GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN: Thanks for the gift!

The U.S. Capitol is seen at night on the eve of a potential federal government shutdown, in WashingtonI have a proposal for the Congress.

“Please, please, please continue the government shutdown forever! If we find negative ramifications occur from the shutdown in a certain department, then allow only that particular department to live, but at the state level (not the federal level). Otherwise, don’t restart any federal government agencies. In doing so, we’ll see how little we need the federal government, and get rid of its control altogether; thereby, paying off our 17 trillion debt and seeing economic success.”

harry_reidOf course, that makes far too much sense for those who want to control your lives and get paid like kings for doing it, but that’s why we also need to limit the salaries of the White House, Congress, and Supreme Court to a meager stipend with their only benefits being the stuff they’ve passed (i.e. social security, etc), so we can see who is truly a civil servant, and who is a greedy conniving, controlling tyrant.

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry talks with Robert Wang, the U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in China, during the APEC ministerial meeting in Nusa DuaNow, don’t get me wrong. I think most of those in Congress know this makes sense. They’re not stupid.  However, human nature is such that as soon as a person gets into Washington, D.C., they begin to burrow down greedily and dig into the turf for more power and money, which is why we must act to make sure they stay accountable to us and not vice versa.

The above proposal coupled with the financial strategy found in the article at this link should set the “powers that be” back light years.  Will either of these solutions happen?  Not without the people shouting out and pushing back.  Shout out by sharing this link and contacting your congressmen and representatives and by pressuring them on a daily basis with these articles, then push back in as many innovative and legal ways as possible!