WEDDING DRESS: White equals purity?


Have you ever heard the old wive’s tale that the wedding dress was colored white as a representation of purity or virginity?  This belief may not be as true as you thought.  

Which is more pure?  A strapless, white wedding dress sporting a low neckline?  Or a pink wedding dress with a more elegant style like the one in the photo to the left?

According to several sources including the article at this link, it appears that the white wedding dress has been traced to Anne of Brittany in France who is thought to be the first to wear a white wedding dress.

Since she had multiple husbands and was an adulteress, we can assume for now that white had nothing to do with purity or virginity.

Keep in mind that purity is found in one’s life and thoughts, not in the colors that they wear.  Thus, the person makes the wedding, and not the dress. Now, you know the real story.