the Inquisitions.

As you will read in the article at this link, most Roman Catholics are just trying to win a place in heaven and are unaware of how they are being manipulated to fulfill certain aspects of the occult agenda of Rome (i.e. gun control, elections, massacres, revolutions, etc). Other Catholics are fully aware, but the true powers of evil are the leaders in Vatican City who are more occult than Catholic as some of their own leaders have pointed out. Catholicism is a religion that is in a sense “half-an-evil” with a mixture of the world’s two oldest religions, Paganism and Biblical belief; whereas, occult Rome is based upon pure Paganism.  The Vatican leadership appears to be primarily the latter.  Hitler is an excellent example of an occult Roman Catholic and a very good example of the duplicity of the Vatican itself who appears to be “all things to all men” but in the most diabolical aspect of that phrase.

Catholics or KKK?  Can you tell which one they are?

Catholics or KKK? Can you tell which one they are?

Before Baptist Martin Luther King, Jr arose in the 1960s to provide equal opportunity for all Americans, there were other Baptists and Protestants fighting to free slaves such as Presbyterian Henry Ward Beecher, Methodist Sojourner Truth, Puritan Wendell Phillips, Protestant non-denominational Gerrit Smith, Presbyterian Harriet Beecher Stowe, and many others.   In fact, it can be argued that the printing of the Bible and the resulting Reformation was one of the greatest reasons for the abolition of slavery, since slavery for 1600 years of Roman religious rule was an accepted fact before men broke away from Rome.


Freemason Dick Cheney is seen here in a Freemason handshake with Gordon B Hinckley, the late former President of the Mormon Church.

After all, once the Bible was printed in the language of the common man, they could read for themselves what the Bible said on slavery without the paraphrase of the Roman establishment who was bent upon greed and power.  More information on those involved in the power structure of Rome, Freemasonry, the Klan, and even the knights in Mormonism can be seen in the video at this link.  Keep in mind that the Mormons were started by a thirty-third degree Freemason, Joseph Smith.  Brigham Young was also a Freemason.  The Mormons also have aprons similar to their Masonic brethren.  The Knights of the Golden Circle, of whom the Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth was a member, was connected to the Klu Klux Klan as seen in the article at this link.

John Wilkes Booth was the assassin of Lincoln.  Annexed to the Bank of America Corporate Center in Charlotte, NC is Booth Playhouse, one of many Booth theaters throughout the United States. They were named for John Wilkes Booth's brother.

John Wilkes Booth was the assassin of Lincoln, a Catholic, and a Freemason.

Booth, was connected to the eight Catholics who conspired to kill Lincoln.  Four of the conspirators were executed by hanging.

Regarding the conspirators who killed Abraham Lincoln, United States General Baker stated for the record:

“I mention, as an exceptional and remarkable fact, that every conspirator, in custody, is by education a Catholic.”

Elijah Lovejoy

Elijah Lovejoy

Thus, we see a straight connection between the eight Catholics who conspired to kill Lincoln and the Freemason Knights of the Golden Circle.  We also see the connection between these knights and the KKK. Furthermore, we have seen a history of the Catholic leadership denying atrocities and connections to evil such as the Holocaust or the lowering the numbers of the Holocaust or Crusades or Inquisitions. Thus, is it surprising that we heard the Vatican saying that they detest Freemasons in years past, yet you see the direct connection between Booth and Catholics in the Lincoln conspiracy. You also see a connection between the Freemasons and Catholics in the death of Pope John Paul I as written in the book In GOD’s Name by David Yallop.  In Hollywood and Los Angeles, as mentioned earlier, we see Catholic rule (and throughout California for that matter), and ironically it is chosen as the headquarters for the Hollywood movie and television industry, a business whose founders were Freemasons as seen in Freemason Hobart Johnstone Whitley, the father of Hollywood, D.W. Griffith, the father of film, MGM’s Louis B. Mayer, and many other Hollywood founders who publicly wore their shriner’s caps and allegiance to occult Freemasonry.

Roberto Calvi was another link between the Vatican and the Freemasons.

Roberto Calvi was another link between the Vatican and the Freemasons.

Throughout history, the incidents that evidence the Vatican-Freemasonry connection is quite extensive.

On the other hand, those who stood against Rome seemed eager to help slaves. Elijah P. Lovejoy was one of these “color-blind” Christians who loved his fellowman more than his own life.  Lovejoy was an American Presbyterian minister, journalist, newspaper editor and abolitionist.  He attended the Princeton Theological Seminary. Once licensed to preach, he returned to Missouri and was placed in charge of the St. Louis Observer, a reform organ of the Presbyterian church.  This was during the days when congregations spent their money on making a difference in society and influencing them with the Gospel and a Biblical worldview instead of spending it on cathedral building and exclusive Christian baseball leagues which help them avoid their neighbors and avoid interaction with their community.

Lovejoy began to produce antislavery articles which elicited “great excitement and bitter feelings,” despite the fact that they were moderate in tone…calling for gradual emancipation and the colonization of the freed blacks.


Children enslaved and abused by Catholic nuns.

Reverend Lovejoy also warned Americans about the Roman papists.  He called the Catholic religious system the “Mother of Abominations.”  He wrote that the Catholic church “was approaching the Fountain of Protestant Liberty” with “stealthy cat-like step” and “hyena grin,” seeking to “cast into it the poison of her incantations.”

Catholic Slavery

Under great public pressure to cease the publication of his antislavery beliefs (particularly after he protested the public immolation of a mulatto resident of St. Louis), Lovejoy prophetically declared: “I am ready, not to fight, but to suffer, and, if need be, to die for them.”   He chose to stand upon the platform of freedom of speech and the press, writing:

“I deem it, therefore, my duty to take my stand upon the Constitution…We have slaves it is true, but I am not one…I do, therefore, as an American citizen and Christian patriot, and in the name of Liberty and law and religion, solemnly protest against all of these attempts to frown down the liberty of the press and forbid the free expression of public opinions. Under a deep sense of my obligations to my country, the church, and my God, I declare it to be my fixed purpose to submit to no such dictation. And I am prepared to abide the consequences.”

In this photo, the Library of Congress features Elijah Lovejoy, who was killed by a pro-slavery mob on this day in 1837.

In this photo, the Library of Congress features Elijah Lovejoy, who was killed by a pro-slavery mob on this day in 1837.

The “consequences” were the destruction of his Observer office and its printing press. He was murdered by a pro-slavery mob in Alton, Illinois, during their attack on his warehouse to destroy his press and abolitionist materials.