DARK KNIGHTS: The Dragon’s Throne in Rome

black helmet sideWhy do “the powers that be”
Pretend to ‘crush the bourgeoisie’?
They’d never crush themselves, you see.

What recipe do they brew?
What virtues do they extol?
And which mechanisms of society
Do they now control?

Dark Knight

The Lord of the Rings – who is he?


What secret oaths did they take?
Like chameleons in a cape.
The knights of Babylon in Rome
Who help a dragon on its throne,

If you could hear their secret vows
To crush you and cut out your bowels,
If you could learn their cruel schemes,
Their hideous, dark, and brutal dreams,
Their plans for global domination
Of every party, sect, and nation.

Give up your rights, they boldly say
And all your fears they will allay.
They’ll stamp the terrors all away.

In Truth, they are the terror plot
Which they pretend they just cannot
Stamp out until they own your lot.

Through intelligence and covert means
They built their secret world regimes
And now they own both sides of all
The left, the right, the globe in thrall.

V mask of the Jesuits

Anonymous, the defenders of Guy Fawkes the Jesuit and the champions of the motto “Never forgive, never forget”. Who could such people with a Vendetta be?

With heads and horns and wearing black,
They scheme and plot to set their trap.
What purpose do they have so cruel?
That all they do is work and drool?
They long their empire back once more,
The world they once did rule before!