SMART PHONES: Too smart?

iphoneI’m sure you are convinced that as the headlines states in the link above that iPhones “won’t store fingerprints” and feel better already, right?  After all, we can trust the NSA to not snoop into that data with their decryption and spy programs that American’s taxes funded, right-o?

Have you suspected that smart phones were well-named for more than obvious reasons?  Is finger-printing really only the tip of the iceberg? The video in the link above is a great big “FYI” to all of those who might be naive about how your privacy is being destroyed every single day.

1Welcome to “the global surveillance state” where anyone who refuses the economic “mark” of the Roman elite in the near future will have nowhere to hide and no way to escape identification.  With satellite scanning technology, tiny drones such as those seen on the DARPA website or as seen in this article and this article, can spot a dime on the ground from high above.  Also, heat-infrared technology and scores of other ways exist to monitor every inch of this planet.  Where will you hide?

There’s a reason for all of this out-of-control mania that is taking place in governments globally. If you have suspected that there’s an “elite” or you have fears that our world may soon change in a drastic manner, then you should know that wanting to be on the “right side” is not sufficient.  You must know the Truth and ensure you are on the right side.  A large segment of the population on this planet will not survive.  This I can say with certainty.

Red EyeImagine the worst horror that you have ever seen, whether real or fictional.  Nothing can prepare a human for the perilous times ahead. Your worst nightmare or even Hollywood’s most horrific films cannot even begin to describe the true fear that will invade this planet. Those “elite” who have used “terror” as a way to accomplish their agenda will not be immune.  They will indeed experience terror beyond anything they could comprehend, which will be fitting for them indeed.  Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World or George Orwell’s 1984 or the most vividly imagined and sick horror book ever written could never prepare you for what will take place in the future.  Imagine what will happen when power goes out, when food is difficult to find, when there is no law enforcement to protect you, when the bullets have run out for you and your loved ones, and when more crises than you can imagine is the state of your town. 

tumblr_mi175x4eYW1s517nho1_400Even the Bible, one of the most respected Books on planet Earth with more ancient copies to verify its authenticity and accuracy than any other historical work, clearly states that the last days will be very perilous times.  All signs show that we are all but there.  When it happens, expect to be afraid.  Very, very, very afraid.  Even the authentic Christians, who have less to fear since they have the promise of eternal life, will likely face martyrdom, the Book of Revelation indicates as it speaks of many believers who are beheaded.  An aggressive police state like none you have ever imagined is to be expected.  At one point in the horrors to come, the Bible says that people’s hearts will actually fail from fear and from trying to keep up with all the things coming to pass. 

GuillotineThe Book of Revelation is clear that the end will include the worst judgments known to mankind as can be seen in the article at this link.  

What makes today different than any other year?  That question can be clearly answered in a book-length report of all the events and technologies that have quickly come to pass in the past century.  A few examples include the nation of Israel being reinstated after almost two thousand years as seen in the article at this link.  

Twenty-two more prophecies are shown to be ready and awaiting the end in the article at this link.  

The new concept of a digital tattoo in place of a smart phone password is making headlines, but it plays right into the Book of Revelation as can be seen in the article at this link.  

Armageddon-movieThe winds are changing literally and the effects can be seen around the world fulfilling prophecy as shown in the article at this link.  

Will you be part of those who are redeemed or one of those who will face the sudden judgment as shown in the article at this link?  

Even church attendees are a sign of the end, because we see a great “falling away” taking place.  They listen to the “devil’s music”, wear provocative clothing, “sleep around” and divorce, and violate GOD’s Law on a daily basis.  The Bible says that men will mock prophecy in the last days in total disrespect of GOD.  Look around.  It’s here.  

2Not only do atheists and others mock prophecy, but many of those attending churches either mock or turn many of the prophecies into metaphors, much like “taking the fangs out of a cobra”, thereby avoiding the thought of potential judgment upon their own life or loved ones.

The Bible says the wrath of GOD will be poured upon all those who failed to give their lives to Him during the tribulation period, and the earth will experience judgments more horrific than at any time in human history.  

ArmageddonExplaining such prophecies away will not stop GOD’s judgment.  Will it be this year?  We aren’t told the exact date, but we are told the signs.  The earth is on the brink if you have been following such signs.  To see how incredibly close we are, be sure to read the article at this link

chinaThe signs are shouting at us in such extravagant numbers and such clarity and such volume that only a foolish man would risk his eternal soul for another day of sinful pleasure. I say to you:

“Repent and turn to GOD while there’s still time.”

executionsI’m sure Noah said something similar and was mocked or ignored … before the wrath of GOD was poured out upon mankind in that historical event which took the lives of every human except Noah and his family.   Remember how Sodom was also burned with fire?  Just before that event took place, Lot’s son-in-laws laughed, thinking their father-in-law was joking.  That’s how people in that city viewed GOD’s Word.  That’s how people today see GOD’s Word.  They think it’s a big joke.  They ridicule GOD.  They act in perversity and greed and even cruelty.  Across the globe today, we see a similar culture to Sodom.  Like Noah’s world experienced, the door will eventually shut.  People will eventually scream in pain and horror.  History repeats itself.

st--7m55An outline from the Book of Revelation of what will take place in the coming tribulation is available in the article at this link.  Today, turn to Jesus Christ and be saved from the horrors that will soon manifest themselves on this planet.    You may never hear another warning.  You may also mock or ignore this article, but keep in mind that there are literally a world of people in hell right now who died in the Flood who would encourage you to stop and think if they could.

You must know your Creator and commit your life to His ownership, asking forgiveness in repentance.  Your Creator’s name is Jesus Christ and He came to earth almost two thousand years ago to be born and to die for our sins.  He stated that He was the Way to heaven and that nobody can come to the Father except through Him.

sun and wavesAll of this was revealed to us through the Bible, the most published book on the planet and quoted by all major religions.  One sin will send us to hell according to the Bible.  That’s why we could never earn our own way through good works.  Works are futile, the Bible says.  Only through giving our entire lives to Him in exchange for His perfect sacrificial payment on the cross will we find redemption and eternal life.  Nobody can take that from us, including “the elite”.   The joys and pleasures of heaven will dawn like a new day for all those who trusted their Creator instead of themselves through the upcoming days of evil.  While the unbelievers are still screaming in hell’s painful tortures in billions of years from now, the believers will be enjoying the glories and beauties of heaven long after the tribulation period has passed.

If I’m wrong, I have still enjoyed a wonderful life.  If I’m right, I am very, very blessed beyond imagination, and those who doubted their Creator will be very, very, very hopeless.