CATHOLIC SCHINDLER: Jewish savior or menace?


Italian “Schindler” Palatucci

Schindler's_List_movieAfter the review of seven hundred documents, the New York Center for Jewish History scholars have surmised that the Catholic “Italian Schindler“, who was known as Giovanni Palatucci and who was once thought to have assisted Jews, was actually a menace to the Jews as can be read in the full article at this link.

There may also be another aspect to the German Catholic Oskar Schindler which many have not heretofore known as can be read in the article at this link.  Furthermore, not only were Schindler’s motives questioned, but also there has been another book written exposing Schindler as a spy and more as can be seen in the article at this link.  Was it in Schindler’s interests to show kindness in order to get information?  Did his “assistance” also help him avoid war crimes?  You can read the above articles and decide for yourself if these two “Schindler’s (one Italian and one German) are who they say they were.


Oskar Schindler, friend of the Nazis, who was not charged as a Nazi war criminal due to his kindness toward Jews?