GLOBAL ELITE: Stop the parasites


unemployment1What if you knew a simple solution that is absolutely certain to repair the economy globally and that would also shrink the power of the greedy globalists who seek to control us?

Do you think it would ever appear on the top media outlets or other global channels?  That’s why I need you to help me spread the word by clicking “Share” at the bottom of this page.  I believe this article has a solution that can slowly destroy the power of the globalists, while boosting the economy of all nations globally.  Be sure to read it and if you agree with it, please share, share, and share some more.

images (8)Robbing the citizens, both middle-class and rich, is never a smart choice. Robin Hood did wrong in order to do right, but history still portrays him as an outlaw.  The Jesuits (who headed the Inquisitions) and the CIA believe…

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