FRIDAY THE 13TH: Unmasked

friday-the-13thHave you ever reviewed the plethora of theories on the origin of Friday the 13th as seen in this article and this link as well as many others?   I will first disprove one of the most conjectured theories, share some background information and riddles, followed by a hint at the most likely origin of traditions of events like “black Friday” and “Friday the 13th”.


Some say the origin of Friday the 13th came from the day that Jesus was crucified, but that’s impossible.  First, Jesus didn’t die on a Friday as can be seen in the Bible.

“For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.”  – Matthew 12:40


Some guess that Jesus was crucified on a Tuesday and some on a Wednesday and others on Thursday, but nobody would guess Friday unless they relied upon traditions from the Roman religious system of Catholicism which was pulled mainly from occult Baal practices (which revered Fridays).

A reading of Scripture convinces any reasonable individual that Jesus could never have been crucified on Friday.  Some call this day “Black Friday”, while others call it “Good Friday”.  Even if one counts “partial days”, they could never believe in a Friday crucifixion. 4jesusdeathandres7Keep in mind that the Jewish day took place from 6 P.M. to 6 P.M. (i.e. Genesis 1 – “the evening and the morning were the first day”).  For example, if Jesus was crucified at 6 A.M. and said “It is Finished” at 3 P.M. (Israeli time), then his disciples had three hours to get him into the tomb before the Sabbath took place.  Some get confused with this mention of Sabbath and assume it means “Saturday”, but that is a common weekly Sabbath.  The week of Jesus’ crucifixion included the Feast of Unleavened Bread which means they also had feast Sabbaths.  Such Sabbaths were what we today would call “holidays”.  In other words, “Sabbath” means “day of rest” and during a festival like the Feast of Unleavened Bread, special days away from work were granted at the beginning and end of the week.  Thus, the day right after the Passover would have been the first day (and the feast Sabbath) of the Feast of Unleavened Bread which meant laborers could take off from work.  A few days later, the standard weekly Sabbath would occur, followed by the final feast Sabbath day.

Pre-Christian era crosses

Pre-Christian era crosses

If it took only one hour to get Jesus in the tomb and one counts the couple of hours from Wednesday at 3 P.M. to 6 P.M. as a “partial day“, then that’s “one day”.  Then you have Wednesday night which is “one night”.  So far we’re at one day and night.  Then you have Thursday and Thursday night.  Two days and two nights is our tally.  Finally, you have Friday and Friday night which equals “three days and three nights” as Scripture says, and Scripture cannot be broken.  This results in the disciples discovering Jesus’ body missing at dawn on Saturday morning, which is what the Bible actually says in the Greek (i.e. Jesus rose on the first of the “sabbaton” or “Sabbath” with “rest day; the seventh day of each week” being the primary meaning).  However, between English translations which played semantics with the meaning of the word or Roman Sunday traditions (which came from their Sun-god worship), the resurrection of Jesus was changed to a Sunday.  Then again, some would say that Sunday is legitimate and that “Sabbath” has a secondary meaning of “week” (i.e. Jesus rose on the first of the “week which can then be positioned as “Sunday”). This latter translation takes a lot of linguistic semantics to pull off, and is very unlikely since the Jews observed their sacred assembly on the Sabbath day for their entire history since their Exodus from Egypt, and even Jesus observed the Sabbath congregational meeting as seen in Luke 4:16.

venus transitRegardless if one counts “partial days” or if they use “Sunday” instead of the “Sabbath” as the day that Jesus rose from the dead, we mathematically cannot go beyond Thursday for the day that he was crucified unless we defy logic.

Therefore, where did Friday the 13th originate?

wheel2Did you know that the sun worship of Babylon is the core of occult beliefs?  Did you know that a chief number of the sun’s cycles is the number thirteen?   What ancient languages had an alphabet letter that stood for water associated with the “mother goddess” figure and the water of birth?  Why was this letter the thirteenth letter in more than one alphabet?  Did you know that most Catholic holidays, customs such as rosaries, masses and the burning sacred heart, orders such as knights, priests, monks, nuns, and worship of mother-child and saints (i.e. gods) came from ancient occult Rome which received its tradition from Babylonian Baal worship?

Freemasons-1Did you know that the occult calendar of the sun is also divided into four cross units of thirteen weeks? Did you know that the cross is of pagan origin and was a depiction of the sun’s quarterly path, including such holidays known today as Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and Midsummer’s Day as illustrated by numerous versions of the solar cross, the wheel of the sun, and pre-Christian discoveries of crosses? Did you know there were also cross-quarter minor witch sabbaths as well adopted into the Vatican’s holidays? Did you know that “Good Friday” was a pagan day for self-mutilation and other heathen practices as seen in the article at this link, and it had nothing to do with Jesus at all?

Have you wondered why the Knights Templar’s red cross has been used by medical, charitable, military, and other organizations? Have you wondered why so many global corporations use occult symbols in their logos?  Have you wondered why NASA missions were named pagan names like Apollo, Aquarius, or Ulysses?  Or why the architecture of the Freemason George Washington’s capital city is so occult in nature?

Postcard of Freemason George Washington, Washington has his own Masonic Memorial and Obelisk in D.C.

Postcard of Freemason George Washington, Washington has his own Masonic Memorial and Obelisk in D.C.

Why was George Washington’s non-religious Constitution and beliefs (i.e. “no establishment of religion”) so different than the founders of the thirteen colonies? Why were his fellow Masons, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and Jesuit Charles Carroll, so invested in the American Revolution?  Why did Jefferson ban a chapel from the university he founded in Virginia?  Why was their new republic founded on July the fourth?  Did you know that on July the fourth the longitude of the Sun is astronomically 12° Cancer in the Heavens, and on this date the Sun conjoins the great star Sirius, whose longitude is 13° Cancer?  This true star with thirteen degrees, is a first-magnitude star that is 40 times brighter than the Sun.  In occult circles, do you notice how they strive to be a celebrity which they call a “star” as can be seen in one of their ablest mediums known as “Hollywood” (i.e. though we shall refrain from speaking of the Druid’s holly groves in this article). In other words, moving up the steps of their ladder toward “star”-dom is a standard part of being one of the Illuminated Ones (who actually are not illuminated at all, but blind leaders of the blind).

2004Why does the transit path of the morning star Venus form a pentagram star?   How great is the occult’s power on our planet?  For those who have researched the matter, they talk and write less the more that they learn.  Why? Nobody would believe them and they fear losing their credibility.  Hermetic thought is one of the most ancient forms of today’s occult orders, but even such figures as Hermes, Apollos, Aquarius, and a multitude of other gods and mythological characters are all connected back to Baal worship.  If one could list the massive laundry database of the world’s most powerful leaders on the planet in every area of life, they would be amazed at the power of the occult.

39-steps-title-stillDid you know that a former Catholic bishop and Freemason by the name of Gerard Bouffard converted to Biblical Christianity and then began to “tell all” as seen in the video series at this link“?  While “visible” Freemasonry displays only thirty-three steps, did you know that part of his testimony is that he was a thirty-seventh degree Freemason, and that there are thirty-nine steps to the top of the occult ladder.  Remember the Jesuit Alfred Hitchcock’s movie of intrigue entitled “The Thirty-Nine Steps”?

masonicThirteen (a significant number to the occult) is a factor of thirty-nine, just as eleven (considered to be the “number of magick” by the occult) is a factor of thirty-three.

In the book of paganism at this link, you will see this quote eleven is considered to be the number of magick and thus the witches use the 11th letter “k” on the end of magic to create black magick. Also, did you know the significance of the number of eleven in major events of the occult?

9/11/1537 – Jesuit’s 1st mass
9/11/1941 – Masons laid the foundation stone for the Pentagon (pentagram)
9/11/1991 – Bush Sr’s speech on the “New World Order”
Ad infinitum

Are there not many more dates we could add to those above? Did you know there are thirty-three degrees in “visible” Freemasonry which includes three levels of achievement, namely those of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft, and Master Mason. What is thirty three divided by three?   

pob_fig002Much of their world is shrouded in ciphers, numerology, symbiotic messages, secrecy and mystery, but what else would you expect from the world’s most ancient Mystery religion and mother of almost all non-Biblical religions today?  In this example, do you see how a secret order can exist as a front and then a “mystery of mysteries” order can exist within it?   What if they do the same in all of their many organizations from government to intelligence to religious to corporate to charitable?


Keep in mind that a coven is a convent of witches usually comprised of thirteen members as stated in this definition at this link and that there are oral traditions shared outside the realm of public knowledge and within the realm of the covens or as occult knights call them “lodges” for their orders (aka Freemasons, Knights of Malta, Knights Templar, Jesuits, etc).  Freemasons and their various secret sects formed when Knights Templar were forced underground by the Pope in the early part of the 1300s when its Grandmaster De Molay was executed and their Order almost annihilated.

70d4a9328bDoes it not seem strategic that these Knights created multiple orders?  After all, their Order of the Knights Templar was almost destroyed in a moment.  Does this explain why they now have so many various secret orders today with so many different faces (i.e. Skull and Bones, Freemasons, Eastern Star, Knights of Malta, etc) and infiltrators in so many organizations?

adam_weishaupt_luciferian_illuminatitDoes such strategy not make it far more difficult for any person or organization or even government to strike against this occult society of varied orders and people who are deeply entrenched within intelligence services, governments, religious orders, global corporations, and more?  Why is Friday the 13th so important to the occult, pagans of Rome who are enriched with so much power and wealth?

babilonian maltise cross.A Knights Templar in town, who admitted to believing in Lucifer as a “good angel”, told me that Friday the 13th originated with Jacques de Molay.  What does Wikipedia have to say about this claim?

“In a dawn raid on Friday, 13 October 1307, de Molay and sixty of his Templar brothers were arrested.”

hThis arrest resulted in the death of the Templar’s leader and the split into underground sects of the Templars.  Those who know how occult the Templars are in their Baal beliefs are probably not surprised at the charges of witchcraft and other Babylonian practices with which the Catholic church (who wasn’t free of Baal worship herself) charged the Templars. However, one would have to be naive to think that the Pope and the French King Phillip Le Belle were previously unaware of the well-established Templars activities and beliefs.


The Red Cross headquarters, located in Switzerland, sports a red cross logo. The “charitable” Knights Templar has its international headquarters in Switzerland.

The wealth of the Templars was legendary and such legends asserted that they were more powerful and rich than the Vatican and King Phillip.  Thus, which historians would you believe? Those who say De Molay was killed for his beliefs by the Pope?  Or those which say that De Molay was killed for his money?  If for his beliefs, then the Pope and King Phillip were hypocrites.  If for his money, then the Pope and King Phillip were thieves.  In any case, the Pope and King Phillip had put to death their nemesis, but would soon find that they themselves would die within a year as well.  The power of the Templars continues today, according to historians and researchers, due to their many, many occult organizations and their infiltration of most legitimate organizations of government, power, religion, wealth, and influence.

The Jesuits were started by Ignatius of Loyola who was connected to the Alumbrados which was connected to Gnosticism, the religion which was said to be promoted by the Templars and connected to Baal worship and its worship of the sun.  In truth, Gnosticism appears as simply another of many offshoots of Babylonian Baal worship.  Today, more and more information exists showing the seamless and fluid connections between a multitude of esoteric and occult organizations, especially those of a secret nature.

Catholic pendant from the Phillipines

Catholic pendant from the Phillipines

Why did the Knights Templar (aka Hospitallers of John) own so many hospitals and some of the first banks during the Crusades? Was it for charity?  Or is that how they became more wealthy than all other temporal powers during the crusades? Is that why they own so many hospitals and banks today?  Is that why ambulances and other medical services have large red crosses as well? Is it disconcerting that these men with such power and money have such anonymity? Do you ever hear of such wealthy men in the media?   Why do they never report on some of the richest men on planet earth, but they will report on far less wealthy individuals from Hollywood to the music scene to the political arena?

The historical classic “Foxe’s Book of Martyrs” shows us that the Black Mass of the Occult occurred during their Easter Week, which was continued by Catholic tradition using the name of Tenebres Mass (Black Mass) on the Catholic holy day of “Good Friday”. Keep in mind the term “Black Friday” was also used by them as well.


Montague Summers, author of Witchcraft and Black Magic (1946)

Since the Roman Church is a creation of the Occult Master Constantine the Great, who worshiped the Sun and the religion of Paganism and Baal worship, and since human sacrifice occurred regularly during Witch Sabbaths and especially at a Black Mass, it’s no surprise that the Romans chose to historically celebrate Jesus on a cross (instead of the resurrection) for it was the Black Mass that Satan is most proud and devoted to adoring as seen in the Eucharist where the Catholic priest also claims to “re-sacrifice Christ”. Satan and his pagans love to see Jesus hanging on a cross and then buried as often as possible; thus, the Black Mass and its ritual of recreating the sacrifice of Jesus is performed not only on Good Friday but every Sun Day, where they symbolically sacrifice Jesus (in their minds) through their Mass. Look at the Occult headgear worn on Easter Week as shown in the article at this link of Catholic’s celebration of Easter Week. Then read the following from Foxe’s Book of Martyrs: 

“LUDICROUS FORMS AND CEREMONIES | At the feast of Christmas,
the Roman catholics have exhibited in their churches a cradle, with an image of an infant in it, which is rocked with great seeming devotion; and on Good-Friday they have the figure of our Saviour on the cross, and then they perform the service which they call the Tenebres; having abundance of lighted candles, all of which they extinguish one by one, after which the body is taken down from the cross and put into a sepulchre, and men stand to watch it.
CRUEL MAXIMS | Papists hold that heretics may not be termed children and kindred; that no faith is to be kept with heretics; and that it is lawful to torture or kill them for the good of their souls.” – John Foxe 

Tenebres is Latin for “Darkness”. 

One final note regarding the actual mask used in Friday the 13th. The character “Jason” from the popular pagan movie series on Friday the 13th is shown as a vigilante seeking to punish all those who commit sins of fornication as shown in the encyclopedic article at this link. The mask can be seen as a method of maintaining anonymity as a vigilante.  The mask is also rooted heavily in occult pagan practices as seen in the article at this link.


Thus, with the Babylonian Baal worship of sun adherents being the core of most occult orders today and throughout history, and with the number thirteen being basic to the sun’s cycles and the occult’s steps up the ladder of power, and with the Knights Templar (and their many Gnostic offshoots such as the Freemasons, Alumbrados, Jesuits, spiritualists, Hermetic orders, Rosicrucian brothers, witches, Wiccans, and more) at the center of their power today, we must confess that the arrest of the Knights Templar Grand-master Jacques De Molay on Friday the 13th does indeed seem to explain the mystery that so many have attempted to explain regarding the origins of Friday the 13th.  Who else besides the secret and deceptive global occult leadership of the Old World Order would find that day to be so horrific and who else would be interested in producing such evil, macabre horror films regarding that day?