911: This changed everything?

twin20towers20picsI remember listening to the initial news commentary on September 11, 2001 when the twin towers were first being hit.  I still remember a comment that a news anchor made.  He said that “this changes everything”.  I remember thinking “How does he know?”.  After all, the event just took place, and the Patriot Act wasn’t passed until much later.  The NSA spying wasn’t revealed until later.   I wasn’t the only one who noticed that comment being made and repeated and repeated.  As you will read in the article at this link, others also noticed that subtle implication being uttered by the media machines of those darkened souls who wanted our freedom.  I even spoke out as a national radio announcer around the end of September in 2001, and I stated that the War on Terror’s definition of “terrorist” might include anyone who is willing to die for their beliefs.  Even back then, I had a sense that this “War on Terror” was nothing more than an excuse by those with power to fulfill their own sick agenda.  Today, we can see the effects of this “War on Terror”.  My analysis back then has been proven again and again as we have seen the most unbelievable changes in American history taking place including the shredding of Constitutional rights, a newer, more dictatorial-styled leader, the trampling of our nation’s economy and more – far more I fear than we have already witnessed.

Chile, September 11, a day of terror as liberal socialists took over

Chile, September 11, a day of terror as liberal socialists took over – this changed everything.

Years later, I now see what that news anchor was saying when he said “this changes everything”, but I still wonder how he knew all of this right after it happened.  A bit odd, don’t you think?  When I heard that commentator say “this changes everything”, I had a gut feeling like a detective gets when he hears a person reciting the details of a crime which only the perpetrator would know.  A bit strange of these media stars to be saying some of the odd things they were saying immediately after the 911 event, and then there’s the bizarre fashion in which a building was demolished in such a way that it defies physics and far much more.   Well, the following article should give you a pretty good indication how that news commentator and the others who serve the Roman elite machine knew that “this changes everything”.  The following article reveals that plans were being laid far before September of 2001 for the changes that would take place afterward.  Many of the changes were begun before September 11, 2001 as has been factually documented in the article at this link.

osama-bin-ladenIn other words, 911 didn’t change anything.  The event served only as a justification for those powerful and cruel despots who seized power after greedily coveting the power that they have enjoyed for almost two millennium and which they desired once again.  We can read of other similar occurrences such as the September 11th terror that took place in Chile as socialists took over as seen in the article at this link. How about the Reichstag fire which Nazis started in one of their own buildings in order to create a state of fear and to justify further atrocities in Germany as seen in the article at this link?  Only a naive individual would not see through the smokescreen that has been created to make people believe that all “the changes” were necessary.  They were necessary indeed, but not for the reasons the media tells you.  Rather they were needed for those greedy, powerful individuals who long to fulfill their own diabolical agenda.

Reichstag fire started by Nazis to justify their later destruction of freedom - this changed everything.

Reichstag fire started by Nazis to justify their later destruction of freedom – this changed everything.

They are the Old World Order and they have only fooled the foolish, but the wise will think, analyze, and ponder events.  They will not be taken by such a ruse. They will not follow blindly the clever memes that the media spins.  They will refuse to believe the lies and will refuse the shackles.  They will be unpopular among the mindless clones who fill the ranks of both the religious and irreligious, the Republicans and the Democrats, the atheists and the fundamentalists, the paupers and the rich.  The thinkers will resist.  They will take the road less taken – the road not traveled by the Pied Piper and his foolish clones.  They will stand against the tyrants who desire their guns and they will die, if necessary, defending their freedom.  In doing so, they will be counted among the noble, the brave, and the defenders of freedom on this planet – a planet that is quickly being overtaken by the plague of human nature.

sin-2-328x328From a macro-micro view of the universe, we notice that the government, the corporate structure, the local congregation, the school, and the home are all diseased with the same exact issues, and thus the solution to the problems that run rampant in all of these arenas is also the same.  What are these common ills in every aspect of the universe?  What is the solution?

Greed, pride, sloth, lust, hate, and rebellion toward the Creator – these are the things that destroy us.  These are the common causes of our present problems whether it be socialism, welfare, crime, tyranny, civil unrest, economic instability or any of the other millions of troubles that impact the earth and its dwellers.  The cost of sin is astounding.

golden-ruleJesus Christ taught us to do unto others as you would have done unto you, to love GOD with all of our body, soul, mind, and heart, and to love others as we would ourselves.  He then showed us how that looked with His own life.  Jesus Christ is the solution to all that devastates us today.  If we repented, followed Him, and emulated Him in all that we did every day of our lives, how vastly different our world would be.  Now He is the One who could truly “change everything” if we only let Him.