Filipino inventor turns plastic waste into fuel

Have you heard about this invention seen in Reuters headlines?  This should end the “fuel crisis” that is supposedly creating such a need for America to “defend her way of life” by conquering Middle Eastern countries.  

In reality, however, will it end the wars?  Will it end the fuel crisis?  Do you think that any invention could stop the evil that is in the hearts of the greedy men of the Old World Order?  Have you heard this news on any of the multiple media sources that they control?  Have you seen your gas prices go down?

Filipino inventor turns plastic waste into fuel

What can be done about it?  We can create our own gas locally using this process and sell it to each other, and leave these globalists out of the economic picture altogether.  What if their government stooges create regulations to prevent us from doing so?  We will cross that bridge when we come to it.  Think about how they already regulate our food, medicine, and so much more in a way that benefits them instead of mankind.  We must trek onward with determination and resilient persistence.

Plastic to Fuel