FCC’s Net Neutrality Rules May Not Survive Court

11812358-hr347-free-speech-is-now-felonyAs corruption continues in America, more laws and rights appear to be headed out the window.  The equality of individuals versus corporations is another issue at stake as can be seen in the article at this link.  This is what happens when a nation abuses its free speech, and promotes obscenity in the place of legitimate free speech. Citizens abuse it first, and then they lose it.

The FCC used to regulate obscenity, but today there is almost every vile and perverted form of pornography, blasphemy, violence, Satanism, and vile speech under the heavens being allowed as “free speech”.  I doubt that I will garner too many “LIKES” from other bloggers on this article, since most men today have their eyes glued to the latest porn sites; however, the truth must be published.


Free speech is not the right to impose illegal crimes on others such as those Hollywood and the American entertainment industry have forced upon Americans and deceptively claimed as “free speech”.  Forcing nudity, language, and other filth upon the public that was banned by the FCC in the olden days of America is not free speech, but criminal activity.  Forcing filth on families on public media such as cable television and the internet is criminal.  Forcing them to buy filters and special tech gadgets (that are not 100% foolproof) is not only criminal but unfair.  Such filth and criminal behavior is not free speech.  Now we see more changes to the FCC being considered which appear to go against the Declaration of Independence which states that “all men are created equal”.


Free speech is the right to protest the President’s actions at rallies where he is present, to stand for the religious and political beliefs that one holds dear, and to have a voice as a journalist or a citizen regarding our rights, the laws of the land, the political views or lifestyles of others, and the “powers that be” without fear of reprisal.  Hate speech is the enemy of free speech.  Speech that promotes criminal behavior such as violence was already against the FCC codes.  As strict as it was, even the Old Testament law didn’t forbid someone from hating.  It only forbid violence such as murder.  Why the recent proclivity to push for hate speech laws then?  It is nothing more than a way to police free speech.


The citizens are not fools though.  Those who try to regulate our speech will find a wall of human beings who are willing to die for their freedom and their right to speak out.  If such mass killing by the government takes place, they should know that most men prefer to be free and dead, than alive and enslaved.  They should also consider that they will one day stand trial in front of the Chief Judge of the Universe and be granted their rank and place in the next life.  Limits on the internet and special favors for some groups over other groups are new attempts by “the powers” to create an aristocracy and to shut down the protests of the citizens.

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However, most of mankind will relentlessly resist tyranny, especially in its most critical attacks upon freedom.  The “powers” know this and thus they are attempting to slowly remove what they feel the people will not protest as much like wolves slowly encircling the sheep.
We must not allow ANY changes to our rights or the laws that protect our equality and freedom.  Every law and right is a “brick” on the road to tyranny. We must protect each one with care.

When citizens do not allow GOD to control them, then they must be controlled by tyrants. Now where have I heard that before?

“Men must be governed by God or they will be ruled by tyrants.”  – William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania


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By Katy Bachman – The panel of three judges were so interested in the case that they extended the oral arguments from the traditional 45 minutes to two hours, still only a short time for a roomful of attorneys to determine the fate of Internet regulation.

What seemed especially vulnerable based on the judges’ questions is the provision that the FCC can force broadband providers to provide their service free to “edge” companies like Netflix, Amazon or YouTube. Doing so would reclassify ISPs as common carrier services—a move that is prohibited by the Communications Act. If the court strikes the provision, Internet providers, cable and telecommunications companies could charge Netflix-like companies to deliver a better connection to customers. more> http://tinyurl.com/nrwjp2o


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