BOTTLED WATER: Not as healthy?

nestle-pure-lifeOur tap water has ammonia, chloramines (a mixture of chlorine and ammonia), fluoride, and numerous other contaminants, but is bottled water any better?  Watch the video at this link, and you just might be amazed!  How safe is it to mix chlorine and ammonia?  Check out the article at this link. For bottled water, check out the scorecard in the article at this link.

Not only are such contaminates in our water and even in much of our bottled water as well, but the alternative options of filtering are sometimes quite a maze to navigate.  Let me save you the time.

512LP7vgQRL._SX385_When you clean the water at your own tap (and save all the money on bottled water and the health risks oftentimes associated with them), you must be careful.  Properly cleaned water from your tap will:

1) Retain the minerals in the water (i.e. distillation, reverse osmosis, and other methods reduce or remove the minerals entirely from the water).

2) Remove more than just one pollutant (i.e. you oftentimes need dual or multi-filters for this).  Be sure you get rid of ammonia, fluoride, chloramines, chlorine, cancer-causing contaminents, and other pollutants.

3) Be produced by a system that may be costly upfront, but shouldn’t be ongoing (i.e. make sure you don’t have a cheap system that requires very expensive filters ongoing).  Typically, filters should last for six months at the very least.

70052-Sparkling-WaterRemember that water is one of the greatest beverages in the world, but only when it’s healthy water!

For more information on carbon filtration (one of the better methods of cleaning water), read the article at this link.  For more information on numerous types of water cleaning methods, read the article at this link.

41nB9RnDNbL._SX385_Two systems that appear above average are the Multipure system and also the Zoi Epsilion reverse osmosis six-stage system that appears to maintain minerals in the water, in spite of using the reverse osmosis technology.

Meanwhile, if your tap water has chloramine, you may want to be concerned as you can read in the article at this link.  I have already contacted my state representative and state senator to ensure that they are aware of the dangers that are in our local water.  Most assuredly, millions of Americans are having such water forced into their home due to the cheaper nature of such a solution.  It may be cheap, but is it also deadly? Chloramine is a toxin made of ammonia and chlorine.  Those two paired together as a gas are deadly as seen in the old TV series “MacGyver” when MacGyver makes use of such a solution to accomplish his mission.   When combined together to make chloramine, how does this affect you?  As you can read in the article at the previous link, it’s not a good situation:

Sailing on the Blue Sea“Meanwhile, evidence is mounting that the byproducts of chloramine are much more toxic than those of chlorine. Dr. Michael Plewa, a professor of genetics at the University of Illinois who coauthored a study of tap water disinfection byproducts, told the Voice that byproducts from chloramine are the most toxic he has ever seen. He recommends a switch back to chlorine.”

Water or Coke12Further information can be read concerning this danger in the water of many American towns as seen in this article and this article and in this article in the LA Times.    Will America soon become like third world countries with water unfit to drink?  You had better speak out now.  It’s almost impossible to get chloramine out of the water once they’ve added it into the water.  Suggest that your state representatives get a cleaner solution like standard chlorine cleaning or an even better option of hydrogen peroxide cleaning instead as seen in the article at this link.